Selected Salvage
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
"Last Longer" Chew bar, tier 2 Food Rare 2
"Last Longer" Chew bar, tier 3 Food Rare 3
"Staying Power" Seltzer, tier 2 Food Common 2
"Staying Power" Seltzer, tier 3 Food Common 3
3D Printer Brush Attachment Weapon Common 2
Agi T02-V002-15.00-0.05 Medical Uncommon 2
Agi T02-V002-9.75-0.05 Medical Common 2
Antique SMG Weapon Common 2
BuzzC7 Weapon Common 2
Cannon-C56 Weapon Common 2
Civ T02-V003-7.20x2-0.1 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V006-7.20x2-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V010-7.20x2-0.1 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V011-4.80x3-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V014-4.80x3-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V014-4.80x3-0.1 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V019-4.80x3-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V022-5.25x3-0.05 Medical Rare 2
Civ T02-V024-7.20x2-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V026-4.80x3-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Composite Dō Armor Common 2
F.O.T.S. Line Com-Bat Weapon Common 5
Hippocratic Vest Armor Epic 2 Bonds 1302
Int T02-V016-10.31-0.075 Medical Common 2
Int T02-V016-10.31-0.1 Medical Common 2
Int T02-V016-13.12-0.1 Medical Common 2
Int T02-V016-14.06-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Knuckle Irons Weapon Common 2
Lampyridae Armor Armor Common 2
Light P3 Impact Suit Armor Common 2
Light Spidersilk Flak Jacket Armor Common 2
Light Tatami Gusoku Armor Common 2
Light Thermoplastic Suit Armor Rare 2
Medium Scale Mail Armor Common 2
Mil T02-V030-5.25x4-0.03 Medical Epic 2 Bonds 25
P3 Energy Suit Armor Common 2
Patelloida Plate Armor Common 2
Rascal Rifle Weapon Epic 2 Bonds 1286
Remember Me, Sally Weapon Common 2
Ringmaster's Staff Weapon Uncommon 2
Simple Manriki Weapon Common 2
Soc T02-V008-9.00-0.075 Medical Common 2
Spidersilk Fatigues Armor Common 2
Spidersilk Robes Armor Common 2
Sta T02-V004-10.31-0.075 Medical Common 2
Str T02-V001-10.31-0.075 Medical Common 2
Thick Plate Armor Armor Common 2
Whispering Robes Armor Common 2

Located on The Ghost of Mali

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