Stella Koukoubani's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Kiyoshi Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 1,964.74 cr
Spatula Hand-to-Hand Club Common 8,154.18 cr
Stun Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Common 1,007.82 cr
Caen’s Ribbed Jacket Energy Armor Epic 735 Bonds
HoS Leather Jacket Impact Armor Common 7,299.06 cr
Reflective Suit Energy Armor Rare 3,583.36 cr
Ripped Jumpsuit Energy Armor Common 967.10 cr
Spidersilk Concealable Vest Impact Armor Common 8,144.00 cr
Wire Mesh Piercing Armor Common 1,018.00 cr
Civ T03-V011-4.38x3-0.075 Medical Rare 482.53 cr
Str T03-V001-10.00-0.05 Medical Common 777.24 cr

Located on Orwell Stronghold

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