Selena's Discount House
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
"Quick feet" Soda, tier 3 Food Common 3
"Quick feet" Soda, tier 4 Food Common 4
"Smooth Talker" Snack, tier 3 Food Rare 3
"Smooth Talker" Snack, tier 4 Food Rare 4
Arc Master's Suit Armor Rare 3
Black Piercer: Semi-Auto Series Weapon Common 3
Caracal's Scent Weapon Epic 3 Bonds 1779
Carte Blanche Range Gauss Rifle MKII Weapon Rare 6
Civ T03-V003-10.50x2-0.05 Medical Common 3
Civ T03-V005-9.19x2-0.1 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V005-9.82x2-0.075 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V009-9.19x2-0.1 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V021-6.56x3-0.075 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V022-7.01x3-0.05 Medical Common 3
Civ T03-V026-7.01x3-0.05 Medical Common 3
Hobbe’s Cooker Weapon Epic 4 Bonds 2181
Hobbe’s Fatboy Patrol Weapon Rare 4
Hot Moss Blaster Cannon Weapon Common 5
Improved Taungoo Brick Weapon Rare 4
Killing Moon Weapon Common 3
Mail Backed Lamellar Armor Armor Uncommon 3
Mil T03-V023-4.59x4-0.03 Medical Common 3 Bonds 13
Solemn Sunset Series Blaster Rifle Weapon Epic 3 Bonds 1778
Sword of Many Truths Weapon Common 3

Located on Heinlein Stronghold

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