Premium Clone

For the customer that truly cherishes their bodily form as an ever-evolving work of art, there can be no substitute to the Premium Clone. With the option to remotely update the gestating clone’s attributes to match your own in growth, the Premium Clone offers the most faithful recreation to the customer’s ongoing development. With all the perks of the less expensive clone types, and none of the drawbacks, this model offers the customer the safest, most optimum cloning experience.

Disclaimer: Any clone of lesser value that the customer concurrently owns at the time of purchase of a PREMIUM CLONE will be destroyed.


  • Top-of-the-line of cloning technology
  • Customer ability to update from the clone bay of any station
  • Swift gestation
  • State-of-the-art quality



These are "premium" clones that require bonds to acquire. They are even more stable than vat grown clones in that there is zero chance of mutation. Additionally, subsequent visits to any cloning center allow physical information to be transmitted to all updatable clones one owns, allowing them to have their physical statistics be updated allowing for a more complete transferral process at the time of demise.


Premium clones come with the highest price tag and the most benefits. In addition to being mutation-free and giving you control over your genotype, they use highly advanced technology to modify the clone so that it stays current with your physical state. If you die with a premium clone brewing, the body waiting for you on the other end of the amygchip transfer will be identical to the one that just died. You’ll wake up just as strong, just as fast, and still in possession of any genemods installed before your fatality.

Premium clones differ from the others in another key way: they are updateable. Rather than having your old clone killed when you’re ready to print or gestate a new one, you can broadcast updates to your premium clone from any sick bay or cloning center in the galaxy. For some people, this peace of mind makes saving up the credits to buy one worth the effort.


  • Purchase price is always 99 Bonds.
  • Price to upgrade is always 20 Bonds per clone.

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