Tau Station


A bustling station that shines as a beacon of stability, Tau Station is the capital of the Consortium, the most powerful organization in the universe. Tall buildings have risen from the ashes of destruction, including business offices and military tactical rooms alike. The station enjoys a blanket of security, provided by the watchful eyes of guards, drones, and security cameras.

As the capital of the Consortium, Tau Station has a level of order that is the envy of the many stations still struggling to rebuild from the Catastrophe. The location of the Consortium's home office, the organization uses Tau Station as the base from which it spreads forth and expands into the universe. To combat the ever-persistent threat of terrorism, and due to concerns about another disaster, the Consortium's military is strong and mighty, and their home base reflects this might, with guards and security enforcement cameras everywhere. Punishment for breaking Consortium law is swift and merciless.

While many enjoy the affluence and security afforded to those residing on the station, others still struggle to eke out some semblance of a life in the Red Zones, which are filled with slums and ruins, left over from the time of the Catastrophe.


System: Sol
Affiliation: Consortium
Level: 1
Legal: Strong
Orwellian: High


Bank (Consortium Federated Bank)

Brushed steel escalators and cut stone stairs lead down into the bank from street level. The room’s high walls are carved from the natural rock of the station's asteroid shell and sealed under a clear resin.

Within the bank, the rough rock walls stand counterpoint to glass columns, lit from within and stretching to the high ceilings. Smooth metal partitions with rounded corners divide the tellers from one another. Arrays of camera lenses glint from the corners of the room as they record every move made by customers and employees alike. The bank is a bustling place, with heavy traffic and daily commerce.


Brig (Capital Detention Complex)

Tau Station’s detention complex is a massive, blocky structure that dominates the area near the ruins. Mounted weapons cover all approaches across the cleared zone surrounding the building. Security enforcement cameras perch at every corner of the building, their cameras trained on every inch of the area.

Heavily armed officers wearing Consortium Penitentiary Service uniforms patrol the walls and corridors of the fortress-like prison. Inside, the dormitories and cramped cells are filled almost to capacity with prisoners wearing expressions of bitter resignation. Visitors to the jail are searched repeatedly as they move through checkpoints in the building.


Clones (Crick-Watson Cloning Facility)

The cloning facility is a quiet and clinical space filled with gestation pods. Clones in various stages of development are just visible through the pods’ murky fluids.

Developing clones stare out from the pods that line the room with eerie, blank faces, their eyes tinged blue from the nutritional fluid that fills the machines. A muffled scream sounds from a room toward the back of the facility and a moment later a pair of technicians appear with grim expressions. “I hate it when they struggle,” one says before realizing they’re not alone. They quickly stop their conversation and don professional smiles. “Can we help you, ser?”

Available Clones


Decommissioned Area (Tau Station Clothier)

A long, squat building made of regocrete and painted a charming deep blue color, the Clothier is a factory that pumps out new garments for the entire galaxy. Both humans and robots work on assembly lines, measuring, cutting, and sewing new outfits and articles of clothing.

The Clothier produces everything from undergarments to outerwear, for fancy events or covert operations. Huge bolts of cloth, arriving daily from the growing vats on The Ghost of Mali, sit on metal shelves, waiting to be cut and sewn. Though there are smaller tailors and designers throughout the known galaxy, nearly everyone wears something that was made at the Clothier.


Employment (Tau Station Employment Agency)

The employment agency is filled with people searching through the postings for worthwhile work. Guards stand idly near the entrance, content to chat amongst themselves.

Out-of-order signs and maintenance tags adorn dusty terminals labeled “Employment Database.” The walls of the agency are covered with layers upon layers of job flier scrolls and advisory posters, many of which are brittle with age and showing the signs of multiple printings. People crowd around, sifting through old plastic scrolls, advertising work. Most postings are for little more than odd jobs: temporary tasks that will take, at most, a day or two. The regocrete floor is worn smooth from decades of foot traffic and the frames of the job boards are stained black from the touch of so many desperate hands.


Side Jobs

This is the right place if you are looking for quick and easy jobs.

Name Description Credits Statistic
Cargo Unloading Daily shifts available. Join the port crew for around the clock cargo work opportunities! 5 5x Strength
Cell Cleaning Even the guilty deserve a clean place to sleep! Help us keep our prison cells clean. Who knows? You might be the next who sleeps in one. 5 5x Stamina
Encyclopedia Editor A busy professor needs help with a community Encyclopedia project. Can you assist? 5 4x Intelligence
Medical Waste Disposal The sick bay needs assistance disposing of medical waste. Walk-in shifts are available. 5 5x Stamina
Prisoner Processing The security of Tau Station requires that offenders be admitted to our brig swiftly and efficiently. We need temporary workers to assist with processing. 5 5x Agility
Security Informant Safety requires constant vigilance. We need socially gifted assistants to help us monitor station areas and identify potential security leads. 5 4x Social

Gaule Embassy (Gaule Protectorate Embassy)

Embassy staff laugh and chat as they work underneath a sign urging travelers to “Visit Gaule: Purchase a Visa Today!”

Brightly colored flags and posters proclaiming the beauty and freedom of the Gaule Protectorate greet visitors to the embassy. Soft instrumental music plays to those waiting in short security lines before they’re escorted through to speak to a smiling embassy clerk at one of the plush consultation stations scattered around the room.

Extend your visa: 45 cr


Government Center (Capital Government Center)

Located in the central area of Tau Station's inhabited zone, the Center is home to the station's governmental and military offices. Guards and security enforcement cameras monitor each access point, while stern-faced agents screen employees and visitors upon entry.

The government offices are housed in a stark regocrete building with Consortium flags above every door. Visitors make their way through the checkpoints at the gate before entering the main hall, where they form lines and wait at the different departmental counters that ring the room. Guards block an archway that leads deeper into the building, next to a directory that lists the offices of all the government officials.


Gym (Sol Fitness)

Exercise machines form orderly rows through the large room. The trainer at the front points out empty workout stations as new people arrive.

The gym smells of sweat and is bright with light reflected by long mirrors along the walls. Most visitors listen to music via their CORETECHS and work out alone, but some form teams to encourage one another between exhausted breaths. A group gathers by a screen at the back to compare their current statistics and a security camera swivels in their direction as someone shouts in victory. Sensei Krukower wanders the room, giving pointers here and there, and offering private sessions for those who are ready to take their training to the next level.

You must have minimum combined physical stats of 30 to avoid injury at this gym.


Inn (Wayfarer Inn)

The Wayfarer Inn offers food, drink, and lodging to travelers and locals alike.

The clean counters and booths of the Wayfarer Inn's Bar are occupied with customers, laughing and drinking. Idle chatter fills the air and nearly drowns out the music that's pumped through the establishment. Two smartly dressed security guards stand at the entrance with bored expressions on their faces as they watch the patrons for any sign of trouble.


Bar (The Oasis Pub)

The Oasis Pub is a charming establishment, with a large rounded bar, tables dotting the floor, and walls lined with booths. A Consortium flag hangs proudly behind the bar, and officers and government officials can often be found here, chatting amiably with each other and travelers to the station.

A boisterous place at nearly every segment of the day, the Oasis Pub is known for its hearty meals, frothy synth-ale, and oversized booths. The latter of which are perfect for making business deals, catching up with old friends, or discussing the prowess of the Consortium military. Security Cleaning Bots, about a meter high, move between the tables and past the booths, their many arms reaching out for fallen trash, their heads reminiscent of a spider, with a bulbous collection of black glass eyes. Each glass globe houses a camera to help keep an eye on things for citizens



Hotel Rooms (The Wayfarer Inn's Guest Room)

The rooms at the Wayfarer Inn are clean and comfortable, though small and utilitarian. The bed slides back into the wall, and a small bench can be pulled out in its place to allow work to be done at the small metal desk that's bolted to the wall. A wall screen displays a few government sponsored channels, with talking heads discussing the economy and reporting on recent advancements by Consortium science teams.


  • 1 day: 10 cr
  • 5 days: 40 cr
  • 10 days: 70 cr
  • 30 days: 180 cr

Lounge (The Wayfarer Inn's Lounge)

The Inn's ornate lounge is filled with a mixture of government workers and travelers happily sipping their beverages under the watchful gaze of a pair of guards.


Market (Grand Market)

The Grand Market is a muddle of shoppers and sellers, loud with competing voices haggling for the best deal. High above, drones patrol or display holographic signs, advertising local wares. The sides of every shop are plastered with advertisements, or flicker through ever changing commercials.

A bedlam of commerce, the market is filled with people buying, selling, and bartering. Shops and kiosks peddling wares of every sort imaginable cram the space from wall to wall. The shopkeepers strive to shout over one another, as if excess volume is all they need to make a sale. Customers crowd around the shops yelling, bargaining, and arguing to the point of rage, hoping to earn even a small discount, though calming down quickly when a security officer draws near.



Here you can find many things sold by different vendors.


You can find here enough space to store the things you do not want to carry.

  • Small: ??? cr
  • Medium: 60 cr
  • Large: 150 cr

Port (Port of Tau Station)

Perhaps the busiest port in the Sol System, Tau Station's port is practically overflowing with ships, cargo, and people. There’s rarely a moment when it isn’t active. A tinny voice on the overhead speakers announces shuttle arrival and departure times in a constant drone.

Visible through thick observation windows, ships can be seen carrying people and goods to and from the station in a steady stream. Battered freighters, expensive private corvettes, and sleek naval frigates are berthed next to one another, their captains and crews exchanging words as they secure cargo and disperse into the station. Public shuttles flit between the larger vessels, homing in on the passenger gates. Like most of Tau Station, the port is clean and efficient, a testament to the strides the capital of the Consortium has been able to take in the wake of the Catastrophe. Many other stations did not fare so well.


Shipping Bay (Tau Station Shipping Bay)

The Tau Station Shipping Bay is a riot of organized chaos. Huge piles of crates and wares, ready to be loaded onto waiting ships, are attended to by officials checking their contents before clearing them for boarding.

A steady stream of goods and cargo come and go from the Shipping Bay. The wealthy and bustling station consumes much, and merchants are always eager to bring their wares to Tau Station for a fast turnover.


Docks (The Docks)

All manner of private vessels arrive, depart, and rest here, from sleek corvettes to larger ships that look like they've been patch-worked together.

Local Shuttles

Tau Station's Local Shuttles are a busy place, with countless travelers coming and going. From the capital, all the stations in the Sol system are reachable at an affordable price for those who lack their own ships. This includes the Sol Jump Gate, which takes travelers to Alpha Centauri.

Travelers wait in tidy lines and big groups for the next available shuttle to take them across the stars to another station. Regocrete benches line the walls and are set here and there, offering those waiting a place to rest before their ship arrives. Heavily armed Consortium guards stand around, watching everything and everyone. Above the heads of all, security drones float quietly, their eyes sweeping the floor. Here and there, Consortium flags flutter in a stiff breeze made just for them. Wall screens cycle through their displays, alternating between advertisements and general service announcements: “Smile! You're on Camera! A well-watched society is a protected society!” “Travel to Cirque Centauri! The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!” “Sign up for Consortium Military Service! Protect your friends and family! Explore the galaxy!” “The Broth Base and Seishu Pub - The best noodles in the galaxy! Ancient family recipe!”

Residences (The Cone)

Home to Consortium military leaders and personnel, as well as top Consortium officials, business people, and other Consortium employees, the residential area on Tau Station is floor upon floor of moderately-sized rooms, apartments, and suites, carved into the wall of the station's asteroid.

The Cone is located on a narrow part of the asteroid, which is almost triangular in shape. Burrowed into the inner walls of the hollowed out asteroid, the living spaces of the station's locals line the walls for many floors. The center of the cone is open-aired, with multiple lifts allowing access to the various levels. At the bottom level, a large round plaza with replica trees, plants, and a holographic water fountain offers a pleasant communal space. Here and there, on each level, a resident leans against the waist-high railing that runs along each floor’s walkways, looking out over the plaza. Drones patrol the open space, keeping residents safe under their watchful eyes.


Ruins (The Red Zones)

The Red Zones of Tau Station are massive, daunting, and dangerous. Wrecked buildings stretch on for kilometers, serving as a grim monument to the destruction of the Catastrophe. Enter at your own risk.

The metropolis within Tau Station is massive, but only a small fraction is lit and inhabited. Curving along the inner walls of the station are the ruins of an older city; one that must have supported millions, but which has been without power or maintenance for generations. The buildings crumble and sag, with only the few ragged inhabitants of the ruins to notice. The ever present drones that provide a watchful eye over the rest of the station are completely absent from this area, and what cameras do get placed here often meet a quick demise.


The Wrecks

The Wrecks are unequivocal no-man's land. Not even the Syndicates have begun to comb through the detritus of pre-cat civilization. It's dangerous here, but not altogether unworthy of exploring. Due to the instability of the Wrecks, and the tendency for unsavory types to skulk around among them, they often prove quite profitable to sift through.

On any given day the Wrecks pivot between desolate emptiness and sparse population by desperate people avoiding prying eyes, bandits, and merchants looking for some cheap and interesting wares. It can be worth your time to pull on a pair of gloves and dig through the debris in the wrecks in search of something useful, just keep your wits about you during your excavation. You never know who's watching in the wrecks.

The Wilds (The Red Zone Wilds)

The Wilds are a desperate warren of blind alleys and deadly corners. With unreliable lifeline systems, the area has become the domain of those to whom danger is mother’s milk. Feral tribes, solitary scavengers, and well-armed Syndicates roam these blood-soaked walkways, unhinged in equal parts by primal terror and the promise of bounties lurking in the rubble.

Syndicates use these bullet-riddled spaces for insecure storage, and many a bandit has been cut down attempting a bold raid on someone else’s well-guarded cache. Once a benign web of service tunnels; every inch of The Wilds now serves treachery and murder. Deep in the festering darkness, heartless animals track their prey guided by primordial instinct. Only fools come here without first securing a serious weapon and a clone back-up.

Security (Station Security Services)

Squat, gray-walled, and teeming with humorless officers, the Station Security Services area resembles a military bunker. Flickering screens display current threat levels for the stations in Sol System as well as low-res images of wanted criminals.

The men and women of S3 wear body armor faded with long use. Teams of these guards frequently patrol the barricaded streets surrounding the security offices, staring intently at anyone in the area. Clipped voices can be heard as a squad rushes a pedestrian and orders them to submit to a random interrogation. The other civilians nearby studiously look down and remain silent, and as they walk away cameras swing to follow their movement.


Sick Bay (Tau Station Medical Center)

Nurses lead patients to the diagnostic rings and log their details on a slate before escorting them into a gleaming consultation room.

Everything in the medical center is clean, sterile, and bright. Patients with every variety of illness and injury fill the small rooms that line the hallways. Sedated patients snore away with content expressions spread across their faces while others wait impatiently, grimacing at aches and pains. A harried technician reassures those waiting that they haven’t been forgotten. An entire wing of the medical center is dedicated to government funded medical research and development, in partnership with Moemedi Medical.


University (University of Tau Station)

For learning, life improvement, and subject matter expertise, without the hassle of actual studying, the University of Tau Station offers a quick, simple solution. Education is only an injection away.

The large room is filled with people eagerly waiting in line for their turn with an Education Technician. The technicians themselves wear bored expressions as they go through the rote motions of “educating” their pupils. After confirming the requested course, the techs quickly program a syringe of nanites with the relevant information and give the student an injection under the watchful eye of a security enforcement camera. Students flow in and out of the building, chatting happily about which classes they plan to inject next.

Classes available:


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