After the Catastrophe, new residential districts were built to give people new homes. The bulk of the denizens of the station live in this area, and as such the local flavor and the culture of a station is often on full display in the residential areas.

Additional information from the storyline

In The Cone at Tau Station, I've found Lieutenant Lotta Olofsdotter, where she lives, while using a tracker to find the stolen SCB503 security cleaning bot. Her residential unit has a front window next to the door, with metal shades drawn shut behind its glass (Secrets and Servos).
Also here, I've noticed additional details when I went to meet Ailya Faizan to check her apartment on the 25th floor where she was killed by Carla. There's the Cone's plaza, with a light fountain, shooting sprays of color arc into the air and sprinkle down to the holographic pool below (A Rude Awakening).
There's a lift inside the residential area. A small light arcs along the round walls of the lift as it silently begins its climb through the station's outer hull, and a mellow voice said "Floor 25". As you step out there's a curved hallway, and down the hallway there's a railing on one side and doors to apartments on the other. The open-air center of the Cone stretches up many floors above you, with fewer and fewer apartments and suites lining the walls as the asteroid's end tapers off (A Rude Awakening).
At the apartment's entrance there's a door's eye scanner, with a deep red light that sweeps across one's eyes. You touch the screen outside of the apartment, and it flashes, telling you that your image is being relayed inside. In her case, as it was her apartment, the scanner displayed the words, “Access Granted. Welcome! This unit will be available for rent shortly!” (A Rude Awakening).
Inside, it was a medium sized studio apartment, with two rooms visible, the kitchen and an office/bedroom. The door has a deadbolt (A Rude Awakening).

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