Prisoner Processing


The security of Tau Station requires that offenders be admitted to our brig swiftly and efficiently. We need temporary workers to assist with processing.

Start: Side Jobs, Tau Station


You have a job: Prisoner Processing, accepted at Tau Station in the Sol system.

Talk to Bentham in the Brig on Tau Station.

Next NPC: Bentham, Brig, Tau Station

  • Ask Bentham about the Prisoner Processing job.

Warden Bentham says, I don’t like my cells to be empty. An empty cell means that some deserving individual is waiting to fill it. There are protocols to follow though, and they take time.

Bentham gestures to a nearby window overlooking a lengthening line of arrested citizens.

He says, We have too many prisoners coming in and not enough people to process them. If you can do the work quickly enough, I'll have credits for you. There will be a slate waiting for you down by the line, and I'll give you temporary credentials to use it.

Process 5 prisoners in the Brig.

Next area: Brig, Tau Station

  • Process a prisoner.

(Agility check)

You walk to the head of the line, take the offered slate, and read the first name on its list. The person at the front of the line steps forward. You confirm several details and then a guard leads them roughly away.

Process 4 prisoners in the Brig.

  • Process another prisoner.

(Agility check)

You beckon the next prisoner who appears to be a hardened criminal with a lengthy string of past convictions. You assign a cell number and send him on his way. The line is getting shorter!

Process 3 prisoners in the Brig.

  • Process the next prisoner.

(Agility check)

The next prisoner steps forward. She has an angry look in her eye and refuses to answer your questions. Instead, she makes you an offer.

She says: Quit yer form-filling for two units and listen here. Everyone makes mistakes at work… S'pose you make one right now, huh? Book me into one of them nice cells. With the foam bed, y'know? 'Stead of the usual back-breaker in dem standard cells. It'll be worth yer while, trust me.

Your hand hovers over the desk slate's touch screen, wavering as you weigh the offer. The prisoner stares expectantly, growing more hopeful the longer you mull it. Further behind her in the queue there's a murmur of discontent over the delay.

  • Accept her offer.
  • Report her offer to Bentham.
  • Reject her offer.


You report the prisoner's attempted bribery to Bentham. His face turns briefly a pinkish-purple shade, before he calms down with a deep breath. He taps quickly at the desk slate in front of you, adjusting the culprit's cell comfort rating downwards instead.

Bentham says: Cons trying to corrupt my staff?! Not on my watch. No way! This'll teach you…

The guards lead her away swiftly. Bentham trots off, muttering to himself and leaving you to continue your work.


Me: No chance. I'm not here to give crims a free pass.

Her face drops in dismay at your response as you process the forms swiftly - and correctly. The guards lead her away. Somewhere in the background you can hear Bentham expressing his pleasure at your progress.

Bentham says: No better sight in this galaxy than a fast-moving queue into the cells! Keep it up!


You nod silently and her face betrays a quickly-suppressed smile. You process the forms swiftly, adjusting the cell allocation as requested.

She says: Much obliged, Ser. One good turn deserves another. My son'll see to it, don't you fret…

She winks at you as the guards lead her away. Somewhere in the background you can hear Bentham expressing his pleasure at your progress.

Bentham says: No better sight in this galaxy than a fast-moving queue into the cells! Keep it up!

Process 2 prisoners in the Brig.

  • Process the next prisoner.

(Agility check)

The next convict faces a severe sentence for stealing rations, stepping forward shyly. Your interrogations echo over a din of coughs and soft whimpers. Like the others in the queue the prisoner is visibly upset, their cheeks wet with tears and their answers tinged with despair. You process the forms, but deep down you feel a little sympathy for this sorry wretch as they're led away. This is hard work, thank stars your shift is almost over!

Process a prisoner in the Brig.

  • Process the last prisoner.

(Agility check)

Finally, you're eye to eye with the last prisoner in the queue, flanked on either side by a security guard. You call their name, then repeat the same questions over and over again like a bureaucratic chorus line. Once processed, the guards lead the prisoner away to the cell which will be their home for many segments to come. You breathe a sigh of relief, glad that the queue is fully gone.

Report to Bentham in the Brig and claim your reward.

Next NPC: Bentham, Brig, Tau Station

  • Tell Bentham that you've finished the job.

Warden Bentham says, Thank you for your efforts. It's nice to see the cells filling up again.

He hands you some cred chips.

If you reported the attempted bribery:

Bentham adds: Oh, and that thing with the bribe… Thanks for reporting it. You got integrity. I like that. Come back anytime, there'll always be work for you here.

If you accepted the bribe:

Afterwards, as you make your way out of the Brig, a stranger in a grubby jumpsuit taps you on the shoulder, then places something in your palm.

He mumbles: One good turn deserves another. She'll sleep better now… Thanks.

With that, he disappears back into the crowd from whence he came, leaving you to ponder a strange shift.

In all cases:


You have completed the 'Prisoner Processing' job.

You have received 5.00 credits.

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