At the Shipyard you can buy, repair, and enhance your ships. Having enough credits is important, but you also need the skills to become a captain. You must finish all of the according University courses first. In order to handle a Private Shuttle, "Basic Ship Handling" is needed, for example. The first starships you can obtain are Private Shuttles and Razorbacks. Please note that not all Shipyards are guaranteed to offer every ship. Later on, more ships and additional features will be unlocked, such as ship storage. You can also seek shelter inside your ships as an alternative to the Hotel Rooms.


System Station
Sol København
Sol Daedalus
Alpha Centauri Yards of Gadani
Barnard’s Star The Maid of Orléans
L 726-8 Orwell Stronghold


  • While a player in a ship is safe from the attacks of other players, ships do not provide the stat regeneration bonus that Hotel Rooms do

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