This is the home of the security division, where guards monitor the security enforcement cameras around the station, and where suspects can be questioned before being freed or taken to the Brig.


Salutations Citizen! The universe can be an inhospitable place to travel without security. Please peruse the various services we can offer you in the way of protection. Whatever your needs and budget, our bodyguards will ensure your safety with maximum prejudice!

What are Bodyguards?

The universe can sometimes be a hostile place to travel solo. Tau Station is a very safe station, thanks to its high law and high Orwellian level. If someone attacks you, it will, in most cases, lead to a long imprisonment of your attacker. However, in our growing universe, there are an ever increasing number of stations that are more dangerous, lacking strong laws and authorities. When visiting, you would be best advised to watch your back or… hire bodyguards!

Bodyguards operate covertly and offer a nasty surprise for attackers by jumping into the fight to protect you without warning. You’ll get a notification in cases where somebody attacks and your bodyguard steps into the fight.

Hiring Bodyguards

This service is available in the Security area, where info about currently employed bodyguards can also be viewed. Yes, that’s right, you can hire more than one! They are tough opponents, always entering fights with full stats. Once defeated though, they need to recover until their stats are fully recharged and they’re ready to serve you once again. Their companies provide them with private care and they are treated in their corporate Sick Bays or re-spawn in their corporate Clone Vats. This kind of special treatment will be available for Syndicates in the future as well, once the building feature is available. As a result, you won’t find recovering bodyguards exposed in the public area’s people list, but their current status is – in any case – always shown at Security.

Attackers will only be able to fight you directly, once there are no operational bodyguards with you anymore. So it might make sense to hire a couple of them to confront your enemies with a mixed bag of surprises. In the example below, we have hired 2 different bodyguards.

Please note that the order of acquisition has no impact on which bodyguard steps into the fight for you. It will always be the most qualified one for each attack, aiming for the best protection possible.

Four types of Bodyguard Services

Depending on your needs and budget, four services are available. In terms of equipment, all of them are equal. The gear quality and skills improve for all the packages in the same way, depending on the chosen tier. The main differences between the offers are the ability to travel and how far your bodyguard can follow your journeys. The most complex service is the Sentinel package which provides a team of bodyguards and a special extraction service (read more below).

The Warden – One Station for One Day

Allegiances change, prepaid loyalty is gold.

The Varangian Guard exist to allow those not familiar with a station life to safely acclimate and enjoy what the station has to offer. Enjoy all the lawless debauchery with none of the life-threatening violence (unless requested)!

The Varangian Guard are here to keep you safe! This package is station specific and protection will not extend beyond the walls of the station we are hired on. Additionally, the Bloody Blaster is available only in single day bursts so enjoy your span with the Varangian Guard at your back (and then, if you're staying, hire us again)!

  • Restricted to home station
  • Same tier as their station
  • Hire period : 1 day

Those who require only basic protection for the local station may choose this one day service. Your bodyguard is restricted to his or her home station and won’t travel with you to other stations or systems. Their tier is determined by the local station’s tier. In case you’re unsure about a station’s level, it’s always shown in the Government Center. Level 1-5 reflect tier 1, level 6-10 are tier 2, and so on.

The Escort – Safety for one whole system

Wisdom and Protection

Athena places emphasis on a more thoughtful approach to guardianship. An Athena agent will try to avoid a dangerous situation whenever possible. Failing that, their second directive is to diffuse the situation. When that is not possible, Athena agents are deadly protectors and given license to kill in the service of their clients. The difference is, killing is the last resort for Athena agents and the first resort for many alternatives.

Athena's protection package only extends as far as the system it is purchased within, as they do not allow their agents to travel too far from their home station. Athena does, however, pride itself on the flexibility of its protection package. You may choose the level of experience of your Athena agent (although their most experienced agents will fetch a higher price than their more junior staff), as well as how long your agent will remain in your service.

  • Restricted to home system
  • Choose tier of protection (1-5)
  • Choose duration of hire period (1 day, 10 days, 28 days)

For some extra credits, a more flexible service is available with the Escort Package. This bodyguard does join your trips throughout the system of hiring, but is not able to join trips to other systems. Their fighting power is connected to the bodyguard’s tier and it can even surpass yours. A service duration of 1, 10, or 28 days is available.

The Guardian – Following you everywhere

Never off duty

Over the cycles, Armure has established a reputation for ruthless efficiency. Operating with stringent recruitment criteria, their guard corps is respected and feared in equal measure. While a first warning from an Armure agent may be verbal, the second almost certainly won’t be. They’re the go-to firm for those who want peace of mind and don’t particularly care which methods are used to achieve it.

Armure’s Guardian package offers the intrepid traveler true peace of mind, extending protection to any station and system you should choose to visit. Wherever you roam, Armure protection will be with you every step of the way. This package is highly customizable for your personal needs, allowing you to specify both bodyguard tier and package duration.

  • No restriction on station or system of protection
  • Choose tier of protection (1-5)
  • Choose duration of hire period (1 day, 10 days, 28 days)

This package is the right choice for all Citizens who frequently travel for exploration and adventures, as this bodyguard will follow you to any station throughout the entire universe. Similar to the Escort, any tier can be chosen while the duration of 1, 10, and 28 days is also available in varying prices.

The Sentinel – Best team protection plus extraction

Let perfect be the enemy of good.

The Kestrel Minority is the epitome of gleaming, unwavering perfection in the field of personal security. Utilising only the very best in technology and tactics, your safety is both paramount and guaranteed. The Kestrels hold no political affiliations or preference and thus focus exclusively on the only thing of importance, our clients.

Personalised service and omnipresent safety are synonymous with the Aegis package. Customise both tier and duration of service to your specific needs. This package is exclusive and offers immediate extraction in any hostile situation. Whatever corner of the universe your journey takes you, it will be in the safety of the Kestrel's Shadow.

  • No restriction on station or system of protection
  • Customize both duration and tier of protection (Tier 1-5; duration 1 day, 10 days, 28 days)
  • Will provide immediate extraction to hotel room in hostile situations

The Sentinel package has similar characteristics as The Guardian in terms of travelling, tier, and duration. However, it is a slightly different type of service in that a whole team of bodyguards is at your service.

One important distinction is your evacuation to a safer location during hostile situations. While one person is taking your place during the fight, another one is ensuring your extraction. Wherever you need to go, the Sentinels will find a way to get you there. No need to concern yourself about hostile attacks while waiting for a public shuttle, they will find a way for you to be on board!

In case one of a bodyguard gets injured during a fight, the company will always provide an immediate replacement.

So, if you plan to attack someone using the services of the Sentinel package, you may require coordinated help, as each Sentinel team can only fight against one person a time. Always keep the instant replacement after fights in mind!

Sentinel Cost
Tier Days Bonds
1 1 99
1 10 990
1 28 2772
2 1 119
2 10 1190
2 28 3332
3 1 139
3 10 1390
3 28 3892
4 1 159
4 10 1590
4 28 4452
5 1 189
5 10 1890
5 28 5292

Additional information from the storyline

In the Consortium Security Services at Yards of Gadani are headquartered these services that handle things like corporate crimes, fraud, forensics, and corruption. A specific division, the Office of Special Investigations, is headed by Lieutenant Lotta Olofsdotter (Secrets and Servos). Functionary Aris from the Consortium Embassy and Aris's Shop at Paris Spatiale, also wears the stiff uniform from this services.

In the Station Security Services at Tau Station, the systems may not be updated properly, as Dr. Briggs mentioned that sometimes, for some reason, at the Clones Tau Station Medical Center they are not notified of people passing (A Rude Awakening).
Also in the case of the murder of Ailya Faizan, herself accused the Services of barely doing an investigation, but they did trace Carla's anonymous tip to Government Center Capital Government Center about her murder back to a terminal in the Port. With how many people pass through there daily, it was be nearly impossible to tell who sent it (A Rude Awakening).

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