Potent Potables & Trade
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
7 Megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2435
Bagh Naka Weapon Common 2
Bell-Bowl Club Weapon Common 2
Civ T02-V019-4.80x3-0.1 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V020-7.20x2-0.1 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V025-4.80x3-0.1 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V025-5.25x3-0.05 Medical Rare 2
Civ T02-V028-4.80x3-0.1 Medical Uncommon 2
Cloak of Many Ripped Pockets Armor Common 2
G-4 Weapon Common 1
G-YoG Weapon Uncommon 2
G-YoGE Weapon Uncommon 2
Light Liquid Armor Suit Armor Common 2
Plankwalker Weapon Common 2
Rhenium Blackjack Weapon Common 2
Soc T02-V008-10.31-0.075 Medical Common 2
Soc T02-V008-13.12-0.1 Medical Common 2
Soc T02-V008-14.06-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2

Located on Paris Spatiale

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