Stormbringer (mission)

A comet dubbed “Stormbringer” shrouded in local folklore is set to narrowly pass by Estación ​de Amazon today. Will you help them with their safety preparations?

Level: 13
Start: Commander Luka, Government Center, Estación de Amazon


Walking through the tree-lined streets of Estación ​de Amazon, you notice that it seems rather sparsely populated. The usual hum of humanity has gone silent today and you’re able to listen to nothing but the crunch of your boots on the road.

You pass by the squat Gaule government building and notice a collection of soldiers standing outside in neatly ordered lines. As you walk a little further along, you’re able to discern that Commander Luka is addressing the men.

  • Investigate
  • Keep walking

Keep walking:

You walk by. That’s odd, but it’s none of your business.

You have failed the "Stormbringer" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


You quietly join in on the ranks of the soldiers to listen. The soldier beside you gives you a sour look but doesn’t break formation to scold you for your presence. You listen to Luka.

Luka says, — I think one of the ways we Gaule can do a lot of good for this station is with the way we handle Stormbringer. We’re organized enough to make a real difference in the number of casualties in the event of a breach.

He pauses to cast a meaningful look across the assembled soldiers.

He continues, We've been fortunate to have not experienced any hull ruptures for the last few cycles, so a reminder for those of you who haven't seen a windstorm first hand: they're no joke. You'll find the safety precautions which seem frivolous now will be of vital importance in the event of a breach. Please take them seriously.

Some of the soldiers grumble a little at this, but Luka quickly silences them with a look.

  • Walk away
  • Keep listening

Walk away:

You walk out of the crowd. This doesn’t involve you.

You have failed the "Stormbringer" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Luka says, I don’t want to hear any complaints. We’ll carry it out the same way as last time; we’ll manually check-in the Amazonians to ensure all citizens are accounted for in Safe-Zones. The adults will be bunking with you in the military dorms—

A more pronounced groan ripples through the gathered soldiers and Luka crosses his arms.

Luka says, Suck it up, ladies and gentlemen. The Amazonains are Gaule citizens just like you and I. Bunking with them for a night for everyone's safety isn’t a death sentence. The families and children will be staying in the gymnasium of the Education Center until Stormbringer passes. Keep in mind, many of these people are terrified. Please be sympathetic to their state of mind and treat them with patience and courteousness.

  • Continue listening
  • Walk away

Walk away:

You walk out of the crowd. This doesn’t involve you.

You have failed the "Stormbringer" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


The soldiers mutter again, but Luka seems confident they understand what's expected of them.

Luka says, Alright everyone, you have your assignments. Those on processing duty, please report to your stations and begin signing people in. Repair teams, please report to your designated areas and await instruction from your team captains. Dismissed.

Upon Luka’s dismissal, the soldiers around you fragment off into groups and scatter in different directions. Luka remains in front of the Government Center, reading off items from a datapad to his secretary, Colette.

  • Approach Luka
  • Walk away

Walk away:

You walk away. That was interesting but you learned all you care to learn.

You have failed the "Stormbringer" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


You approach Luka and he looks up at you briefly between glances at his datapad, distracted.

He says, I remember you. Consy, involved with that Amazonian truant case. How can I help you, <name>? Off-stationer Safe-Zone is located at the Inn, you should go soon.

  • "Safe-Zone from what?"
  • What's going on?


Me: The Safe-Zone from what?

Luka looks up from his datapad with concern now.

He says, From Stormbringer. Did you not receive the CORETECHS notification?

What's going on:

Me: What's going on?

Luka looks up from his datapad with concern now.

He says, Stormbringer is approaching. Did you not receive the CORETECHS notification?

Either choice continues:

You look at him blankly.

Luka says, Augh! Our alert must not have picked up Consortium CORETECHS signals, there are so few of you here. It was overlooked, my apologies. Colette, send out another station wide alert, this time be sure to localize it only to Consortium signals.

Colette, who seemed to have only vaguely been listening, gives Luka a slow thumbs up and saunters away.

  • "Are we in serious danger?"
  • "What's Stormbringer?"


Me: What's Stormbringer?

Luka says, It’s a comet. Once every two cycles it passes a little bit too close to the station. Debris from the comet sometimes blasts holes into our outer hull. It’s not difficult to repair, but the force of the air being sucked out of the station is enough to create extremely destructive windstorms similar to the tornadoes of old Earth. The “storms” never last long, but they do a good deal of damage and the Amazonians have superstitions about it. It mostly just makes for a stressful few days for everyone.

  • "Superstitions?"
  • "Are we in serious danger?"


Me: Are we in serious danger?

Luka shrugs, not overly concerned.

He says, Not if you report to a designated Safe-Zone for the duration of the comet’s passage. We had Stormbringer in mind when we arrived on this station, and so all Gaule buildings were built sturdy enough to withstand windstorms. As long as you stay inside until repair crews finish their work and the comet passes, you’re perfectly safe.

  • "Superstitions?"

Me: You mentioned the Amazonians have superstitions around Stormbringer. What are they?

Luka says, They associate the comet with their Tree God…things. Some of the older ones even believe their Tree Gods kidnap people during the storm. It’s sad, really. A way for the grieving families of those lost during the windstorm to make peace with it. Unfortunately for us, the folklore around the comet makes it difficult to keep everyone calm during the check-in process at our Safe-Zones.

  • "I'll be going"
  • "Do you need any help?"


Me: Thanks for the information, I’ll get to a Safe-Zone now.

Luka dips his head to you.

He says, Stay safe, <name>.

You have failed the "Stormbringer" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Me: Do you need any help preparing?

Luka seems surprised and then gives you an appreciative smile.

He says, I could always use an extra hand, of course. Our biggest hole in manpower at the moment is processing families at the Education Center. Each family needs to be assigned a temporary bed in the gymnasium, but since the Stormbringer legends sometimes involve the theft of children, they are always the most agitated group. If you go to the Education Center at the edge of the Residential Sector to help with processing, there’s 500 credits in it for you.

You have accepted the "Stormbringer" mission.

  • "I can do that"
  • "No thanks"

I can:

Me: Sure, I can do that. I'll head over right now.

Luka nods in approval before going back to checking through his datapad.

He says, You’re a real team player, <name>. Just ask for Officer Whittey when you get there, he’s in charge of processing in that Safe-Zone this cycle.

Go to the Residences and speak with Officer Whittey.

Next area: Residences, Estación de Amazon

  • Go to the Education Center.

You arrive at the Education Center on the edge of the Residences. Its design is very sensible, if a little boring, like all Gaule architecture. It’s a large rectangle with huge ominous-looking doors at the front. You can see a line of Amazonian families and children so long it stretches down the winding path to the rest of the Residences.

You carefully pick your way through the crowds of people to reach the front. A line of exhausted-looking soldiers are scanning identification cards from each member of the family and giving out bed assignments. Behind them are arrows pointing to the Center’s gymnasium. The gym’s tall red doors are propped open and you can see a little bit inside.

It’s a large space with a few different marks on the floor to correspond with different team sports for the Education Center youths to participate in. Hundreds of temporary beds are spread across the floor in a neat grid, each numbered, some already occupied.

A Soldier says, You there, Ser! You’re not with a family, these accommodations aren’t for you!

  • "Luka sent me"
  • "I'm here to help"


Me: Luka sent me. He told me to look for Officer Whittey.

The soldier nods and points to a tall Patrician man speaking with a mother and her son on the far side of the room.

The soldier says, That’s Whittey over there. If you’re here for processing, we could use you as soon as you’re able.

  • Examine the area
  • Approach Whittey


The Amazonians fidget in line and show their ID’s to the burnt-out looking soldiers. Children scream and dart between lines every so often.

One thing you notice is a little girl holding a starship plushie whose eyes are glazed over in what appears to be quite an intense conversation on her CORETECHS. She smiles and giggles every so often, and her lips move gently as if she’s whispering. She seems to be part of a large group of children but has withdrawn into her own digital world. Tsk. Kids these days.

  • Approach Whittey

You approach Whittey as he comforts a worried woman.

Whittey says, I appreciate your concern, Mrs. Vagas, and I guarantee you we will have the doors locked and guards posted at all exits for the full duration of the windstorm if indeed we experience a hull rupture.

The woman squeezes her son's hand anxiously.

She says, It’s just that I’ve heard stories of… you know. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost Theodore. I just want to make sure this is safe. There are so many people, he could get lost…

Officer Whittey pats her on the back as he gently leads Mrs. Vagas and her son back to their assigned bed.

He notices you waiting to speak with him as he returns.

He says, Yes? Can I help you?

  • "What was she so afraid of?"
  • "Luka sent me"


Me: What was she so afraid of?

Whittey shakes his head, exasperated.

He says, Old fairy tales. They say the Tree Spirits take children when Stormbringer comes, and so every cycle all the young mothers get their panties in a knot over it. It’s nothing to be concerned about. How can I help you?

  • "Luka sent me"

Me: Commander Luka sent me to come and help out with processing.

Whittey seems relieved you’ve come, his face breaks into a smile.

He says, Is that all? Great news! I’ll get you an ID scanner and set you up with a new line. Your help means a lot, many hands make for light work, hey?

He guides you to the processing area and provides you with your ID scanner. Over a loudspeaker, Whittey announces the arrival of a “new line” and people from the back end of other lines rush over to you. Before you know it, you’re swarmed by impatient Amazonian families.

  • Process your first family

Me: Okay, who's first?

The first family approaches you for processing. A father, a mother and two little boys. The boys punch and kick at each other while darting in and around their parents legs and shrieking.

  • Check their ID's

(Intelligence check)

You check all the ID’s and find an unoccupied 4-bed unit for them to use. You give them their number and hand them off to the next soldier to be shown their accommodation area.

  • Process your second family

Me: Next, please.

The next family is just a father and a daughter. The girl seems well behaved and demure. She’s just about the age where she’ll be taken to live here at the Education Center soon away from her father. The way she clings to him here is heartbreaking, her terror at living in this compound soon plain on her face.

  • Assign their beds

(Intelligence check)

You assign them a two bed unit in the corner of the gym where it looks to be quietest. You hand off their number and they thank you as the next soldier leads them to their bed. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a lone little girl holding a starship plushie, walking in the opposite direction of the line, heading outside.

  • Approach the girl
  • Continue working


You redirect your line of families to the soldier beside you and approach the little girl. She hears you coming and glances back at you with wide, doe-like eyes. She hugs her starship plushie close to her chest.

  • "Where are you going?"
  • "Do you need help?"
  • "Where's your family?"

Need help:

Me: The little girl looks you up and down curiously.

She says, Are you Stormbringer?

  • "Yes"
  • "No"
  • "Stormbringer is a comet, sweetie."


Me: No, I'm not. My name is <name>, what's yours?

The girl studies you for a unit.

She says, My name is Emily, <name>. It’s nice to meet you, but I need to go. I’m supposed to meet Stormbringer today.

  • "Stormbringer is a comet, sweetie."
  • "Who's Stormbringer?"

Me: Who's Stormbringer?

The girl seems annoyed you've kept her chatting for this long.

She says, Stormbringer is my friend I'm supposed to meet today. I'm sorry, but I have to go find them.

She abruptly breaks away from your conversation and wanders past the lines of families and towards the exit of the Education Center.

  • Go back to work
  • Follow the girl


You begin to follow the little girl out of the Education Center when Officer Whittey gets in your way.

Whittey says, <name>, where are you going? We need you on processing, with your help we had a steady pace going. You can't up and leave half way through.

  • "That girl is leaving the Safe-Zone!"
  • "I'm going after an unsupervised little girl."

Me: That girl is leaving the Safe-Zone!

Officer Whittey glances back at where the girl went. She’s already disappeared into the sea of Amazonian families waiting in line.

He says, Well… We’ve had no reports of a missing child, so she can't have been gone from her parents for long. With all the hysteria about stolen children going around, I can’t imagine nobody would report her absence. They'll find her again and give her a good stern scolding, I reckon.

  • "We need to catch her NOW!"
  • "You can't be serious!"


Me: We need to catch her NOW!

Whittey nods, clearly not quite believing your story.

He says Alright, no need to fly off the handle. I’ll put a man on it right away, but it's not your place. For now we need you on processing, please get back to it.

  • Go back to work
  • "No way!"

Back to work:

You push down your concern for the girl and return to the processing area and continue checking-in families and assigning beds.

At first, the line seems endless. Each time you think it’s dying down, another family joins and then another, and all at once you can’t see the end anymore. For segments upon segments, you work to get everyone correctly signed in and assigned their accommodations. Eventually, the line comes to its true end and you’re free. To Gaule’s credit, there were enough beds and only one or two families which had to be split up for space reasons.

Now that everyone has been processed, you’re free to go collect well-earned payment from Luka for a job well done. You find your thoughts drawn back to the strange little girl with the starship plushie. Maybe you’d better check she was found before you leave.

  • Investigate the little girl
  • Go collect your payment


You decide you want to make sure the little girl was found and brought back to her family. You could go check for her in the Education Center’s gym where all the Amazonian families supposedly are, or check with Officer Whittey in case his “man” on it turned anything up.

  • Speak to Whittey
  • Search for the girl


You search out Officer Whittey to speak with him about the little girl. When you find him, he's quite happy to see you, very pleased with the work you did.

Whittey says, Ah, <name>! Excellent job with your processing duties. You were a huge help, and you’re cleared to report back to Luka for your payment now.

Me: Thank you. Before I go, did you end up finding anything about that little girl?

Whittey shakes his head.

He says, No, Ser. My man found no sign of her, and I’ve still had no reports of a missing child. My best guess is her parents found her and she’s with them in the gym somewhere now.

Me: Okay, thanks Whittey.

He tips his cap to you and goes on his way.

Go collect your payment or make sure the girl made it to the gym?

  • Go collect your payment
  • Search for the girl


You walk through the tall red doors, no longer propped open for the line to enter the gymnasium. The neat grid of beds and numbers has already been completely demolished into a mess of screaming children and exasperated adults tripping over crumpled blankets and pillows.

You thoroughly scan the area and cannot find her. Your stomach drops when you realize she isn't here.

  • Ask around
  • Look for clues

(Intelligence check)

You overheard a tidbit of a conversation between three little boys.

A boy says, Maybe Emily really has gone to see Stormbringer…


  • Approach the boys

You approach the group of boys and they fall silent all at once. They look up at you with wide, saucer-like eyes. One of the boys speaks up.

He says, What do you want? Grown-ups aren’t supposed to talk to kids without parents around.

  • Suggest they tell you about Emily
  • Ask if they'd like to play a game
  • Demand they tell you what they know about Emily

(Social check)


Me: It’s okay, I’m …cool… I’m just looking for some information about your friend Emily. Do you cool cats know anything about where Emily might be?

The kids look at you a unit before bursting out laughing at your lame attempt to be cool.

One boy says, Is that what you think kids sound like!?

Maybe you should try again.

  • Ask if they'd like to play a game
  • Demand they tell you what they know about Emily
  • Suggest they tell you about Emily

Me: It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you. I just wanted to ask if you know anything about where your friend Emily might be.

The boys exchange a look amongst themselves and seem to all decide at once to trust you.

One boy says, She’s with Stormbringer.

  • "Who is 'Stormbringer?'"
  • "Why has no one reported Emily missing?"
  • "Where are Emily's parents?"
  • "Where is 'Stormbringer?'"


Me: Who is "Stormbringer?"

One boy says, Her imaginary friend. Or… we thought he was imaginary. She’s been talking for tenspans about how he was going to come and take her away when the comet came and… now she’s gone. So… she’s with Stormbringer.

  • "Where is 'Stormbringer?'"
  • "Where are Emily's parents?"
  • "Why has no one reported Emily missing?"


Me: Where are Emily's parents?

One of the boys says, Emily doesn’t have parents. I think they died or left, they’re gone anyhow. She lives in the orphanage with Mrs. Isabelle and the other kids without families.

  • "Where is 'Stormbringer?'"
  • "Where is Mrs. Isabelle?"
  • "Why has no one reported Emily missing?"


Me: Why has no one reported Emily missing?

A boy says, We can’t report her missing, grown-ups never listen to kids. I don’t know why Mrs. Isabelle hasn’t told anyone. Mrs. Isabelle is always sad when the comet comes. Maybe she’s too sad to tell them.

  • "Where is 'Stormbringer?'"
  • "Where is Mrs. Isabelle?"

Where is Stormbringer:

Me: Where is "Stormbringer?"

The boys look to one another for an answer, but nobody has one.

One says, We don't know. Only Emily knew Stormbringer.

  • "Where is Mrs. Isabelle?"

Me: Where can I find Mrs. Isabelle?

A boy says, That's her just over there, looking after the other orphans.

The boy points to a frail-looking woman sitting on one of the makeshift beds and watching a group of children play.

  • Go to Mrs. Isabelle

You cross the gym to speak with the woman Emily’s friends pointed out as Mrs. Isabelle. She’s a Colonist woman sitting on one of the temporary beds. She’s facing away from you, watching a group of children play.

Next NPC: Mrs. Isabelle, Residences, Estación de Amazon

  • Let her know you're there
  • Startle her.

Let her know:

You came up behind her and clear your throat to let her know you’re there. She turns around to see you.

Me: Hi there, Mrs. Isabelle?

She looks at you in confusion.

She says,: That’s me. Who are you?

  • "I'm looking for a girl named Emily"

Me: I'm looking for a girl named Emily.

Isabelle’s eyes flicker away from you. She stares at a spot on the ground.

She says, I’m in charge of many children at the orphanage. I don’t recall a girl named Emily, I’m sorry.

The boys would have no reason to lie and say this woman was in charge of Emily. It's strange that she says she doesn't know her…

  • Intimidate her into telling you about Emily
  • Convince Mrs. Isabelle to tell you about Emily

(Social check)

Me: Please, Mrs. Isabelle. I know you looked after Emily and I saw her leaving the Safe-Zone. If Stormbringer tears a hole in the hull, you know the windstorm will be deadly, especially for a little girl. Just tell me what you know, I’m trying to save a child’s life.

Mrs. Isabelle looks away, ashamed.

She says softly, It's best to just forget Emily. She’s been chosen, she's gone.

  • "Tell me about Emily"

Me: Tell me about Emily.

Mrs. Isabelle says, You won't find her.

Me: Tell me.

The weary woman sighs, defeated.

She says, Okay. What do you want to know?

  • Give up
  • "Where is Emily?"
  • "What happened to Emily's family?"
  • "Why didn't you report Emily missing?"
  • "Why did you lie about Emily?"
  • "Who is Emily's 'Stormbringer?'"

Why did you lie:

Me: Why did you lie about Emily?

Mrs. Isabelle chews on her thumb anxiously.

She says, For all the cycles I’ve been in charge of the orphanage, it’s happened. Stormbringer calls them, and no matter what I do, they go. He is an emissary of the Tree Spirits, they are the chosen children. I’ve learned it’s not my place to save them. Once he calls them, they’re gone.

She pauses and runs a stressed hand through her hair.

She says, Maybe it’s better that way. He always takes them young, before they can be locked in these Education Centers and turned into soldiers. I have to hope they’re safe and they’re happy, wherever they go.

  • "That sounds a little defeatist"

Me: That sounds a little defeatist.

Mrs. Isabelle looks at you coldly.

Isabelle says, I’ll accept your judgment after you’ve spent cycles watching children under your care disappear and having your concerns fall on deaf ears. Once you’ve mourned children no one else will remember. It’s easier to accept they’re gone when he takes them because they are. Emily may as well have never been here.

  • "Who is Emily's 'Stormbringer?'"
  • "Where is Emily?"
  • Give up
  • "What happened to Emily's family?"
  • "Why didn't you report Emily missing?"

Me: Why didn't you report Emily missing to Officer Whittey and his men?

She says, What good would that do me? They are never found. Not one. Stormbringer takes them and they’re gone. It’s best to let her go. It’s the will of the Tree Spirits.

  • "Who is Emily's 'Stormbringer?'"
  • Give up
  • "Where is Emily?"
  • "I'm telling Whittey all this"
  • "I'm going to find her"
  • "What happened to Emily's family?"


Me: Who is Emily's "Stormbringer?"

She says, I don’t know. He contacts all of them though. He speaks to them on their CORETECHS, tenspans, sometimes cycles before he comes to take them. They withdraw from their friends and from me… I-I'm never sure if they're just growing up and pulling away naturally or if it's…him. I could never trace his signal. I could never block him. The messages come and the children go to him willingly. He has to be someone. I think he's an emissary of the Tree Spirits.

  • "What happened to Emily's family?"
  • "I'm going to find her"
  • "I'm telling Whittey all this"
  • "Where is Emily?"
  • Give up

Emily's family:

Me: What happened to Emily's family?

Mrs. Isabelle shakes her head sadly.

She says, Her mother was killed in the Water Raids soon after she was born, she was one of those Prometheans. Her father raised her for a while, but he fell sick five cycles ago and refused a clone too, so he’s gone. Selfish, selfish people if you asked me. Emily’s been alone ever since.

  • "Where is Emily?"
  • "I'm going to find her"
  • Give up
  • "I'm telling Whittey all this"


Me: Where is Emily?

Mrs. Isabelle shakes her head, blinking away nervous tears.

She says, I don’t know. She’s out there somewhere. It always happens to the ones they choose. They go out there and they don’t come back. We never hear from them again or find a body. They just disappear without a trace.

  • "Who do?"

Me: Who do?

She says, The orphans. The ones who Stormbringer speaks to. It’s always the ones whose families are dead, the ones no one remembers when they’re gone. No one but me…

  • "This has happened before?"

Me: This has happened before?

Mrs. Isabelle nods painfully.

She says, Nearly every time the Stormbringer comet comes, like clockwork. The legends the mothers live in terror of are true, this Stomrbringer person takes children. But never the children with mothers, it’s always the orphans. I don’t know why.

  • Give up
  • "I'm telling Whittey all this"
  • "I'm going to find her"

Find her:

Me: I'm going out there to find her.

Mrs. Isabelle nods slowly, without the energy to attempt to talk you out of it,

She says, Do what you think is right. I’ll tell you now it won’t make a difference. She’s gone.

  • Go to the doors

You charge across the gym with determination in your every step. You notice the tall red doors are now closed and two soldiers stand guard in front of them. One of the soldiers is Officer Whittey, and the other is a man you don't know.

  • Leave the Education Center

There is no way to leave without interacting with the guards.

Me: I need to leave, can you let me through please?

Whittey shakes his head.

He says, No-can-do, sorry <name>. We just got reports of a large piece of debris tearing a 50 centimeter hole in the hull. We’ve got a repair team on it, but the windstorm out there is pretty brutal. Please go sit down and wait it out with everyone else.

  • Tell Whittey what you learned
  • Beg him to let you go
  • Push Whittey out of the way
  • Rush past Whittey
  • Wait for the storm to end.


Me: Whittey, the little girl I told you about, she really is gone. She was one of the orphans Mrs. Isabelle looked after, we have to find he before she gets hurt in the storm!

Whittey swears.

He says, Why didn't she report it?

Me: I think she didn't want to interfere with the will of the "Tree Spirits…"

Whittey swears again.

He says, These damned Amazonians and their Tree Spirits. I can’t help them if they don’t help me. I’m afraid it’s too late for Emily now, <name>. We'll have to wait until it's safe to go out looking, we have a windstorm in progress and no one is authorized to leave the Safe-Zone.

  • Wait for the storm to end.
  • Rush past Whittey
  • Push Whittey out of the way
  • Beg him to let you go
  • Leave the Education Center


There is no way to leave without interacting with the guards.

Me: I need to leave, can you let me through please?

Whittey shakes his head.

He says, No-can-do, sorry <name>. We just got reports of a large piece of debris tearing a 50 centimeter hole in the hull. We’ve got a repair team on it, but the windstorm out there is pretty brutal. Please go sit down and wait it out with everyone else.

  • Beg him to let you go
  • Rush past Whittey
  • Push Whittey out of the way
  • Wait for the storm to end.


Me: Please, Whittey. There's a little girl out there with a stranger and she's in danger! I have to find her!

Officer Whittey shakes his head sympathetically.

He says, I'm sorry, <name>, I wish I could. I promise you, once Stormbringer passes I will use every bit of my resources to find this girl and make sure she's safe. But right now your safety is my responsibility too. As your acting commanding officer, I can't let you go out there. Now please, go and sit down.

  • Wait for the storm to end.
  • Rush past Whittey
  • Push Whittey out of the way

(Agility check)

You rush past Whittey and the other soldier in a burst of speed. Before they can chase after you, you’ve bolted out the red doors and beeline for the outdoors.

Search for Emily outside the Education Center in the Residences.

Next area: Residences, Estación de Amazon

  • Brave the storm.

You arrive outside to be greeted by incredibly powerful winds. You realize you’ve never truly experienced something like wind: it’s like the air itself is angry at you, trying to push you over or pick you up. You glance around at your surroundings, to see chunks of thatched roofs flying through the air. The trees are pummeled by the wind, bending, and creaking and snapping.

It seems the environmental controls are working overtime to make up for the oxygen being sucked out through the breach and as a result, you’re pelted with heavy rain and breaths of air so thick with humidity they make you cough and feel heavy in your lungs. To make matters even worse, the artificial sun is zapping off and on erratically.

  • Remain standing
  • Give up and go back to the Education Center

(Stamina check)

You manage to stay on your feet, just barely.

  • Search for clues.
  • Give up and go back to the Education Center

(Intelligence and Agility check)

The artificial sun flashes on and off and your eyes strain for something, anything!

There it is! You spot something! It's Emily's little starship plushie. You pick up the plushie and notice two sets of footprints heading away from it.

You have received 1 'Emily's Starship Plushie'.

One set of prints is small, clearly Emily's, and one very large. A full grown man. You suppress a shiver as you realize they're heading for the Port.

Follow Emily to the Port.

Next area: Port, Estación de Amazon

  • Find Emily and "Stormbringer"

You arrive at the Port, welts from the weather carved into your face and arms and legs. Through eyes squinted against the weather you see them. Emily is holding hands with a tall man in a long, thick jacket. He’s so tall and elongated, he must be a Belter. They’re just standing there in the middle of the chaos, surrounded by some sort of force field technology you’ve never seen or heard of, perfectly protected from the storm, the wind doesn’t even jostle their clothing.

They appear to be waiting for something, a ship perhaps? This could be your only chance to get Emily back.

  • Follow them
  • Call out to them

(Stamina check)

You trudge through the wind, following them until you’re nearly there. The man seems to sense your presence and turns around. When you see his face, you realize he’s not a man at all, but an android. He has glowing blue eyes with no pupils and a perfectly serene, smooth face. Emily turns around too, and when she sees you, her face lights up with recognition.

Emily tugs on the Android’s sleeve and he leans down for her to whisper something to him. In a unit the force field protecting them is protecting you too. The sound of the wind abruptly stops and you’re left gasping for air, finally able to breath normally. The pair approaches you.

Next NPC: Emily, Port, Estación de Amazon

  • Speak to Emily


Next NPC: Stormbringer, Port, Estación de Amazon

  • What do you want with Emily?
  • Where are you going?
  • Thank you for the force field.


Me: Emily! I'm so glad you're okay.

Emily looks at you disapprovingly, her little face twisted into a frown.

Emily says, What are you doing out here? It’s isn’t safe!

  • "I found your toy…"
  • "I was looking for you"
  • "Can I talk to Stormbringer?"
  • "Where are you going?"
  • "Is this Stormbringer?"
  • "How did you meet Stormbringer?"
  • "Come back to the Education Center with me"

Looking for you:

Me: I was looking for you.

Emily says, You didn’t have to look for me. I told you I was meeting Stormbringer. He’s my friend, no one has to worry about me, I'm safe with him. You need to go some place safe, he can’t take you with us! It's kids only!

  • "Come back to the Education Center with me"
  • "How did you meet Stormbringer?"
  • "Where are you going?"
  • "Is this Stormbringer?"
  • "Can I talk to Stormbringer?"
  • "I found your toy…"

Is this Stormbringer

Me: Is this Stormbringer?

Emily says, Yes. I didn’t know what he looked like before. He’s an android, which is like a person but made of machine bits and not person bits. He told me that.

  • "Can I talk to Stormbringer?"
  • "Where are you going?"
  • "I found your toy…"
  • "Come back to the Education Center with me"
  • "How did you meet Stormbringer?"


Me: Where are you going with him?

Emily says, Stormbringer is going to bring me to a family for special people. The Tree Spirits chose me because I’m a very special girl and they have a special plan for people like me. Stormbringer is going to keep me safe on my way there.

  • "I found your toy…"
  • "Can I talk to Stormbringer?"
  • "How did you meet Stormbringer?"
  • "Come back to the Education Center with me"


Me: How did you meet Stormbringer?

Emily shrugs absently.

She says, When I was feeling very sad, he started messaging me on my CORETECHS. He was nice and he asked me about myself and my family and where I come from. I talked to him about everything until he told me he would come and get me. He knows from all the stuff we talk about that I'm really special. I think the Tree Spirits sent him to save me after my Dad died.

  • "I found your toy…"
  • "Can I talk to Stormbringer?"
  • "Come back to the Education Center with me"


Me: I found your toy…

You hand Emily the starship plushie you found outside the Education Center. Her eyes linger on it and a slow, baby-toothed smile spreads across her face.

She says, The Star Ship Unicorn! You found it!

She snatches it from your hands and cuddles it tightly, despite the fact that it's dirty and wet. Her eyes drift open and she speaks to you sincerely.

You no longer have 1 'Emily's Starship Plushie'.

She says, Thank you. A captain can't go to space without her ship.

  • "Come back to the Education Center with me"
  • "Can I talk to Stormbringer?"


Me: Can I talk to Stormbringer?

Emily says, He's shy around grown-ups, he doesn't talk to them. He says they don't understand him like kids do. I don't think grown-ups can even hear him.

You glance at the strange, tall android. It's glowing blue eyes glint at you in the dark of the storm. There is something benevolent about the way it looms behind Emily, her massive, silent protector.

  • "Come back to the Education Center with me"

(Social check?)

Me: Come back to the Education Center with me.

Emily looks shocked and betrayed.

She says, No! Stormbringer is going to take me to a family! No one wants me here.

  • Pick her up and carry her away
  • "I'm sure someone wants you"
  • "Are you sure this is what you want?"
  • "Mrs. Isabelle wants you"

Mrs. Isabelle:
(Social check?)

Me: Mrs. Isabelle wants you, Emily. She cares about you. And what about all your friends from school? Or the orphanage?

Emily hesitates.

She says, When I told her Stormbringer was talking to me, she didn’t say anything. She just hugged me so, so, tight and she cried. Maybe she does want me…

Me Of course she does. Who wouldn’t. You’re wonderful. Please come back to the Education Center with me. You don’t have to leave. There are people here who care about you.

She says, I… guess you could be right. Okay. I'll tell Stormbringer…

She goes back to the android, and whispers in his ear again. He says nothing to her, but she nods and soon looks back to you.

Emily says, He says he’s sad but he won’t make me go anywhere. He’ll keep us safe in this force field and take us back to the Education Center if that's what I want. He's a good friend.

Return to the Education Center in the Residences with Emily.

Next area: Residences, Estación de Amazon

  • Return to the Education Center

Stormbringer escorts you and Emily back to the Education Center. As you arrive, Emily looks back at Stormbringer, nearly on the verge of tears. She reaches up and gives him a hug. He nearly has to bend to his knees to return it, but he does. You shift uncomfortably.

Finally, Emily turns back to you and wipes the tears from her face.

She says, Okay. I'm ready.

You take Emily by the hand and walk into the Education Center. She looks back at Stormbringer one last time as he disappears into the storm.

  • Enter the Education Center together

As the two of you enter the Education Center, everyone is shocked and awed that you were actually able to bring a lost child home. Mrs. Isabelle wraps Emily up in an enormous hug and apologizes to her for not looking for her. She'd given up hope, and that was wrong. Officer Whittey congratulates you, although he adds that you absolutely had a 50/50 chance of death out there and should never do anything like that again.

Emily doesn't mention Stormbringer. You don't quite understand what you saw, and you're not sure anyone would believe you if you told them. Maybe this is a secret you and Emily will carry together for the rest of your lives.

As the fanfare about Emily's return dies down, you notice she looks sad. She looks sadder than any child so young should. You're hit by a pang of guilt. Was bringing her home really what was best for her? You can't change it now, but you're consumed with thoughts of it as you wait for the all-clear to leave the Safe-Zone.

  • Collect payment.

After what seems like forever, Officer Whittey receives the official all-clear and everyone is allowed to file out. You watch Emily leave. Her eyes linger on you for an extra unit before Mrs. Isabelle ushers her away with the rest of the orphans.

It's time you go collect your payment from Luka.

Go to the Government Center to collect payment from Commander Luka.

Next area: Government Center, Estación de Amazon

  • Find Commander Luka.

As you walk through the totaled winding roads of the station, you're quietly astonished by how much damage a hull breach can do when it turns into a windstorm. Downed trees line the paths, the thatched roofs have been whipped off of houses, even the Government Center looks a little worse for wear on the outside.

You spot Luka helping his staff to clean up around the Government Center. He's in the middle of pulling huge displaced leaves off the roof, standing precariously on a ladder. He waves down at you when he sees you and calls down.

Luka says, Ah, <name>! Wonderful to see you made it through Stormbringer! Quite the thing isn't it?

  • "It was pretty wild"
  • "You weren't kidding about those winds"


Me: It was pretty wild, yeah!

Luka nods as he hurls down a leave bigger than your head from the roof.

He says, Wild indeed! We were glad for your help at the Education Center though, Officer Whittey told me you really sped up the check-in process and then committed an act of insubordination to save the life of a lost child. Such excitement! Honestly, I wish I'd been there, it sounds much more fun than this stuffy office. Thanks for taking the initiative! Colette, are you down there?

Colette is leaning on the edge of the Government Center, engulfed in her CORETECHS and chewing a wad of gum.

Colette murmurs, Mmm-hmm.

Luka calls down to her, not quite able to see her.

Luka says, Be a dear and pay your Consoritum friend what they're owed, plus a bit of gratuity for a job well done. Thanks again, <name>!

Colette doesn't look up.

Colette murmurs, Mmm-hmm, kay.

She pays you your promised 500 credits, plus a 300 credit bonus.

You have received 800.00 credits.

You have completed the "Stormbringer" mission.

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