Sherri Snyder's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Vera Ranged Rifle Uncommon 1,924.02 cr
Heavy Thermoplastic Suit Impact Armor Epic 1,800 Bonds
Light P3 Energy Suit Energy Armor Common 17,479.06 cr
Light Tatami Gusoku Impact Armor Common 7,370.32 cr
Medium Exo-Suit Piercing Armor Common 19,759.38 cr
Reactive Armor Energy Armor Common 936.56 cr
Civ T03-V021-4.08x3-0.1 Medical Common 223.45 cr
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.005 Medical Rare 777.24 cr
Str T01-V001-6.00-0.075 Medical Rare 152.70 cr
Capacitor Trade Good Common 9.16 cr

Formerly located on L 726-8 Jump Gate

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