Randa Haddad's shop
Item Type Rarity Price
BuzzC7 Ranged Rifle Common 12,117.96 cr
First Mate’s Input Ranged Rifle Uncommon 18,700.92 cr
Goram Ranged Rifle Epic 1,740 Bonds
The Legion’s Horn Ranged Handgun Uncommon 2,804.40 cr
Anubis Armor Energy Armor Rare 30,892.68 cr
Light Flak Jacket Impact Armor Common 11,129.04 cr
Agi T01-V002-9.00-0.075 Medical Rare 221.40 cr
Civ T04-V019-9.19x3-0.075 Medical Uncommon 949.07 cr
Civ T04-V025-8.32x3-0.1 Medical Common 450.18 cr

Located on Spirit of New York City

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