After the Catastrophe, food and water became scarce. To address the ensuing conflict over resources, governments began to supply free rations to each citizen, no questions asked, once a day. It's become part of the daily grind for everyone to trudge over to the Government Center of their home station to pick up their allotment.

Rations provide an immediate boost to the body, and anyone who is well-fed from rations will find themselves recovering from activity faster.

Due to limited supplies, only one ration per day may be picked up. However, VIPs can have up to 30 days worth of rations saved in the government center.

When used

That was a hearty, if bland, helping of rations. You feel well fed, for now…


  • Using a ration gives the "Well Fed" buff for a time, which increases stat recovery.
  • Using lower-tier rations is less effective. For example, at Tier 3 (levels 11-15), a Tier 3 ration will fully restore all stats (e.g., a stat at 70% will increase to 100%), but a Tier 2 ration will restore only 67% of the missing amount (e.g., a stat at 70% will increase to 90%). The "Well Fed" buff also won't last as long.

The amount of refresh that the rations provide does deteriorate over time and at higher tiers. Your tier increases every five levels, so while rations offer a 'well fed' status up to level 5, at 6 they will offer only half the benefit. A ration two tiers below your present tier will add only slight nourishing regeneration.

  • As of January 15, 2019, Tau player mcraftcoder is offering Tier 1 rations at reduced rates to players at Level 5 and below. Instructions are at this site.
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