Station Guide


Many visitors to our station need help finding where they're going. Act as a guide and earn some credits.

Start: Side Jobs, Nouveau Limoges


You have a job: Station Guide, accepted at Nouveau Limoges in the Sol system.

Give directions to 5 visitors in the Port on Nouveau Limoges.

Next area: Port, Nouveau Limoges

  • Give a visitor directions.

(Social check)

You approach a befuddled stranger and help them find their way to the university. The smiles and nods indicate a job well done. Who else can you help?

Give directions to 4 visitors in the Port.

  • Give another visitor directions.

(Social check)

A first-time visitor asks about getting a drink. They're grateful as you detail directions to the Bar.

She says: Merci! I always need a stiff drink after a few segments in a stinky shuttle…

Another job well done! You're getting the hang of this now.

Give directions to 3 visitors in the Port.

  • Give the next visitor directions.

(Social check)

The next visitor seems keen to find the Sick Bay, having come from a station without one. As you explain the quickest route, you notice he has a rather unsettling blood-soaked bandage wrapped around his left arm, which is seeping deep red liquid through his outer jacket. He notices you staring.

He says: Not pretty is it? Occupational hazard, I guess… A scavenger's life ain't easy. I don't even know how I'm gonna pay for my treatment.

The man shrugs, then winces at the movement-induced pain. You hurry and direct him to the Sick Bay without further delay, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Give directions to 2 visitors in the Port.

  • Continue your work.

(Social check)

After a brief chat with a flustered young woman in a Consortium diplomatic uniform, you learn she's expected at a meeting in the Embassy shortly.

She says: Don't gimme the scenic route, friend. I've got sixteen Gaule counterparts waiting for me in less than a segment. Keeping red and blue friendly with each other takes work you know! And I'm one those that does it. Now whatcha got for me?

Quickly you produce a station map on a pocket slate and outline the quickest route to the Embassy, evading the congested corridors which feed the Market and the Inn. The diplomat nods appreciatively, then scurries off in the direction indicated.

Give directions to 1 visitor in the Port.

  • Give directions to the final visitor.

(Social check)

A trio of tourists disembark from the next shuttle, approaching you for some directions to the station's hotel.

One of them asks: Repos Calme, we want. You know where it is? Got the honeymoon suite booked, we have… They do a special offer for thruples, y'know!

The excitable trio can barely keep their hands off each other as you explain the location of the station's Hotel. They thank you for your help and dash off, gigglesome and clearly highly amorous. Shortly after, a CORETECHS alert from a station official thanks you for your efforts and issues payment.


You have completed the 'Station Guide' job.

You have received 25.00 credits.

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