Quantum Telepheresis

Quantum Telepheresis allows for instant travel between different stations in the same star system.

Benevolent Dynamics has made Quantum Telepheresis available at all Local Shuttles.

"Please be aware that due to the miracle of modern Quantum Telepheresis (provided for a modest fee by Benevolent Dynamics), no time has elapsed between your last location and final destination. Have an extraordinarily pleasant day!"

In addition to being instantaneous, Quantum Telepheresis is also the only way to access most Freebooter stations without owning a private ship.


The galaxy is truly a vast, mind-bogglingly large place to live, these days more than most! Humanity’s stations orbit planets, that in turn orbit stars. Solar systems dance in a complicated rumba around the galaxy and we strive to travel throughout it all! Benevolent Dynamics, through the new, old, and proudly reclaimed science of Quantum Telepheresis is extraordinarily pleased to announce that we have just brought all of that so much closer together!

Accept this broadcast to learn more. Disclaimer – please note the broadcast includes sensory input. Please ensure your surroundings are safe and you are not operating heavy machinery during the presentation.

The background hustle and bustle of the station fades away as your CORETECHS gently pulls a visual and auditory blanket over your senses. A gently spinning galaxy washes over your field of view, replacing the travelers rushing through the port of København. Shouted greetings and station broadcasts are softly muted as a soothing voice begins to speak in dulcet tones.

Space, one of our seemingly final frontiers. For cycles we thought it an almost insurmountable obstacle, limited by the capacity of the engines we could salvage and our own timespans. Benevolent Dynamics however, ever striving to bring you miracles of science and technology, have taken a rather significant chunk out of this challenge!

The gently spinning galaxy grows as your field of view smoothly hurls you hurtling closer towards its stars. You fall towards a system and then slowly come to a stop, gazing at the stations orbiting the red planet of Mars in an endless celestial waltz. A single phrase, written in starlight, appears to explode out of the nearby sun and glistens for a moment above the solar system.


Quantum Telepheresis is the ancient science from Before of transporting matter instantaneously through space via entanglement on a molecular level. Our scientists have spent the last several cycles reclaiming this old technology and now, soon, will make it available to all citizens of humanity for a modest fee of bonds!

Your field of view zooms in even further down onto København, the very station you yourself are standing on. You swoop through the metallic corridors, flying past hundreds of stick figures representing the denizens and travelers of the station, and stop in a room by the port. There, a smiling stick figure waves at you and steps into a strange looking contraption. The figure stands in the strange, chrome colored tube for a moment before dissolving into what appear to be tiny 8-bit cubes that slowly fade away. You note that the last thing to dissolve is its happy smile.

Suddenly, you are thrust upwards and out of the station, shot through space only to arrive on a different station and a different port. The smiling, waving stick figure is there, in a similar chrome colored tube. It steps out and walks away to continue doing whatever stick figures do with their day.

We are happy to report that at time of broadcast 90% of all test subjects have arrived at their destinations almost entirely intact! Please note that due to several factors including governmental legislations and resource restrictions, only organic matter and personal possessions may be Telepherised. Additionally, travel is restricted, for the moment, between stations of the same system.

We are very excited to soon bring you this latest, reclaimed development from Before! The galaxy shall grow smaller and become vastly more accessible! One telepherised step at a time, we shall reclaim all our homes among the stars!

Benevolent Dynamics, wishing you an extraordinarily pleasant day.


  • Quantum Telepheresis replaced express shuttles at all Local Shuttles as part of an update on October 15, 2019.
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