Ships are the primary means of travel, both intrasystem with a Public Shuttle, and interstellar. A list of all private ships currently available can be found below1.

Ship2 Mass (kg) Cargo capacity (t) Acceleration (G) Fuel capacity (g) Max range (km) Availability Price (credits) Prerequisites
Private Shuttle 8800 0 2,427 5 2145548 København, Daedalus, Yards of Gadani 210000 Basic Ship Handling
Mantis Class Private Cruiser 9150 0 4,217 17,5 4156560 The House of Congo 615000 Basic Ship Handling?
Razorback 9500 0 14,5 90 5987859 Yards of Gadani 995000 Advanced Ship Handling

Locker Installation

Any private ship can have a storage locker installed for 50 slots of storage. Installation is done in any Station that has a Shipyard and it takes 10 days, or less if you spend bonds for every 50 % decrease. The price of the storage locker seems to be $12 \times StationFuelPrice$ (Experiment 210.27). This means that the storage locker price fluctuates as the Stations' economy, and that lower level stations will tend to have lower locker prices.


All current ships have the same cost maintenance.

The time required to repair is always the same at about 83 units per repair %.
The cost per repair % is 20 credits to patch up at the Docks, 36 credits to patch at the Shipyard, and 50 credits to refurbish at the Shipyard (plus a 1000 credits fee).

As an overall strategy, patch up time and cost seem independent of any condition so repair when and where needed, and use the most convenient immediate refurbish at the Shipyard if credits are not an issue.
The most time-efficient strategy is to immediate refurbish at any Shipyard, but it has a 1000 credits fee added to the cost per repair %.
The most cost-efficient strategy is to patch up at the Docks, and then refurbish at the Shipyard, but in the former 50 % Focus and Stamina is consumed, and you are "confined to the Docks until repairs are complete" (with cut wait time by 50%" with 10 bonds).

See Experiment 212.29 for more detail about these tips.


Refuelling can have a significative budget impact. High-level stations tend to have higher fuel prices, but the value also change daily according to the station's economy factor, as a representation of its overall activity, As a reference, 400 credits per gram represents a good price. University courses under ship-engineering can reduce fuel consumption. The time required is about 315 unit per gram, without the possibility for a partial refuel.

Ship Full refuelling cost at a good price (credits) Full refuelling cost at a max price (credits)
Private Shuttle 2000 56250
Mantis Class Private Cruiser 7000 196875
Razorback 36000 1012500

Fuel Consumption

Just for fun: The actual code that determines how much fuel is consumed based on distance traveled and fuel efficiency, using genuine scientific formulae:

sub fuel_consumption ( $self, $kilometers ) {
my $meters = $kilometers * 1000; # keep units in calculations the same

# force = mass * acceleration

# A newton is the force that would give a mass of one kilogram an
# acceleration of one meter per second per second
my $force
= $self->kilograms * $self->acceleration_in_meters_per_second; # newtons

# A joule is the energy transferred to an object when a force of one
# newton acts on that object in the direction of its motion through a
# distance of one meter
my $energy_required = $force * $meters; # joules

# Solving for mass is:
# E=mc^2 -> m=E/c^2
my $kilograms_of_antimatter
= $energy_required / ( config(qw/physics speed_of_light/)**2 );

# divide by 2 because half is matter, the other half is anti-matter
$kilograms_of_antimatter /= 2;

my $grams = $kilograms_of_antimatter * 1000;
return $grams / $self->engine_efficiency;

Interstellar Travel

All data retrieved with all related University courses done.

Systems Distance (ly) Ship Travel time (GCT) Fuel (g)
Sol — Alpha Centauri 4,4 Interstellar Shuttle
Private Shuttle
Mantis Class Private Cruiser

Sol — Barnard's Star 5,94 Interstellar Shuttle
Private Shuttle
Mantis Class Private Cruiser

Sol — L726 8,73 Interstellar Shuttle
Private Shuttle
Mantis Class Private Cruiser

Sol — Ross 154 9,69 Interstellar Shuttle
Private Shuttle
Mantis Class Private Cruiser

Sol — Sirius 8,6 Private Shuttle
Mantis Class Private Cruiser
Alpha Centauri — Ross 154 8,1 Interstellar Shuttle
Private Shuttle
Mantis Class Private Cruiser

L726 — YZ Ceti 3,58 Interstellar Shuttle
Private Shuttle
Mantis Class Private Cruiser


Ship Registry

See also: the Universal Tau Tracker's Ship Registry ⬀, with information collected by user scripts.

Registered in Sol

Registration Name Captain Syn-
Class Details
000-AA000 Gravity is a Drag gizmomathboy DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA001 Razorback Perleone DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA002 S.S. Defatigable Shadow TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA003 Knarr Tore DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA004 Wild Wind Rider Yngvild DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA0063 v74.65.80.72 Private Shuttle okram DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA007 The Sol Train GeneralPublic DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA008 Blue Midget miros TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA009 Ghostrider Urians DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA010 Not a Razorback okram DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA011 Quiñon jluis DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA012 The Major SC90 TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA013 Rolling Stone Mirathrim Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA014 🌍🌎🌏 KMK TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA015 Leif Ericson Bob-Oso TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA016 Short Bus Bob-Simpson TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA017 Flux AndreaEntangle TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA018 Sildren Morkant Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA019 Inutarou hogemaru ODD Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA020 Zug SilentDriller Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA021 Weatherlight Indecision DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA022 The Shepherd Tower Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA023 uMlungu Hairy Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA024 Pathfinder CONCORD TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA025 Stardust79 ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA026 Phoenix Star ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA027 Skylab ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA028 The Glory of the Old Ones Indecision DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA029 Blue Oyster ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA030 Voot Runner ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA031 Christina O Sahib Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA032 Slow Coach Brovnik TTU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA033 MDH-1 Leila staff Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA034 Polcreos ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA035 clunker ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA036 HDMY Dannebrog Whytie TTU Private Shuttle external ⬀
000-AA036 Atlantis ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀

Registered in Alpha Centauri A

Registration Name Captain Syn-
Class Details
003-AA000 The %s moritz TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA001 Fulci Lives! 🧟 Perleone DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA002 Size Isn't Everything firefu TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA003 General Products Hull #1 gizmomathboy DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA004 Sir Bragsalot Dotsent TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA005 Vivacia Cror YAM Razorback external ⬀
003-AA006 Dario Argento Perleone DEV Razorback external ⬀
003-AA007 Razorblack moritz TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA008 καλλίστι Groat ODD Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA009 Ragnarok nrc Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA010 Smaugarian Peeping Tom duelafn ONE Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA011 Serenity Ovid staff Razorback external ⬀
003-AA012 Paperback Dotsent TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA013 Majestic Eagle Larthienn Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA014 Sloop John B. Whosgonna Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA015 Daedalus4 Vorkosigan Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA016 Rockhopper quasidart TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA017 Heart of Gold Zajhein TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA018 Reaver Bemeies TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA019 Slartibartfast's Ark GeneralPublic DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA020 Party Bus Xierumeng TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA021 Celestial Void Razorback external ⬀
003-AA022 Aurora Void Razorback external ⬀
003-AA023 Zippy SysPete staff Razorback external ⬀
003-AA024 Pallida Mors Malfecto DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA025 Tar Valon Ortis DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA026 Zoomies Xierumeng TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA027 Outstanding Contribution To The Historical Process firefu TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA028 Space Ship of Attila Attila-Volk Razorback external ⬀
003-AA029 HOW DO I BRAKE? okram DEV Razorback external ⬀
003-AA030 Ict KMK TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA031 Cyclone Tigum DEV Razorback external ⬀
003-AA032 Nameless SYSTEM-GLITCH Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA033 Camanche Arrow soci Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA034 Private Shuttle -bor- EVO Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA035 Sun FeiYi TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA036 The Black Dragon Wheeler TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA037 Millennium Hand and Shrimp Ortis DEV Razorback external ⬀
003-AA038 Rocinante AaronK21214 Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA039 Sundiver Zajhein TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA040 Phoenix Sarwin EVO Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA041 Black Thunder Jaisjagut DEV Razorback external ⬀
003-AA042 Endless Sky AMDmi3 Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA043 FBI Surveillance Van #2319 Tom-Heady Razorback external ⬀
003-AA044 Barracuda Perleone DEV Razorback external ⬀
003-AA045 Seldon_Probe Anola DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA046 /əkˈseləˌrādər/ particle TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA047 aluminum falcon blue60 EVO Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA048 Vanguard zevlix Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA049 The Gravy Boat dryed DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA050 The Mobius GeneralPublic DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA051 Trap Agenda Mousetrap EVO Razorback external ⬀
003-AA052 Perelandra ShipwreckSteve EVO Razorback external ⬀
003-AA053 Nebuchadnezzar Enigma Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA054 golden garuda Suryavarman-III DEV Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA055 Theusz Kobaïa SandwichMaker TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA056 Lead Zeppelin Groat ODD Razorback external ⬀
003-AA057 Yugto Cayce-1018 TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA058 starbug miros TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA059 Palomino Phaneron TAU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA060 Robert'); DROP TABLE Ships;— Geoff ODD Razorback external ⬀
003-AA061 Saturn V Zgrug Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA062 Bebop Alpha AndreaEntangle TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA063 Mercury FeiYi TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA064 Bebop Beta AndreaEntangle TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA065 Inconspicuous Blue Box SandwichMaker TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA066 Bebop Gamma AndreaEntangle TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA067 Silver Ghost Saung Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA068 The Messenger soci TTU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA069 Rorqual ? ? Razorback external ⬀
003-AA070 Dark Star [ADC 2239-5531] Phaneron TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA071 Destroyer ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA072 Longship ? ? Razorback external ⬀
003-AA073 Melchizadek ? ? Razorback external ⬀
003-AA074 Pandora quasidart TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA075 Hardcover Dotsent TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA076 HRM Šibenik Nevah TTU Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA081 Vroom vroom Corwinte TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA082 Deep Sound cure ODD Razorback external ⬀
003-AA083 Hanlon's moritz TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA084 Parsimony Brovnik TTU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA085 Big Sexy Beast ? ? Razorback external ⬀
003-AA086 Tote ? ? Private Shuttle external ⬀
003-AA087 Devil's Right Hand FallenMinion TAU Razorback external ⬀
003-AA088 Dogu Maru Nomedes Razorback external ⬀
003-AA089 Eviscerator Perleone DEV Razorback external ⬀

Registered in Sirius A

Registration Name Captain Syn-
Class Details
007-AA001 Agnostic Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA002 Best ship in the Universe? This is just a tribute ☹ Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA003 Fully Aware of the Oriole Behind Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA004 Malaclypse Groat ODD Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA005 The Gila Monster Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA006 Supermassive Sun Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA007 Bug Tracker Whytie TAU Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA008 Mecha-Streisand III Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA010 Excalibur Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA011 Iridescent Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA012 Ray KMK Tau Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA013 I took a pebble to an asteroid fight Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA014 Christina O II Sahib Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA015 Shuttle of Spindles and Skeins Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA016 Tobajas Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA017 Venus Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA018 S.S. Vincible Shadow TAU Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA019 Millennium Falcon Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀
007-AA020 G.P.P. Giggle Glug Mantis Class Private Cruiser external ⬀

Additional information from the storyline

A ship the Revenge, from the pirate Captain Drake, was first mentioned by Pompano, as she usually docks in the Docks København Docks at København (X Marks Our Shot).

Lunt told me a wide-spread rumour about some ancient pre-cat style unmanned ship appearing and disappearing around the system, loaded to the hull with tech, and riches. Maybe even seeds and resources. Plenty of privateers would love to snare the thing (X Marks Our Shot).

Red Jane probably has her own ship too (X Marks Our Shot).

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