Quincey Whitaker's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Battery-Rigged Short Plank Hand-to-Hand Club Common 929.04 cr
D10-XO Ranged Rifle Epic 729 Bonds
Filament Knuckle Wrap Hand-to-Hand Club Common 7839.96 cr
G-73 Ranged Sniper Rifle Uncommon 1867.56 cr
Joanna Ranged Shotgun Epic 729 Bonds
Simple Manriki Hand-to-Hand Club Common 6569.64 cr
Diffusion Armor Energy Armor Common 7223.76 cr
Storm Armor Impact Armor Rare 805.80 cr
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.028 Medical Rare 208.09 cr
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.017 Medical Common 276.82 cr

Located on EstaciĆ³n de Amazon

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