Post-Gestation Re-Calibration Program

Additional information from the storyline

A free of charge program provided by Benevolent Dynamics designed to help reacquaint one's physical abilities, and that I've run after suffering from decanting sickness in the Hotel Rooms The Wayfarer Inn's Guest Room at Tau Station. According to Fellie Norbush, I had to run this program as those corner-cutting white-coats down at the Clones Crick-Watson Cloning Facility at Tau Station didn't complete my post-gestation check up. When initiating the program, after a short wait, a familiar voice from Fellie Norbush addressed me via the link as she has been assigned as my guide for post-gestation rehab. The program functions by sharing CORETECHS bio-data with an assigned guide, as they monitor your biological state at all times, giving you feedback on your toxin levels, fatigue, and other vital stats. But it also has a handy diagnostic for post-gestation sickness symptoms. If it detects an affected user, it'll offer you this free treatment program. If you initiate the treatment, your CORETECHS connects you to an available BD staffer, who'll guide you through it. After that, the whole thing only takes a few segments, as you need to complete a few basic tasks while the guide monitors your bio-reads remotely to help find the remedy. Usually pod nausea is caused by a slight nutrient imbalance (Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog).

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