Riches to Rag-Tag

Selina Hephaestus, of the extremely wealthy Hephaestus Weapons Tech family, has allegedly been kidnapped by Freebooters. Her brother, Henry, thinks there’s more to the story…

Level: 14
Start: Henry Hephaestus, Hotel Rooms, Caen Stronghold


As you walk by the Lusty Lemon Room and Board, you notice a jarringly well dressed man trying to book a room at the hotel.

The well dressed man says, How much for a suite at your establishment, Ser?

The scruffy desk clerk gives the man a once-over and smirks.

The desk clerk says, 1000

  • Walk away
  • Tell the man he's being swindled

Walk away:

You continue walking, laughing to yourself about how gullible rich people can be. 1000 credits a night! Insanity!

You have failed the "Riches to Rag-Tag" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Me: Huh, that is so funny. I swear, last time I stayed here it was closer to 100 a night and all the “suites” were the same.

The well dressed man stops what he's doing and looks accusingly at the desk clerk.

The well dressed man says, Is that true?

The desk clerk glares at you and subtly cracks his knuckles.

The clerk says, You're thinking of someplace else, pal. Our rooms are 1000 credits a night, you're lost.

You have accepted the "Riches to Rag-Tag" mission.

  • Convince the Desk Clerk to offer a fair price
  • Leave
  • Threaten the Desk Clerk into offering a fair price


You look at the muscles on the desk clerk and think better of starting anything with him, this station has no Sickbay after all. You look around, feigening confusion.

Me: Huh, you know it looks like I am lost? Sorry to have bothered you both.

You speed walk away from the situation.

You have failed the "Riches to Rag-Tag" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

(Intelligence and Social check)


You try to talk the desk clerk into quitting his con, but it’s like talking to a brick wall. Freebooters don’t seem to respond quite as well to conversation as most. Try again.


Me: Great business model you have here. Cheating wealthy visitors coming here with their credits to spend at Freebooter markets to make sure they never come back and never bring their rich friends . Let me know how that works for you.

The desk clerk rethinks his short term thinking.

He says, Well…I… I suppose you have a point there….

He looks at the well-dressed man.

The clerk says, I didn't mean nothin' by it, Ser, honest. Ya just seemed like such an easy target. Tha true price is 100 creds.

The well dressed man is embarrassed, but he nods at the clerk awkwardly.

The well dressed man says, I will accept your apology and pay the actual price, though I must say my ego is a bit damaged. I was under the impression I was "blending" in here and to be honest, it's quite disheartening to hear you thought I would be an "easy target".

You exchange an awkward look with the desk clerk as the well dressed man transfers the credits and receives his door codes glumly.

(Strength and Social check)

You openly pull out your weapon — something you are enjoying is completely acceptable anywhere on Caen — and shoot a hole in the clerk’s desk. Datapads fly in the air and he scrambles away from you, startled.

Me: I know exactly where I am. Who could forget this charming space fart of a hotel. The service is so bad it’s somehow worse that you're trying to cheat this poor man into overpaying.

The clerk says, O-okay! By the black you didn’t have to SHOOT AT ME! A free stay for the gentleman, how about that.

You holster your gun, smile wryly and elbow the well dressed man like you’re old chums.

Me: Sounds good to me. What’s your take, eh?

The well dressed man is shocked and terrified by the flurry of action which just took place. He manages little more than a meek nod as the clerk upload's the room's door codes to his CORETECHS.

Either choice continues:

  • Go on your way
  • Speak with the man

Go on:

You did a good deed and it put a spring in your step. You wish the well dressed man all the best, but at the moment you've got other things to attend to.

You have failed the "Riches to Rag-Tag" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

Speak (if you convinced the clerk):

Me: Sorry about him. He's right though, you do kind of look like an "easy target." That doesn't do you favors around here.

The well dressed man shakes his head, embarrassed.

He says, I am coming to realize that, yes. I must thank you regardless, truly good of you to provide help to a stranger in need! You are a beam of light in the cavernous dark of this pitiable station.

Speak (if you threatened the clerk):

Me: Sorry about him. You shouldn't go around Caen dressed like that, people notice.

The well dressed man shakes his head, embarrassed.

He says, I am coming to realize that, yes… to be honest, I thought I was dressing down for the occasion. Apparently not enough. I must thank you regardless, truly good of you to provide help to a stranger in need even if it required the use of a firearm which I so deeply despise. Thank you, Ser. You are a beam of light in the cavernous dark of this pitiable station.

Either choice continues:

  • "Who are you?"
  • "Why are you here?"


Me: Who are you?

The well dressed man glances around the Inn’s lobby. Unfriendly Freebooter eyes are all around the two of you, some of them watching more intently than others. The way this man is dressed in this company, he may as well have painted a target on his back.


Me: Why are you here?

The well dressed man looks around the Inn’s lobby at all the Freebooters staring at him as they pass.

Either choice continues:

He says, I’m afraid it might be safer to discuss this in my room. Would you follow me?

  • Follow him to his room
  • Leave


Me: No, I’m sorry I have other matters to attend to.

You leave the well dressed man to his devices.

You have failed the "Riches to Rag-Tag" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


You follow the well dressed man to his room.

The room is small, with a grey-sheeted bed and a strange dark stain in the corner that could very well be blood. There is a small metal desk and chair on one side of the room and nothing else.

The well dressed man sighs and sits on the corner of the bed. It creeks loudly under his weight as if to underscore the type of place this hotel is.

The well dressed man says, Oh Selina, what have you gotten yourself into…

  • "Who's Selina?"
  • "Who are you?"


Me: "Who's Selina?"

The well dressed man says, She’s my older sister. The "good" Hephaestus. She's tougher than I'll ever be, and loves all Mum and Dad's "gun talk". Selina's the one who's supposed to inherit the company when our parents retire. Only now she's missing and if she doesn't return soon, people may expect ME to take over for her. It's a nightmare scenario, really. I simply must find her.

  • "Who are you?"

Me: Who are you? My CORETECHS can’t seem to identify your name or… anything about you at all.

He says, That’s by design. I’m Henry Hephaestus. Yes, yes before you ask, THOSE Hephaestuses. The ones with the weapons company. We all have our CORETECHS signals masked to avoid "altercations." We're quite unpopular in some circles. A lot of death and that blamed on us…

  • "What are you doing here?"
  • "You don't look like a Hephaestus"

Don't look like a Hephaestus:

Me: No offense, but I thought Hephaestuses had a reputation for being more…

Henry says, Tough? Brutish? War hungry? Yes, I've heard it all before from my family. I've never fit in with that lot, thank you for the reminder of my eternal role as the outcast. I've never even held a gun, I find violence abhorrent! Selina, has always been the "true" Hephaestus. Mum and Dad never even tried to pretend she wasn't their favorite, those cruel cretins.

  • "What are you doing here?"

Henry flops down on the bed on his back, staring at the ceiling miserably.

He says, My sister Selina’s gone and gotten herself kidnapped by Freebooters, AGAIN! Or, so they claim. I’m not convinced they even have her. All I know is that if she doesn't come back soon, I'll be saddled with Hephaestus Weapons Tech and everything will be a disaster. I have to find her and this is the best place to start looking.

  • "She's been kidnapped twice?"
  • "Tell me about her kidnapping"


Me: She's been kidnapped twice!?

Tell me:

Me: Tell me about her kidnapping. Start from the beginning.

Either choice continues:

Henry says, Yes, last cycle was the first time. During one of her drunken destructive sprees, she stole one of our most expensive family ships with a pack of her little friends. She was on Space shells, driving recklessly, but somehow made it out to Alpha Centauri.

He shakes his head as he recounts the story.

He continues: They stopped on Cirque Centauri to refuel and met some Freebooters at the bar, the Ballyhoo. She bragged to the ‘Booters who she was, thinking she was too tough to take down. She wasn't. They kidnapped her and charged our family an outrageous ransom. It took us a tenspan to gather the credits and organize safe trade-off of the money for her. We thought it was over, but now…

  • "Now what?"

Me: Now what?

He says, Now she’s missing again! A few days ago, the SAME Freebooter crew who took her the first time contacted me to say they have her and they want an even bigger ransom this time! It's insanity, clearly something else is going on.

Me: So you think they’re lying?

He says, What are the odds one girl is kidnapped by the same crew of Freebooters TWICE? Selina especially would never let them get the better of her more than once. Mum and Dad want me to just pay the ransom. For once though, I think I can see something the family doesn't. This whole business is fishy and I'm going to prove it! So… I may or may not have stolen credits from their account and hijacked a ship to come to Caen and investigate. I thought it would be easy until the incident with the hotel clerk…

  • "Why does Selina run away?"
  • "What's your plan?"


Me: Why does Selina always run away so often?

Henry shakes his head, distressed, like this is a question he has asked himself thousands of times.

He says, Who knows! A good evening for me is reading a good holo-novel in bed, for Selina it's overthrowing the government on some station at the ass-end of the galaxy. She's always been wild, that's what makes her such a classic Hephaestus. Shoot first, think later type of person, you understand. She's always been prone to antics like that. If this is just another stunt of hers though, she's gone too far this time!

  • "What's your plan?"

Me: How do you plan to figure out if she's with them or not?

He says, I… hadn't thought that far ahead. I assumed it would be easy to just go and ask, but I am rethinking that…

He looks at you curiously, his dark eyes brightening.

He says, But maybe you…

  • "Maybe me?"

Me: Maybe me..?

He a smile blooms across his face and he begins to pace the room, his eyes darting between a million possibilities in his head. He laughs out loud.

If you convinced the clerk:

He says, Ha! Of course! The way you performed back in the lobby was perfect, your powers of persuasion are damn close to magic! You could absolutely smooth talk your way into some information about my sister. Oh Ser, please, please, please speak with the Freebooters on my behalf! I'll pay you! 2000 credits! Will you do it?

If you threatened the clerk:

He says, Ha! Of course! The way you performed back in the lobby was perfect, all that shooty business! You’re enough of a violent brute to gain their trust and discover if they have my sister! Oh please, please, please Ser will you help? I’ll pay you! 2000 credits! Will you do it?

Either choice continues:

  • Ask for more money
  • "Violent brute?" (if you threatened the clerk)
  • Refuse
  • Agree


Me: "Violent brute?"

Henry laughs nervously.

He says, I mean it in a positive way! You performed like a red blooded Hephaestus, my parents would adore you, truly. Side note: please don’t shoot me.

  • Ask for more money
  • Refuse
  • Agree

More money:
(Intelligence and Social check)

Me: You’re a Hephaestus. Do you really expect me to work for so little? Do you even care about Selina, Henry?

Henry frowns but complies.

He says, Of course I do! More than anything, she’s my baby sister! However, I cannot offer you more credits, I need to conserve my liquidated fnds to pay off Selina's ransom if she is indeed being held on the Randy Beagle. I could however throw in a Bond or two? They're quite a bit more valauble than credits.

Me: Two bonds and 2000 credits. That's my price.

Henry says, Done! So, you'll do it?

  • Agree
  • Refuse


Me: Okay. I'll help you. What do you need me to do?

Henry grins at you, very pleased.

He says, Smashing! I'll upload an image of her to your CORETECHS so you know who you're after. The ship claiming to have Selina is called the “Randy Beagle.” Their captain, and the man who contacted us about the ransom, is a fellow called “Bassethound Bombardier.” The Randy Beagle is docked on Caen as we speak and the crew is living on it while they restock. Pay a visit to the Randy Beagle in the Docks and find out anything you can about Selina’s whereabouts. Perhaps you can even speak with Bombardier himself!

Me: I'll go to the Docks and see what I can find out.

He adds, Good luck! Please do keep me updated on your progress! Oh, oh! I almost forgot! They won't trust you if you give them a real name, you need one of those nonsense Freebooter ones. I was thinking I'd use "Biscuit" and you're free to it if you'd like it!

You smile at Henry as you leave, quite positive you won't be calling yourself something as harmless as "Biscuit" to a crew of bloodthirsty Freebooters.

Go to the Docks and speak with crew-members of the Randy Beagle.

Next area: Docks, Caen Stronghold

  • Find the Randy Beagle

You arrive at the docks to find many Freebooter ships currently residing there. They all look pretty scrappy and their tough ‘Booter crews don’t seem particularly open to conversation…

  • Ask around
  • Search your CORETECHS database for info
  • Pretend to be a Freebooter

(Intelligence check)

By cross-referencing "Bassethound Bombardier," the "Randy Beagle" and "Crime Reports," you’re eventually able to find a Consortium transport cruiser’s account of a raid performed by the Randy Beagle.

You check the description against the ships in the docking bay and are easily able to identify it. You walk over to it and notice a tough looking woman standing outside who your CORETECHS identify as Akita Arkansas, leaning against the hull and picking her teeth.

Ask around:
(Intelligence and Social check)

Despite initial misgivings, even the toughest Freebooters are taken by your unrelenting charm. You befriend an entire crew of burly raiders wielding over sized hammers covered in spiky leathers. They point you in the direction of the Randy Beagle and her crew, and warmly invite you back to their ship for drinks sometime.

As you approach the Randy Beagle, you reflect on the fact that sometimes the toughest people just need a bit of good-old-fashioned friendly conversation. There is a tough looking woman standing outside the ship who your CORETECHS identify as Akita Arkansas, leaning against the hull and picking her teeth.

Any choice continues:

  • Speak with Akita
  • Board the Randy Beagle


You approach Akita and attempt to start a conversation with her. She doesn’t look friendly, tall and lean on her Belter limbs. Her sharp, keen eyes narrow at you.

Me: Hello—

Akita says, Who are you? What's your business?

Next NPC: Akita Arkansas, Docks, Caen Stronghold

  • Pick a Freebooter name

A name! You should have thought of one earlier, you rack your brain without much time and blurt out the first thing that pops into your mind…

Me: The name's Biscuit.

Biscuit!? Ack! Damn that Henry, it was the first thing that came to mind. You suppose you're committed to "Biscuit" now for the rest of your time with these people, possibly the least tough word ever to have existed.

Akita's sharp, clipped voice brings you back to reality.

She says, What's your business, Biscuit?

  • "I’m looking for Bassethound Bombadier"
  • "I'm looking for information about the Randy Beagle"
  • "What do you know about Selina Hephaestus?"


Me: What do you know about Selina Hephaestus?

Akita's eyes darken.

Akita says, Unless you're here to pay her squishy little brother's ransom, I got nothin' to say to you.

  • "I'm looking for information about the Randy Beagle"
  • "I’m looking for Bassethound Bombadier"


Me: I’m looking for Bassethound Bombadier.

Akita nods at you slowly, unsure.

She says, Uh huh. And what is it you want with Cap'n BB? Did he send for ya?

  • "I want to join the crew"
  • "He sent for me"
  • "I want to ask him about the Randy Beagle"

Ask about Randy Beagle:

Me: I just had some questions about the Randy Beagle I was hoping he could answer.

Akita cracks her neck on each side as you talk.

She says, You're in luck then. You happen to be speaking to the first mate. What is it you wanted to know about our old bird?

Sent for:

Me: He sent for me, yeah.

Akita's eyes glaze and you realize she's contacting someone on her CORETECHS.

Akita says, Oi, Cap'n BB. You ask to see some Consy-lookin' little snot?

She continues looking a the unseen image for a unit before her eyes flick back to you.

She says, He says no. Ready to leave yet?

  • "I'm looking for information about the Randy Beagle"

Me: I'm looking for information about the Randy Beagle.

Akita says, Alright. What is it you want to know?

Either choice continues:

  • "How big is the crew?"
  • "Where have you traveled recently?"
  • "Where do you get your credits?"

Where traveled:

Me: Where have you traveled recently?

Akita says, Here and there.

  • "Where do you get your credits?"
  • "How big is the crew?"


Me: How big is the crew?

Akita shrugs.

Akita says, Big enough.

  • "Where do you get your credits?"

Me: Where do you get your credits?

Akita says, Steal 'em.

She seems bored of you.

  • Ask another question

You try to ask another question but Akita stops you before you can.

She says, What's your deal? Why are you asking all these questions?

Me: I'm just curious!

Akita steps closer, her hand on her gun. Her eyes probe you.

She says, The way I see it, there could be only two reasons for you bein' so interested in our old bird, the Beagle. One's that you're lookin' to join us, and one's that you're workin' against us. So which is it?

  • "I'm working against you"
  • "I want to join the crew"

Working against:

Me: I'm working against you.

Akita looks surprised you'd admit that.

She says, Thanks for your honesty. Now, scram before I shoot you.

Akita's eyes watch you vigilantly as you walk away from her pointed gun. There's no way you'll be able to get those 'Booters to talk to you again. Looks like you won't be able to help Henry after all.

You have failed the "Riches to Rag-Tag" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

Join crew:

Me: Okay, you caught me. Yes. I, Biscuit, want to join your crew. It's always been a dream of mine and I've heard stories of the Randy Beagle all the way from Sol.

Akita's face remains untrusting but a small ray of pride in her ship and crew peaks through.

She says, That so? We happen to be lookin' for some new crew. An engine fire took out a lotta our good guys. You could work. Maybe. You do realize we'll have to put ya to some tests? Make sure you're up to snuff?

  • "Fine by me"

Me: Fine by me.

A grin cracks across the face you thought was incapable of joy just a moment ago.

Akita says, Alright then. Follow me.

She walks away from you, and the Docks entirely. She's headed for the Bar.

Follow Akita to the Bar for your first test

Next NPC: Akita Arkansas, Bar, Caen Stronghold

  • Follow Akita

You follow Akita to the bar and she sits up on one of the stools. She calls over William Bay-Leaf and orders two giant flagons of beer. She looks back at you and motions for you to sit beside her.

Akita says, If you want to join a Freebooter crew, you’ve got to drink like a Freebooter.

She drinks her comically enormous flagon in one gulp, and slides the other to you.

She says, Drink.

  • Drink

(Stamina check)

You down the flagon in one gulp and belch loudly after. Akita grins at you.

She says, We may make a crew mate of you yet!

She slams her hand on the bar.

Akita says, Another round, Billy!

The barkeep brings you two more beers and Akita downs hers effortlessly again and looks at you expectantly.

  • Drink
  • Refuse to drink

(Stamina check)

You down your drink again, this time with a little more effort. You’re starting to feel it…

Akita orders two more flagons. She drinks hers with only a slight visible effort. A third one sits before you.

  • Refuse to drink
  • Drink

(Stamina check)

You gulp down the third flagon of beer. Your head is starting to spin, you should really stop soon.

Akita orders one more beer for you and nothing for her. She puts it in front of you and watches you with interest.

  • Drink
  • "Why didn't you order one?"
  • Refuse to drink

Why not:

Me: Why didn't you order another for yourself?

She shrugs and speaks simply.

She says, Because I'm done. The question is, are you?

She gestures to the drink in front of you.

  • Drink
  • Refuse to drink


Me: I’ve had enough, I can’t drink more. Can we move on to the next challenge.. Trial.. Thing?

Akita cracks a grin, her darkly made up eyes glint in amusement.

She says, I thought you’d never ask. Part of being a good Freebooter is knowing your own limits, and I think we passed yours a flagon or two ago, Cookie.

She swings off the bar stool, long Belter legs graceful as a cat. You don’t remember seeing her pay, and you rush after her so you don’t have to pick up the bill. William Bay-Leaf watches the two of you go, disgruntled.

Follow Akita to the Ruins

Next NPC: Akita Arkansas, Ruins, Caen Stronghold

  • Follow Akita

When you arrive at the Ruins Akita begins busily picking up pieces of debris - broken bottles, old pieces of tech, a long dead, a dry human skull - to set up in a line. When she’s finished, she steps back from her work and smiles at you.

She saunters over and hands you her jury-rigged shotgun.

Akita says, A good Freebooter is a good marksman. Shoot five of these as fast as you can.

  • Shoot

(Agility check)

You shoot five broken bottles and the human skull, which explodes into a cloud of white debris. You grin at Akita, pleased with yourself. She nods, satisfied.

Akita says, You're passable.

She walks up to you and gently grasps your shoulders. She moves you ten steps back.

She says, Shoot five more and we’ll see if you’re “good.”

  • Shoot

(Agility check)

You even surprise yourself when you’re able to hit five marks in a row for a second time. You laugh at your own competence, pointing.

Me: Look! I did it!

Akita smiles, bemused.

She says, You’re cute, Cookie. You really are. I like you. Come on.

She beckons for you to follow as she heads deeper into the Ruins.

Follow Akita to the Wrecks

Next NPC: Akita Arkansas, The Wrecks, Caen Stronghold

  • Follow Akita

Akita gestures to the gray expanse of the Wrecks.

Akita says, Go.

You wait for her to say something else, but she just looks at you.

Me: "Go" what?

Akita says, The Wrecks are full of little treasures if you can find ‘em. A good ‘Booter can sniff out useful tech wherever they go. So get sniffin’. Go.

  • Find something useful

(Intelligence check)

You search through the wreckage until you see the glint of a gun in the debris. You pull it out, triumphant, and show it to Akita. It's badly damaged and in no working order.

Akita nods.

She says, That's alright. But anyone can find a gun, Cookie. Can you fix it up with the things you see around you? A Freebooter worth their salt could.

  • Fix the gun

(Intelligence check)

You move away from Akita and expand your search. After a segment of carefully picking through debris, you gather a heating coil, some wire, some scrap metal to mend the outside, and some ammunition salavaged from a more damaged gun of the same make. You return to the spot you left Akita, triumphant again, ready to show her the parts you found and hoping you'll be able to put them all together.

Only when you arrive at where you left her, she's no longer there. You scan the horizon of the Wrecks to find her, in a fight with a hefty mall Ruins Rat and losing!

You rush over to her to find the Ruins Rat has her in a headlock and is suffocating her. His half-crazed eyes are focused on her and he hasn't seen or heard your approach. Akita is kicking against him but she's running out of air. She spots you and her eyes look at you desperately for help. Save her!

  • Lunge at the attacker
  • Whip the gun at his head
  • Fix the gun
  • Run away

(Strength and Agility check)

You manage to clock him in the back of the head with the damaged gun. He immediately lets go of Akita, and casts his sights on you. Akita coughs on the ground, too injured to help you. You better get ready for a fight.

  • Punch him

(Strength and Stamina check)

You punch him so hard you can hear his jaw crack. He staggers away from you for a unit and then gets ready to come right back. He swings at you.

  • Dodge!

(Agility check?)

He throws another swing at you but you manage to dodge it. You get ready to punch him again, when he abruptly grunts and sways on his feet. You take a step back, unsure what he'll do next.

A unit later, he collapses on the ground, a knife wound in his back. You look over at Akita, who is on the ground, panting and clutching her neck. She stands up and staggers over to you, smiling weakly.

Akita says, I told you. A Freebooter always finds what she needs.

She yanks the knife out of the Ruins Rat; it looks old, almost certainly Pre-Cat. She smiles.

She says, I'm keeping this. And you, Cookie. You did good. Thanks for sticking around to help. I'd take you on as a crew-mate any day. Come on, let's get you introduced to Cap'n BB.

You've passed all the trials of a new crew-mate, you can finally board the Randy Beagle and see if you can learn Selina's whereabouts. Go with Akita to the Randy Beagle at the Docks to meet Cap'n Bassethound Bombardier.

Next NPC: Akita Arkansas, Docks, Caen Stronghold

  • Board the Randy Beagle

You follow Akita back to the Docks and she finally allows you passage aboard the Randy Beagle.

As you enter the doors, they shut quickly behind you. You follow Akita down a narrow, dark corridor. You find yourself shocked that anyone lives aboard a ship like this for very long. The corridors are long and winding, and the dim lights do you no favors in aiding to figure out where you are. Just as the claustrophobia has begun to seep in, Akita arrives at a large door and motions for you to stop outside with her.

She presses the buzzer on a panel beside the door and waits. A unit later, a gruff male voice pipes through, tinny and distorted.

He says, Yes?

Akita clears her throat before she speaks.

Akita says, I have a new recruit here to present to you. They passed all the trials.

A unit passes in silence, and then the doors open. You go inside.

Next NPC: Bassethound Bombardier, Docks, Caen Stronghold

  • Enter the Captain's Quarters

You enter the Captain’s Quarters with Akita at your side, standing tall and straight for her captain. You glance around the room in awe.

There are trophies from battle upon battle and raid upon raid hung on the walls. Helmets of enemies, pieces of tech ripped from control pads of Gaule ships, strange and interesting bits of Pre-Cat society, proudly displayed behind obsessively manicured glass. For the quarters of a Freebooter captain, it’s remarkably clean, well lit, and organized. The only real difference is that the items on display are conquests of war rather than medals given for military valor.

Akita nudges you towards the Captain.

She says, This Freed Consy saved my life at the Wrecks when I was attacked by a scavenger. I vouch for their entrance to the crew.

The captain regards you with, calm measured interest.

The Captain says, What have you to say for yourself? Why do you wish to join the crew of the Randy Beagle?

  • "Pillaging is my passion"
  • "I want to be free"


Me: I want to be free.

The Captain smiles at you, a big bombastic smile.

He says, Don't we all, eh? I don’t know what they taught you back in the Consortium about our type, but it ain’t like everyone says, not really. We ain’t lawless, brutish types. Well, we are. Sometimes. But not all of us and not always and not to each other. See, our crews are our families. Ain’t nothin’ more important to a Freebooter than protecting their family. If you wish to join this here crew, I’ll need your absolute loyalty. Can you, honestly, give that to me?

  • "Yes"
  • "No"
  • "I'm not sure…"

Not sure:

Me: I'm not sure…

The captain nods, his eyes search you with keen interest.

He says, Interesting. Most would pledge loyalty without a second thought, but you remain thoughtful. I admire a person who will not speak of anything unless they are certain it’s true. You’ll have some time to discover if you’re loyal to us or not, and you’ll have to prove that conviction before you’re granted full crew-member status. Until that time, you’ll be staying with our other new recruit in the initiate quarters. That’ll be all, glad to have you aboard. And thanks for looking after our Akita for us, nothin’ ‘round here’d be the same without her.

He nods to Akita and she takes your arm gently. She speaks to you in a low voice as she leads you away.

Akita says, You did well. I’ll introduce you to your new bunk-mate and leave you to consider what your proof of loyalty will look like.

  • Follow Akita to the Initiate Quarters

You follow Akita to the Initiate Quarters through another series of crammed, dark corridors. You have no idea where you are when you arrive at another door. Akita knocks gently.

Akita says, SHih Tzu? You in there? We have another recruit who’ll be bunking with you for a while.

A female voice emanates from the other side, lazy and relaxed.

The voice says, Sure, whatever.

The door opens and you see none other than Selina Hephaestus on the other side. She's a perfect match to the image Henry sent to your CORETECHS when you agreed to help him. She looks up from polishing an ornate dagger.

Next NPC: Selina Hephaestus, Docks, Caen Stronghold

  • Allow Akita to introduce you

You try to contain your shock as Akita guides you into the quarters and speaks to you curtly.

Akita says, This is Shih Tzu Silver, our other new recruit, she’ll be your bunk-mate. Shih Tzu, this is Biscuit. I have to go, but the two of you should get acquainted.

Selina nods at you and then Akita politely.

She says, Thanks, Akita.

Akita gives you both a nod and exits the room. Selina goes back to polishing her knife.

  • "I need to leave"
  • "So, what's your story?"
  • "What's your Loyalty Trial?"
  • "I know you're Selina Hephaestus"
  • "What's it like here?"

What's your story:

Me: So, what's your story?

Selina shrugs, and picks up another weapon to polish.

She says, I’m from a big family in Sol. Always had a taste for adventure. I fell in with Cap'n BB and the Randy Beagle 'round a cycle back. They beat me in a fight and managed to legitimately capture me. That's never happened. I got interested in the 'Booters and decided to join up.

  • "What's it like here?"
  • "I know you're Selina Hephaestus"
  • "What's your Loyalty Trial?"
  • "I need to leave"

What's it like:

Me: What's it like here?

Selina's eyes sparkle with passion.

She says, It's pretty great. Freebooters live by "waste not want not" they're like an intergalactic clean-up crew. They can make anything out of anything and sell it to anyone. You get to go places no one else goes, loot or even colonize dead stations. And it's a true meritocracy. If you're strong and you're smart, you'll lead. That's it. I think that's why they're the strongest people in the galaxy. I've got a lot to learn from them.

  • "What's your Loyalty Trial?"
  • "I know you're Selina Hephaestus"
  • "I need to leave"

Loyalty Trial:

Me: What's your Loyalty Trial?

She looks at you suspiciously.

She says, It’s personal. Why do you want to know?

  • "Never mind"
  • Convince her to tell you

(Social check)

Me: I'm looking for ideas for my own.

Selina shrugs.

She says, All right, I guess I can share a bit about it. The Freebooters beat me in a fight a cycle ago and no one ever beats me at anything. I figured they're the only people in the galaxy who can teach me anything so I joined up. I figured my gullible little brother would pay a fat ransom, easy. He's actually smarter than I thought though, he showed up on the station looking for me. He's here right now, skulking around somewhere.

She looks you up and down.

She says, Actually, you look like the kind of lame try-hard Henry'd shack up with. Are you here for him?

  • "Yes"
  • "No"


Me: Actually, yes, I am. Wow.

Selina nods, unsurprised.

She says, I should have caught that earlier, probably. How invested are you in working with him? Want to make some coin and have a laugh helping me make him pay up? I've just got to convince that idiot I was kidnapped again and the credits are ours. You'll get a good cut, of course.

  • Help Selina
  • "Why do you want to be a Freebooter?"


Me: Why do you want to be a Freebooter so badly?

She says, What, are you slow? There's not a Consy in the galaxy who holds a candle to a Freebooter in combat. Who wouldn't want to be one of them? They kick ass.

  • Go back to Henry
  • Help Selina


Me: Sure, what can I do?

Selina grins wickedly.

She says, Thanks, Biscuit. You're not the worst. Okay so here's the plan: Henry scares real easy. We bust in there, I look all helpless and sad, Cap'n BB waves his gun around, gives him a good fright. He'll pay right away, the kid doesn't have a confrontational bone in his body. All you have to do is butter him up for us; just show up and confirm I've been kidnapped.

Return to Henry in the Hotel Rooms and convince him Selina was kidnapped.

Next NPC: Henry Hephaestus, Hotel Rooms, Caen Stronghold

  • Speak with Henry

You arrive back at Henry's hotel room, purposefully looking to be in a panic. Henry responds immediately, alert.

He says, <name>! Is something the matter? What's wrong?

Me: It's Selina! The Freebooters have her—

Akita and Captain Bombardier break down the hotel's shabby door dramatically before you can finish, Selina in toe. Selina looks like she's been beaten and she's changed out of her black leather outfit into some dirty, torn up more feminine clothes; probably something she wore before she joined the Freebooters.

The Captain says, We heard little Henry Hephaestus was sniffin' 'round here looking fer his sister, so we thought we'd BRING HER TO YA.

He shoves Selina towards Henry roughly, and she sobs into his shoulder with shockingly realistic emotion.

Henry shouts, YOU ANIMALS! You'll pay for what you've done to my sister!

The captain leans in close to Henry.

The Captain says, No, you'll pay to get her back.

  • Tell Henry it's a bluff
  • Play along

Play along:

Me: Please, just pay them! They'll hurt her!

Henry holds Selina to him and stares at the Freebooters hatefully. He wires the money over to them on his CORETECHS.

Henry says, There, you're paid! Now get out of here!

Akita snatches Selina away from Henry roughly and drags her out the door with her.

Akita says, Not until we're sure the money was delivered. She'll be staying with us a little while longer!

Henry watches helplessly as the Freebooters drag his sister away, tears welling in his eyes.

Henry calls, The money is sent, I promise! Please don't hurt her!

  • Collect your payment from Henry

Henry turns back to you, his eyes still wild with terror.

Henry says, I can't thank you enough for finding her, <name>! She could have been killed if we'd taken any longer with the ransom. I am truly in your debt. Take these, as agreed.

You have received 2000.00 credits.

You have received 2 bonds

You collect your credits and head out of the hotel, feeling a little bad for poor, sweet Henry.

A notification pops up on your CORETECHS — a message from SHIH TZU SILVER.

SHIH TZU SILVER: Thanks for your help, B. You're OK.

Selina wires you an additional 2000 credits, your cut of the ransom Henry paid.

You have received 2000.00 credits.

You have completed the "Riches to Rag-Tag" mission.

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