Sinclair Biomeats

Sinclair Biomeats is the source of rations and the majority of other foodstuffs.

Sinclair Biomeats

Taste sold Separately.

The Sinclair family was one of the first groups to jump onto the organic 3D printing game after Moemedi Medical started churning out medical supplies after the Catastrophe. Siobhan Sinclair, the matriarch of this old family that predated the catastrophe, spent what little remained of her clan's fortunes buying an old 3d printing machine off Moemedi and transporting it to her home station of Ghost of Mali. There, she had a team of engineers and biologists working tirelessly to produce a viable cocktail of nutrients they could use as a base fuel for organic food replacements. Their dogma was that it didn’t have to taste good, only keep people alive.

On 34.59 an accord was reached with Moisson Station, they chose various molds and fungi as their base ingredient and began churning out all manner of edibles to send to every station for a modest fee. As the business began to boom, so did the product. Now, various artificial tastes can also be added to the production after the fact. It’s still mycelial, but it can be printed and artificially treated to look and taste with whatever one desires (to a certain degree of success).

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