Spirit of New York City


The Spirit of New York City was once a rather trendy station with various cafes and lounges that emulated the ancient Terran city of its namesake. Reportedly, back in the Before, this station enjoyed some of the most relaxed and froody vibes of the galaxy. Mellow bars, dazzling art installations, and cafes galore adorned every corner of the station that sought to emulate the spirit of its namesake - allegedly to provide the science teams working elsewhere in the Iron Quad somewhere to relax and recuperate from their demanding work.

But today, fun is lower down the priority list in the Iron Quad. The Spirit of New York City has been repurposed and is now brimming with all manner of sensor arrays and satellites, keeping a watchful eye on the system. Security is quite strict and the Consortium here seem especially wary of non-affiliated visitors.

While other stations in the Iron Quad seem to be quite clear in their respective roles, the only tangible function here seems to be observation. Every inch of the exterior of the station is covered in scanners and antennae of all manner and shape, from gigantic dishes that obscure entire sections of the hull to arrays of data collection nodes that spread out like a tiny carpeting of metallic moss.

Some note that in particular, many of the larger observation devices seem to be perpetually aimed at the planetoid which the station orbits, as if keeping some secret and silent vigil on what lies below. But the Consortium remains utterly tight-lipped about the whole affair. A palpable feeling of paranoia greets anyone not directly affiliated with the Consortium and their military divisions.

Chronicle text

Arrival text

Welcome to Spirit of New York City, Citizen! Safe journeys from here on.


System: YZ Ceti
Affiliation: Consortium
Level: 20
Legal: 8 (Strong)
Orwellian: 9 (High)



At first glance, a typical Consortium bank with, perhaps, slightly heavier military presence than usual.

At a second glance, you might notice that the bank tellers and even some of the customers carry themselves with the easy grace of a battle-hardened soldier. Furtive glances and suspicious glances towards outsiders enhance the already palpable vibe of tension within the stark and utilitarian banking house.



This brig seems oddly smaller on the inside. What is visible of the interior holds the usual assortment of holding cells and held occupants though several heavily reinforced doors at the back suggest there is more to the building.

Employment (Employment Center)

The employment center on this station seems quite underused compared to others.

Empty rooms and only the rarest of visitors mark this building as a little redundant. On a station where most of the population has a specific purpose this perhaps makes a certain amount of sense. A number of rooms within the center also seem to be blocked off by security clearance.

Career Advisory

The career advisory seems oddly quiet with very few occupants utilizing the various screens usually used to guide one's career.

Should one look around the room, they might get the impression that it is here more as a gesture than out of any real need for it. Screens are smudged and the corners dusty, few people utilize the services and even some of the lighting seems to have fizzled out long ago. It would appear that most people on the station know exactly why they are here!

Side Jobs

A young harsene oversees a bank of terminals that sit on the walls of the Side Jobs room in the employment center.

The harsene woman inputs jobs as they are delivered to her and updates the terminals as needed. Occasionally she may lean over and help a confused individual who might not understand a description or when a prospective employer has quite often left out a vital detail in their request.

Name Description Credits Statistic
Deep Dish Maintenance The regular engineer is sick. Someone is required to perform maintenance on the external sensor array. 85 3x Intelligence
Gym Attendant The Gym's hygiene levels are questionable. Kolo Bayliss is looking for a new cleaning attendant. Interested? 90 4x Stamina
Panoramic Panel Cleaner The viewing panels at the Sleeping Satellite need a clean. Are you up to it? 85 4x Agility

Discreet Work

A dark hallway just off the career advisory serves as a repository discreet work requests. The janitor and guards seem to avoid this part of the building.

The dusty terminals placed on the grimy walls of this part of the building are hidden in shadow. Most of them flicker and showcase what needs doing with minimal contact information, if any. Most folks who come and go from here do so with their heads low and CORETECHS privacy settings set to maximum.

Government Center

Like many administrative buildings on this station, the Government center also feels like it is far less busy than in other places.

This large and pyramid shaped Government Center flies the hologrammatic banner of the Consortium. Officials and those needing government services can be seen trickling in and out of the large building in small numbers considering the usual importance of the center. Given that the station seems to be focused on a specific task, this is perhaps not so surprising.


Info Hub

Holo screens illuminate the area as news sources flow like a river of data from one terminal to the next. Occasionally, some government drone will adjust a particular metric or record another before buzzing about their duties.

Syndicate Services

A number of recruiters, both in physical as well as hologrammatic form, interact with would-be members or peruse applications on the wall of terminals that lines this room.

VIP Lounge

Soft music and soothing lights drift through the atmosphere in the lounge. Robotic waiters clad in shiny (but not too shiny) chrome wheel between Citizens, dispensing smooth looking beverages.

Gym (Training Area)

A big, glass building with rows of gleaming exercise machines visible inside.

Large numbers of Consortium personnel utilize the exercise machines in the training area. Most of them run, lift or perform their calisthenics with glazed over expressions as they experience exercise enhancement entertainment on their CORETECHS. The building itself rises up to four floors, each visible to the outside and packed with rows of hi-tech work out equipment. A booming but pleasant sounding music emanates from the area as well.

You must have minimum combined physical stats of 81 to avoid injury at this gym.


Inn (The Sleeping Satellite)

The Sleeping Satellite is built up against an external bulk-head that affords large parts of the building a view right outside the station itself.

The bar, lounge, and hotel rooms of the Sleeping Satellite offer some of the most breathtaking views in the system, with many view ports and even a couple of translucent walls looking straight out at the planetoid below. The interior of the building is decorated in a quaint and rustic old Terran style apparently reminiscent of the station's namesake. Random items and oddly mismatched pieces of decor adorn every surface inside and offer something of interest to see in every corner.


Bar (The Sleeping Satellite Bar)

A rustic looking drinking establishment with a lot of old Terran memorabilia on the walls and a large, dominating view-port providing a view of the planetoid below.

The walls are adorned with all manner of knick-knacks, both large and small, which try to lend an 'old Earth' vibe to the bar. Here, a large, metallic tube twisted in on itself and ending in an enlarged opening proclaims itself to be a 'French Horn' though few know what it actually might have been used for. There, an old image of six individuals, apparently famous for some long forgotten accomplishment, shows them sitting on an ancient Terran sofa. A faded out caption has presumably lost some content to the ravages of time as the only legible word appears to be, 'Friends'. Similar random items and decorations adorn the rest of the establishment but the singular dominating feature is the large view-port that makes up the entire rear wall. From here one can view the entire vista of the exterior of the space station and the planetoid below. Further scrutiny may reveal the plethora of scanners and analysis devices that pepper the entirety of the space station's hull.



Hotel Rooms

The rooms of the Sleeping Satellite are sparse and utilitarian, providing rest and relaxation without much entertainment or depth.

The Inn is built against an exterior bulkhead with window ports providing a view of the planetoid below. The almost Spartan emptiness of the hotel rooms suggests that not many guests come to stay at this station and the external view gives the impression that the station hovers over the planetoid like a celestial guardian, always keeping watch.

You should have minimum intelligence of 27.5? to avoid injury while reading.

Lounge (The Sleeping Satellite Lounge)

The lounge area, situated in balcony above the bar, shares the large view-port wall that offers the breathtaking panorama of the planetoid below.

The lounge area is decorated in a rustic, ancient Terran style that seeks to emulate old Earth 'Coffee Houses'. An old, russet colored couch flanked by two chairs, seems to be the focal point of the area, able to comfortably seat at least six friends. A platinum haired barkeep serves beverages from behind a nearby counter and tends to stare for long periods at a particular waitress when he thinks nobody is watching.

The breathtaking panorama visible from the large view-port that takes up most of the exterior wall includes the planetoid below the station and a large sensor array just to the left side.

You should have minimum social of 27.5? to avoid injury while socializing.



The building that houses the market is a large edifice that spans the length and breadth of a crossroads in what probably used to be a busy part of the station.

Vendors ply their wares and customers, mostly Consortium scientists and officers come and go with little hustle or bustle. The large, domed building sits atop the meeting of four main thoroughfares of the station and basks in the eerie glow of the station's exterior as can be seen from the translucent ceiling above.

Public Market

Private individuals ply their wares in this wing of the market, selling items found and salvaged through adventures or personally crafted for fortune and glory.


Rows of chrome plated, high security storage lockers cover every inch of these rooms and are stacked up to four floors above.


A small smattering of vendors look bored as Consortium staff peruse their wares in the central area of the Market.



The port sees a lot of traffic from the nearby stations of the 'Iron Quad' and the occasional visit from other, non affiliated visitors though these, when present, are kept under tight security and constant scrutiny.

Consortium personnel travel to and from the port with 'Iron Quad' business while security keep an ever vigilant eye on everyone. Visible through the hangar bay doors are a multitude of sensor arrays and similar long range scanning devices that cover the exterior hull of the station and even a number of the ships that maintain a close orbit. The planetoid below seems to be the main focus of most of the bigger scanning tech with many of the larger dishes pointed in its direction.




Here dock the ships of the station and those belonging to any visitors.

Almost all of the the ships docked here fly the Consortium flags. A number of them seem to be fitted for combat and an equal number hold long range scanning equipment on board. Any non Consortium vessels are thoroughly and routinely subjected to scans and security checks.


Local Shuttles

A number of Consortium shuttles comes and goes to ferry passengers between the local stations of this system.

Travelers seem to consist of mostly Consortium personnel and scientists between the 'Iron Quad'. Some non affiliated travelers can also occasionally be seen waiting for a shuttle or having just disembarked from one and these are always immediately subjected to thorough security checks. A view outside the station shows the planetoid that the local stations orbit like a quadrant of vigilant guardians. The large array of sensors and other analytical equipment that can be seen pockmarking the exterior of the station only serves to reinforce this feeling of constant vigilance.

Shipping Bay

Packages and delivered goods travel down a conveyor belt and are sorted by tireless bots.

Travelers come to claim or dispatch packages and goods they have bought or sold here. The largest number of packages, however, are data-banks of scanner information that is sent to and from the other stations of the system. These packages are always accompanied by an armed guard and watched over until they leave for their destination.



The ruined metropolis has seen some retro-construction and some of the larger buildings are now used to hold gigantic data-banks of electronic information taken from the long range scans of the planet below. These buildings enjoy some of the tightest security on the station and are under a constant vigilance of security personnel and buzzing drones on patrol.

While much of the area is covered in rubble and detritus, the center of the ruined city has been re-purposed into a series of high security data-storage facilities. Data is transported and stored here and studied by Consortium scientists while being closely guarded by station security.

The Wrecks

A crumbling and dangerous area within the ruins that even station security do not delve into.

The Wrecks are an unequivocal no-man's land. Not even the Syndicates have begun to comb through the detritus of pre-catastrophe civilization. It's dangerous here, but not altogether unworthy of exploring. Due to the instability of the Wrecks, and the tendency for unsavory types to skulk around among them, they often prove quite profitable to sift through.

The Wilds

The Wilds are a desperate warren of blind alleys and deadly corners beneath the ruins of the station's once mighty metropolis.

The Wilds are a desperate warren of blind alleys and deadly corners. With unreliable lifeline systems, the area has become the domain of those to whom danger is mother’s milk. Feral tribes, solitary scavengers, and well-armed Syndicates roam these blood-soaked walkways, unhinged in equal parts by primal terror and the promise of bounties lurking in the rubble.

Sick Bay

Consortium doctors treat any injured or sick patients with a detached professionalism. The interior of the sick bay is sterile and clean, with high tech equipment blinking and monitoring various people's vitals.


  • Short description: "The Spirit of New York City was once, perhaps, a rather trendy station with all manner of cafes and lounges that emulated the ancient Terran city of its namesake. Today, however, the station is brimming with all manner of sensor arrays and satellites that seem to keep a watchful eye on both the system as well as the planetoid below. Security is quite strict and the Consortium here seem especially wary of non-affiliated visitors."

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