Stations are the hubs of all activity in Tau Station.

Though it's clear that older space stations were often spinning toroidal tubes, the majority of inhabited stations settled on a more efficient design. Start with an asteroid several kilometers across and hollow out the interior (it's unknown whether this was done by construction crews or robots). Once hollowed, seal it, spin it, fill it. The resulting station is like a small planet turned inside out. Generally a fusion tube runs through the axis of the station, providing both power and light.

Station System Level Affiliation Emb Uni Ship Sick Bay
Tau Station Sol 1 Consortium Gaule Yes
København Sol 3 Consortium Yes
Daedalus Sol 4 Consortium Yes
Taungoo Station Sol 5 Consortium
Nouveau Limoges Sol 6 Gaule Cons Yes
Sol Jump Gate Sol 6 Consortium
Alpha Centauri Jump Gate Alpha Centauri A 7 Consortium
Moissan Station Alpha Centauri A 7 Gaule Yes
Paris Spatiale Alpha Centauri A 8 Gaule Cons
The Ghost of Mali Alpha Centauri A 8 Consortium
Cirque Centauri Alpha Centauri A 9 Gaule
Spirit of Botswana Alpha Centauri A 9 Consortium Gaule Yes
Bordeaux Station Alpha Centauri A 10 Gaule No
Yards of Gadani Alpha Centauri A 10 Consortium Yes
Hopkins' Legacy1 Barnard's Star 11 Independent
Dhaka Wolf 359 Wolf 359 Consortium Yes
Nouveau Besançon Wolf 359 Gaule Yes

Stations with an Embassy, University, or Shipyard are marked here as they are rare. A missing Sick Bay is even rarer and lethal.

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