Home to Old Earth, the Sol system is where most spacefarers begin their journeys.

The cradle of Humanity. The Sol system bears particular sentimental importance to the human species as its birthplace. While the Terran homeworld of Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by the Catastrophe, a number of stations orbit Mars and maintain this system as a hub of intergalactic activity. Several stations of historical and cultural significance operate out of this central system. Tau Station, the jewel of the Consortium, makes its home here and sees some of the most visitors of any station in the galaxy. There are six stations currently in operation within the Sol System.


Spectral Type: G2
Distance to Sol: 0 light years
Stations: 6


Station Level Affiliation
Tau Station 1 Consortium
København 2 Consortium
Daedalus 3 Consortium
Taungoo Station 4 Consortium
Nouveau Limoges 5 Gaule
Sol Jump Gate 6 Consortium

Points of Interest



  • Tau Station
  • Nouveau Limoges


  • København
  • Daedalus

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