Storage space is pretty useful: You can acquire it on every station and stash all the things you don't want to carry in your inventory. It is also beneficial when you trade a lot of goods. Every citizen of the Consortium is automatically given a storage capacity of 50 slots on the first station. For just a few credits, you can upgrade the capacity to 150 or 500 slots. Storage is localized, and is therefore not linked between stations. Use the Shipping Bay to send items from one station to another!

Storage is a safe place, because only you can access it, and your items will be secure no matter what happens to you. Death, for example. Your clone will be grateful to have that backup set of armor and weapons available to them.


Storage comes in three sizes:

  • Small Storage: 50 slots
  • Medium Storage: 150 slots
  • Large Storage: 500 slots

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