Enter the Sewers

Wondering whether we should keep track of enemy stats, too. At player level 17 on The Maid of OrlĂ©ans, a Level 18 Ruffian and a Level 18 Thug both had Strength: 27.123; Agility: 23.263; and Stamina: 25.151 —Shadow 30 Nov 2018 23:02

  • I think that the stats for each enemy level are important as a goalpost, so players know what their own stats should be like. Differentiating between enemy names for a given level is redundant, the different names are just used to tell them apart, they all have the same (or in lower levels similar) stats.
  • Here are my notes at player level 25
L25 hijacker  44/51/43
L25 b. peteo  44/51/43
L26 forager   47/55/46
L26 brigand   47/55/46
L26 crook     47/55/46
L27 raider    51/59/50

L25 criminal  45/48/47
L25 ruins rat 45/48/47
L26 ruffian   48/51/51
L26 forager   48/51/51
L26 thief     48/51/51
L27 mugger    52/55/55

— Perleone 01 Dec 2018 00:05
  • And this is the part where I realize that I'm an idiot and there's already a section for enemy stats on the page. Transferred data there. Sorry! —Shadow 01 Dec 2018 00:17

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