Sol Jump Gate


Titanic in size, Sol System’s jump gate rotates against the backdrop of space. Dozens of ships line up in an orderly queue near the gate to wait for their turn to jump to a different star system. Every few segments, one of the starships slowly approaches the wormhole field inside the giant metal ring and disappears in a brilliant flash of light. A small fleet of Consortium and Gaule warships guard the jump gate from a distance.


System: Sol
Affiliation: Consortium
Level: 6
Legal: Strong
Orwellian: High


Bank (Tau-la Credit Terminal)

Located in a small side room near the port, the bank is fully automated and has no live teller. Computer terminals allow the efficient withdrawal and deposit of funds. Despite the automation, a terminal technician hangs around as peers from screen-to-screen before watching the entrance.

Mere feet away from the port’s exit, the station’s bank looks like a repurposed storage closet. Other than a simple bank sign near the entrance, the rest of the tiny room is free from adornment. All of the wall space is taken up by the financial terminals, and their glowing screens cast a pale glow throughout the room.


Brig (SJG Detention Center)

Impatient prisoners sit in small, unfurnished cells. Digital timers on the cell doors count down the segments until each inmate’s release.

Little more than a short corridor, Sol Jump Gate’s Detention Center contains only a dozen detention cells which are so narrow a prisoner could extend their arms and touch each wall. Gleaming and sterile, the walls and corridors are chrome colored, giving the area a cold and heartless ambiance. Various inmates sit on the cold floor with looks of resigned annoyance and glare at the guards who take turns walking up and down the row.


Government Center (SJG Authority Center)

The command and administrative center of the jump gate. The Authority Center is staffed by both Consortium and Gaule officials as required by the Nouveau Limoges Accords.

A utilitarian building, military-looking, with chrome walls, harsh lighting, and symmetrically tiled floors, the Authority Center squashes any creative process one might entertain before entering. Though ostensibly a Consortium center, it also accommodates a Gaule detachment of advisers and administrators. It's heavily guarded by both Gaule and Consortium marines.

Employment (SJG Employment Center)

Hopeful citizens cram into a small room filled with job postings and "Assistance Requested" scrolls. Most are small tasks with small credit rewards. A few of the scrolls have been posted by passengers looking for cheap passage off station or through the jump gate.

The dull drone of artificial lighting hums gently behind the chatter of the people looking for work. One board near the entrance is lined with handmade postings written on random scraps of scraped scrolls. While they all use different words, most of the posts say some variation of the same thing: "Ran out of credits. Looking for a ship. Don't eat much. Willing to work for passage." A few ship captains skim through these notices, smiling quietly at some of the odder ones.

Side Jobs

This is the right place if you are looking for quick and easy jobs.

Name Description Credits Statistic
Cargo Crew Daily shifts available. Visit the Shipping Bay for round-the-clock cargo work opportunities! 25 Strength
Conduct Surveys An exciting opportunity to meet people from all over the galaxy! Come process surveys at the port! 23.5 Social
Detention Custodian Help wanted: Clean prison cells in Detention and earn some credits! 25.5 Stamina
Security Runner Support your noble protectors in their efforts to guard the station! Deliver crucial "security supplies" to thirsty officers. The ideal candidate for this role will be quick, and passionate about hot beverage delivery. 25 Agility
Ship Scanning Contraband! Pirates! Spies! Help us keep Sol System safe by working with security to scan inbound ships. We pay credits for your service. 25 Intelligence

Port (SJG Authority Port)

The port’s berths are filled with private spacecraft just arriving from other star systems or preparing to make a jump of their own.

The port is crowded with travellers transferring between various transports or making a stop at the station before embarking on the next leg of their trip. Every few segments the jump gate activates with a low, throbbing hum, filling the many viewing ports with bright, almost blinding light. Everything grinds to a halt as people stop to watch the spectacle. Port employees attempting to move cargo and repair ships struggle to make their way through the gawking crowd, now desensitized to the miracle of an Einstein-Rosen bridge just outside the window.


Shipping Bay

The Galactic Parcel Service shipping containers are heavily guarded. If you have goods delivered, this is where they will be stored



All manner of vessels are docked here with passengers and crew coming and going, performing various pre and post flight checks as well as loading passengers and cargo.

The fey light from the jump gate filters through the translucent ceiling above and casts an eerie glow around the entire area. This may influence the hushed tones most people seem to be speaking in as they conduct their business in contrast to the loud hustle and bustle of the port. A tinny smell permeates the air in the area as a number of ship engineers let off small bursts of plasma while venting heat or running pre-flight diagnostics.

A fiery red-headed captain bearing the markings of a Consortium security officer oversees the loading of various crates of official looking merchandise onto her sleek looking vessel.


Interstellar Shuttles

The massive jump gates give off a strange hum, unlike anything you have heard before.

Destination Distance Ticket Price
Alpha Centauri 4.4 ly 1798.72
Barnard's Star 5.94 ly 3351.35
Sirius collapsed
L 726-8 8.73 ly 6221.00
Ross 154 collapsed
Ross 248 collapsed
L 789-6 collapsed
Procyon collapsed

Local Shuttles

From here you can travel locally with our public shuttles.


Also known as "shanties," a word whose origin is lost, many people live in makeshift homes of scavenged and reclaimed items. The great stations used to house millions, but their numbers are now in the thousands, leaving large, unexplored areas. It's not safe or comfortable, but it's free.

Security (SJG Security Department)

The joint Consortium - Gaule security department shares quarters with several of the station’s other administrative offices. It’s rare to see more than a handful of guards on duty.

The security station’s lobby connects to a larger area that serves as a combination of a locker room and an office space. A set of thick vinyl curtains splits it into awkward halves. Guards in both Gaule and Consortium uniforms sit at desks on one side of the curtains, filling out forms and looking over data on slates and desktop displays. On the other side, officers can be heard conversing loudly as they change into and out of their work gear. At the back of the room is a door that looks like it should lead to a broom closet but which is labeled, “Armory.”


Sick Bay (Medical One)

The medical facility’s rooms are small and utilitarian. The staff fold the beds, counters, computers, and other equipment into the walls when not in use.

With little space to spare, the sick bay is designed for maximum efficiency. If the compact design is uncomfortable for the patients, the staff at least seems to be used to its restrictions. They move through the corridors with ease and don’t have any trouble finding what they need or working with the space-saving equipment.


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