Additional information from the storyline

The pirate ship from Captain Drake, first mentioned by Pompano, as she usually docks in the Docks København Docks at København. While on shore leave at København, its crew congregate in the Bar The Mermaid's Drink (X Marks Our Shot).

The navigational officer was named LeTestu, arrested for the murder of Drake’s first mate on the Revenge Doughty. LeTestu told me that Drake commanded Doughty into an escape pod. She beheaded him. Sent the pod off. She swore Doughty was plotting mutiny, and he believed her. He also told me that he made sure the internal cams of the escape shuttle were set to record, and told a few crew mates for safety, even Security that didn't care as they are pirates. I agreed to help him and retrieve the video feed on the escape pod that exonerates him, but I never did (X Marks Our Shot).

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