The Catastrophe put humanity on the brink of extinction. Two generations later, only a few space stations are habitable and those are still mostly in ruins. Despite the rebirth of the economy, the governments have struggled to keep up. To deal with this, Syndicates where [sic] born. These are public-private partnerships where Syndicates are given a license to a building in the ruins to restore and claim as their own.




Syndicate List

As of 212.05/76 GCT

Name Tag Founded Founder Level Members Home Station Description
Tauverse Adventurers United TAU 199.11/32:424 GCT moritz 10 38/40 Yards of Gadani We maximize fun for all adventurers. For others by authoring and maintaining the Tau Guide, welcoming and mentoring new players, freely sharing all information, and trading. For ourselves, we go exploring the Universe, its mechanics, laws and inhabitants. And sometimes, we just crush an opponent.
A Division of Extraordinary Vessels DEV 199.13/47:679 GCT Perleone 7 32/36 Yards of Gadani Calling all (future) captains! If your aim is to explore and to expand, if you own a ship or aspire to own one, then come join us. Private ships will eventually transport people and cargo, and even be involved in combat. Be at the forefront of this development with DEV! Never mind the bloody trail.
One Nutty Eccentric ONE 199.18/14:517 GCT duelafn 5 1/10 Yards of Gadani This is a boring syndicate with only one lonely member.
Starlit Yamaguchi YAM 199.18/57:977 GCT Cror 3 1/10 Yards of Gadani Life is a lonely road. Tread quickly to the end.
Knights of the Round Tuit ODD 199.37/75:065 GCT Groat 5 17/20 Sol Jump Gate We are no heroes, nor adventurers. We do what needs to be done to connect to other stations and planets and to recover what has been lost, or in short: to make this world a better place. We do not attack other citizens of the stations because this doesn't help at all. Does that sound ODD?
Evolution Gamma EVO 199.73/72:580 GCT Benzine 5 18/40 The Maid of Orléans Evolution is constant growth & development; a progression of forward movement deep within your psyche and physique. Here at Evolution Gamma, our prime directive is to help & support evolved beings. If you are ready for this transformation, join our forces and become faster, stronger, better…
STAFF STF 200.70/45:229 GCT Leila 5 8/10 Nouveau Limoges STAFF ONLY - STAFF ONLY- STAFF ONLY-
Tau Travelers United TTU 200.83/18:312 GCT Bemeies 6 40/40 Tau Station As a sub-syndicate of TAU, we will be working together with them to create a comfortable, safe, and fun space for people of any play style! Welcome, traveler!
Yet Another Alone YAA 201.98/84:562 GCT -bor- 2 1/10 Tau Station One more alone man…
Terminal Velocity TVC 204.54/57:268 GCT MaxDamage 3 9/10 Nouveau Limoges We aim to be the best!
Canaan CAN 207.84/49:077 GCT Creator7 3 13/15 Spirit of New York City When you got lost in the wilderness, He let the rock of Horeb flow out of living water; when Moses held up his stick to him, He defeated the Amalekites; He will show his ability in a desperate situation- and now, his people will rebuild the land of milk and honey on the ruins of wreck.
Tauverse Resale and Underwriting TRU 208.26/46:216 GCT Bob-Simpson 4 28/30 København Everyone needs a syndicate. Anyone can start one. TRU stands for free and open markets and opportunities. Join us and let's make the galaxy a better place. If you would like information on how to start your own syndicate, please consult .


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