Sick Bay


The injured and sick get automatically confined to a station's hospital, or Sick Bay, for recovery. Bribing the personnel works in both directions for you or others here: You can either speed up the regeneration process or prolong the stay. A special service is offered for healthy people: doctors can install or remove modifications (mods) that grant bonuses to your stats.

Arrival Text

An empty clinic means an empty wallet! Perhaps you could go and injure yourself or someone else?

Clinic's empty, friend. Some business bring you here or just morbid curiosity?

Nobody's being treated here currently, Citizen. Feel free to return when somebody gets maimed…

When Injured

Ordinarily injured (or killed) players are confined to Sick Bay for a length of time. New players get three "free" incidents:

First time:

[something about not being as badly hurt as you thought]

Second time:

You're having some bad luck, aren't you?

Third time:

We can't keep giving you priority care. After this, you wait like everyone else.


Citizen, you've been confined here temporarily due to the severity of your injuries. Treatment priority can, of course, be adjusted with a small…shall we say, donation?

Stations without Sick Bay

People who suffer fatal injuries on a station with no Sick Bay cannot recover, but must respawn into Clones.

System Station
Alpha Centauri Bordeaux Station
Barnard’s Star Caen Stronghold
Sirius Sirius Jump Gate
Sirius Heinlein Stronghold
Sirius The House of Congo

Additional information from the storyline

In the Tau Station Medical Center at Tau Station, Tamhas woke up there and was treated after his drink had been laced with some sort of scopolamine concoction by Carla (A Rude Awakening).

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