Everyone has a reputation with each of the four main affiliations, ranging from "Despised" to "Revered".

Performing Missions, including Discreet Work, can improve reputation. Getting caught doing something illegal can worsen it. Completing an International Relations course gives you a one-time reputation boost.

Higher reputation is believed to reduce time in the Brig.

A reputation level above "Average" gives you a price advantage with market vendors for buying and selling, with shuttle tickets, with hotel room rent, with drinks in the bar and with ship fuel. A negative reputation, however (below "Average"), gives you a negative price penalty.


  • The 2018-07-11 update changed the reputation from percentage numbers (0.0%-100.0%) to words.
  • Having taken 'Social Skills' it took me 100 jobs to get all the way through Respected to Admired with the first two factions. However it took 124 on Hopkin's Legacy with the Independents. Does that one class really help that much with Gaule and the Consortium? Need more data points to be sure. - Geoff
  • A single brig visit from an illegal career task takes about 550 Discreet Works to restore "Revered" status.
Reputation Score Vendor bonus Discreet Work Needed
Revered 100% 10% about 800
Admired 98.5%? - 99.9% 5% about 100 -124
Respected ??.?% - ??.?% 2% 45 whole range Average → Respected
Average ??.?% - ??.?% - 30 whole range Mistrusted → Average
Mistrusted ??.?% - ??.?% -15% at least 30 Avoided → Mistrusted
Avoided 13.5%? - 27.0%? -25%
Despised ??.?% - ??.?% -50%
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