Taungoo Station


As the primary location of The Anima Foundation, Taungoo Station hosts the most state-of-the-art clone vats and research vaults tucked into a vibrant station culture that pre-dates the Foundation’s arrival.

Taungoo Station is a vista awash in crimson and amber. The warmth of the environment hums gently with the constant whirs of the principle industry to Taungoo: The clone vats and research vaults and The Anima Foundation. Golden pagoda arches hug every inch of the station that turns at a right angle; brass chimes dangle liberally, situated near vents to trigger their song.

Taungoo is known system-wide for their culinary delights. The noodle dishes of Taungoo are a treasure unto themselves and great care is taken with the preparation of all varieties of the meal. Visitors soon learn that ‘standing noodles’ may be purchased in the market district, or The Arcade of Scent, while ‘sitting noodles’ are the specialty of the inn, The Broth Base; the variations provide cultural context to the growing movement of food as enjoyment rather than simply for survival. The residents of Taungoo Station are generally either employees of Anima or comfortable working-class merchants, while the ruins host the less fortunate.The Kyarr, official Taungoo Station enforcers sanctioned by station Administration, often travel in groups and are more affiliated with the native culture of the station than they are Anima. They are brutish, organized, and vicious.

Visitors to the station are often traveling to an appointment with The Anima Foundation, an endeavor which requires considerable personal wealth. While on station, they enjoy the entertainments provided: a nearly hedonistic level of amusements and leisure. After all, creds are for spending and life is never ending.

Chronicle Text

In Taungoo we started to remember what it is to be human, for better or for worse. The Anima Foundation, who embrace rebirth and improvement of the self, push the gift of cloning through the galaxy. Death still hurts, but it’s now one of many stones in your journey across the pond. Here, we again began to embrace our technological evolution with all its hiccups and excitements. Taungoo, the patron station of betterment, at any cost.

Arrival Text


System: Sol
Affiliation: Consortium
Level: 4
Legal: High
Orwellian: Medium


Bank (Tau-lagoo Credit Depot)

Well-dressed customers impatiently await their turn to transfer funds from one place to the other. People seem keen to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Tau-lagoo Credit Depot is under heavy surveillance from concerns relating to the finances of Anima Foundation headquarters and anti-cloning activists. Security cameras slowly scan in a panning sweep while people come and go. Transactions with the bank staff occur remotely: a bank clerk, if needed, will project from a closed and secure room. There is a sense of unease found here that is unlike any else on the Station.


Brig (Taungoo Prison)

The inhumane and freezing holding cells are overcrowded and inhospitable. The scents of perspiration and fear hovers like a phantom. The brig of Taungoo is perhaps one of the most horrific locales in all of the functional stations.

No effort is made to give the frosty brig a comfortable atmosphere. Host to all sorts of assumed criminals, from corporate spies to pickpockets, those that find themselves in the cells are forced to live near shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else. There may well be something darker and deeper in the prison structure, but access is severely limited. Many of the guards of the prison are known members of The Kyaar, an organized crime faction of Taungoo Station.


Clones (Anima Foundation HQ)

Taungoo Station is home to The Anima Foundation and thus, the most state-of-the-art research cloning facility in all the systems. Honeycomb clone pods line the vat clinic and research center. Anima scientists are on near patrol, recording readings and observing the subjects.

As the sole provider of legal cloning services and technology, Anima Foundation conducts business with a clear appreciation to their level of control and power. Ever willing to extend the life experience of a customer, the Foundation is viewed as on equal footing with nearly all political persuasions, … all but the Independent Promethean Sect, with whom they share a vicious, sometimes violent philosophic rivalry. Anima Foundation touts their corporate existence as irreplaceable and has never shied from embracing a haughty arrogance in Foundation employees. The tone of the the company is reflected in their iconic motto: Ensuring your Future, Now.

Available Clones


Employment (Taungoo Station Employment Agency)

The line is aggravated and the heat from the market boils through the vents on a shared wall. An emaciated man wipes at his cheek, away with sweat, tears, or both.

Shouts ring from the line at the employment center, “You know my father’s sister! My aunt! She said you could help me!” The sentiment of assistance by family connection seems a byproduct of the station culture of Taungoo. Most times, the clerks relent and offer work. But sometimes the pushing is too hard and people leave with less prospects than before they even went in. The walls are more worn than most of the common places on Taungoo. Notices and postings flag as claimed as quickly as they come in. The sorrowful eyes of those forgotten and abandoned; from the elderly to the young, stand in sullen awareness that the job they so desperately need may well never come.


Career Advisory

The career advisory center is mostly empty. Few people today have the needed skills to pursue good careers.

Side Jobs (Mughal's Helper)

An elderly woman stands behind the counter atop which terminals glimmer with job offers.

Mughal's Helper appears to have once been a shop of curiosities. Strange mummified fingers sit inside a cloudy jar right next to a terminal listing job offers. Incense curls in a vertical stream until the vent of the purified air shoves it across the ceiling. Ancient knick-knacks are on display under a thick film of dust and debris. The things in the room have likely been there since the Catastrophe hit, shop keep included.

Name Description Credits Statistic
Food Server The bar needs walk-in servers. Serve Taungoo Noodles and earn credits! 21 5x Agility
Heater Delivery Delivery person needed. Talk to Hsu in the Bar for details. 15 1x Agility
Ordnance Patrol Help make our station safer by locating dangerous ordinance leftover from past conflicts. Security will pay good credits for successful patrols! 21 1x Intelligence
Visitor Attendant Many people boarding our station need help finding where they're going. Give them directions as needed. 22 5x Social

Discreet Work

Sometimes jobs are offered by those who need to be able to deny involvement. Don't ask too many questions; you won't get many answers. And don't be surprised if you wind up in the brig or sickbay.

Government Center (Taungoo Aministration Building and Anima Foundation Executive Offices)

Anima Foundation brought their HQ to Taungoo, and by extension, their economic stability, and settled their upper management offices in the luxurious Administrative building of Taungoo.

The sleek administration building, although the corporate offices of the upper echelon of Anima Foundation, towers in the architecture of old Taungoo Station: gilded in ornate gold flecked arches with tall pillars of crimson. The building is equally shared between the Taungoo-born station administration and the upper executives of Anima Foundation. The two factions enjoy a mutual respect for peace and a shared desire to stay out of the way of the other.


Gym (Training Area)

Top-tier training is on offer at the Gym of Taungoo Station.

Sweat and steam cloud the well-populated Gym of Taungoo Station with condensation and determination. Sneaky expressions and narrowed eyes suggest that there may muscular enhancement mods sold on the down low.

You must have minimum combined physical stats of 30 to avoid injury at this gym.


Inn (The Broth Base and Seishu Pub)

Sizzle and steam welcomes all who pass through the entrance into The Broth Base. Here, noodles are slurped off chop sticks while beer is savored from chilled cups. Filtered water is hard to come by at Taungoo, so boiling came naturally. Offering handouts to the local impoverished is frowned upon on Taungoo; they are seen as an embarrassment. The adjoining Pub Seishu specializes in rice wine sake, plum wines, and lively conversation. The crimson interior is offset by the glowing of honey and amber hued lights which cascade across the ceiling in waves.

Paper lamps swing slightly among smoke and steam to the rumble of the nearby Port of Taungoo. People have been known to travel across the system to participate in the growing philosophy of food as joy and The Broth Base welcomes each one. If you ask the cooks what the noodles are made of, they will offer little more than a smile and wink. Taungoo Station protects their prized noodles with zeal. Those without the cred for the delicacy are left to dine on little more than the scent on the air. At Pub Seishu, locals are welcoming to travelers, yet employees from Anima Foundation, normally in small groups, usually choose to self-segregate. They often occupy the corner booths and prefer to be catered to by the wait staff rather than suffering the apparent bother of ordering from the bar. The locals don’t seem to mind the division much.


"Galactic Destinations" Introduction

“What the noodle is made of is not as important as how the noodle is made. One can be a bad, as long as the bad is not in the preparation.”
(-Hsu, Noodle cook of Taungoo)

In our ongoing effort to provide a glimpse into some of the unique places you’ll find on your journey through the universe of Tau Station, we offer our latest installment of our Galactic Destinations series, The Broth Base & Seishu Pub of Taungoo Station. Like our previous entry, The Mermaid on Kobenhavn, The Broth Base & Seishu Pub is an inn catering to all forms of trader, wanderer, and traveler. But unlike The Mermaid, Taungoo Station’s inn features something that travelers can find nowhere else: Taungoo Noodles, the delicacy known throughout the universe as culinary art.

The Broth Base & Seishu Pub

Strategically placed near to the station port to attract visitors, The Broth Base & Seishu Pub beckon to the passerby with aromatic steam billowing from the entrance and as condensation against the windows. Bright notes of vegetation collide with the warm spice of Sinclair Biomeat products, both imported from the faraway Ghost of Mali, as a coaxing song of temptation rooted around the subtle twists of the Taungoo noodle. The noodle is the star of the dish and the ancestral secrets in the art of preparation are closely guarded.

The Broth Base & Seishu Pub, like much of Taungoo Station, is a place awash in crimson and gold. The culture of the station is an old one steeped in oral history, folklore, and tradition and nowhere is that more evident than in those places people gather: most notably, this, the station’s most popular inn. It’s a perfect place for a space-weary traveler to stay a few nights by booking a room.

Culinary Richness on Taungoo Station

Types of noodle dishes vary on Taungoo Station. In the market, The Arcade of Scent, one can approach a vendor for a cup of ‘standing noodles’, noodles prepared with eating on-the-go in mind. The convenience of the cups offers variety of family-secret flavors, some savory and some sweet. But the most relaxing experience is found at The Broth Base & Seishu Pub with a bone bowl filled with ‘sitting noodles’ and an ice-cold pint of Seishu beer. The chairs on which patrons sit are ancient and from time-to-time a waiter will remark on the history in the moment: dining on an ancient, pre-Catastrophe family-passed recipe on ancient pre-Catastrophe chairs. The atmosphere is as enticing as the steaming bowls. The warmth of glowing lanterns dangle overhead, stagnant in the air of steam and smoke.

Chatting up the locals while buying a round or two can help improve your social skills. Conversation and laughter flow comfortably between the customers while the relatively new tenants on the station, Anima Foundation, are often in the inn, but separate on their lunch breaks. The guards of the Administration, the Kyarr, usually occupy a table or two and are commonly related to the families of the noodle tradition. The community, like each noodle dish, is tight-knit and composed of a specific balance of elements which makes it uniquely Taungoo.

Bar (Bar Bago)

Filled with steam and smoke, Bar Bago frequently hosts impromptu bare-knuckle boxing matches on the old dance floor as a method of settling differences or grievances. Nine times of ten, the winner is a member Kyarr, often assisted by his cohorts in some underhanded way.

Bar Bago can be a fairly entertaining spot to grab a drink, so long as no one picks a fight in your general vicinity. It is locally known as the official leisure spot of the Taungoo Administration's force of thugs, the Kyarr, who are known to have no tolerance for any perceived slight. That particular perception of offense seems to widen in scope in relation to how much drink has been enjoyed. Best to stick close to the bar and leave the open areas to the fighters.


Hotel Rooms (Rangoon Hotel)

The peace of privacy is immediately known in this small, yet comfortable room.

The muffled sound of a slow woodwind song flows slightly to the attention of a strained ear. Once the room is rented, it is secure, and there is an absolute assurance that none are permitted to compromise guest security; not even the Kyarr.

  • 1 day: 42.8 35.23 cr
  • 5 days: 171.2 140.92 cr
  • 10 days: 299.6 246.6 cr
  • 30 days: 770.4 634.12 cr

Lounge (Rangoon Lounge)

In the ancient Burmese language, 'Rangoon' means 'end of strife', and the lounge and attached hotel go to great lengths to achieve this atmosphere. Frequented most by Anima Foundation employees and travelers visiting the station, the lounge is usually a tranquil locale.

Decorated with deep scarlet hues trimmed in gold, artificial chimes glimmer on the manufactured breeze. An overworked and disinterested musician, who moved from Nouveau Limoges to make it big on Taungoo station on the noodle scene, blows across a woodwind with detached apathy and boredom.


Market (Arcade of Scent)

Renowned for two things: exotic scents and exquisite noodles, The Arcade of Scent of Taungoo Station is a popular, and always busy destination.

The market is a grid-work of booths and stalls as visitors and off-duty residents alike peruse the selections of essential oils and synthetic incenses while the steam of the spicy broth standing noodles curls along the atmosphere. There is always conversational chatter, laughter, and talk ringing along the walkways. Golden hued lights illuminate the Arcade of Scent while among the vendors advertisements for all the system’s major corporations glow behind the humid haze of steam of the station.



Host to many sellers of local flair, the vendors of Taungoo Station offer the visitor a fine selection of dehydrated noodle dishes, incense, and small crimson synthsilk sets of place-mats and napkins with the words ‘Taungoo Station’ embroidered in gold floss thread.

Public Market

People offer things to be sold or buy things here.


The storage complex is kept under strict surveillance. Security cameras are trained on nearly every storage unit. A digital display on the wall boasts about how many days have passed since the last recorded theft.

  • Small: 107 90 cr
  • Medium: 256.8 216 cr
  • Large: 642 539 cr

Port (Port of Taungoo Station)

Flashing golden lights punctuate the scrolling departure and arrival notices. A few technicians stand still with eyes flicking through clear observation of their CORETECHS. The rumbling of the shuttles hiss and moan with the function of docking and takeoff.

The first hint of Taungoo Station’s aroma swells through the air ducts, there is fascination in that warmth: spiced broth and nag champa. Those arriving file past in a quick excitement while those leaving are a bit more slow and sullen, breathing in the scent one last time before boarding the waiting vessels.


Shipping Bay (Shipping and Recieving)

Custom officers for Consortium work in cautious tandem with prowling members of Kyarr; both sets of officials working hard to stay out of each other's way.


Docks (Taungoo Docking and Departure)

The multi-level level docking apparatus of Taungoo is an efficient one: once the vessel arrives and travelers disembark, a crane lifts the shuttle to an organized valet stack, high above the arrival garage below.

Local Shuttles (The Neighborhood)

Residents of Taungoo station regularly hang out down at the Local Shuttles, dubbed 'The Neighborhood' in hopes of drumming up business for the noodle booths, the Rangoon Lounge, Bar Bago, or the inn, The Broth Base and Seishu Pub.


Residences (The Hive - Residential District)

Towering along the district walls, honeycomb-like structure reflects the layout of clone vats.

Small, efficient pod apartments tower along the district walls with a central walk-up lobby. Lifts are situated between every row of ten to carry denizens up to their selected walkway or down to the lobby. In the small courtyard of the apartments, a few groups of people crouch in clusters to enjoy lively rounds of dominoes, chess, checkers or mahjong.

Ruins (Ruins of Taungoo Station)

The dank destruction of the Ruins keeps most sane people from wandering too far into the labyrinth of darkness. There are rumors of people living down there, but there are also rumors of a bloodthirsty monster prowling among the dilapidated buildings.

The destruction that came on the wave of the Catastrophe crashed squarely into the Ruins of Taungoo; full structures had been leveled to fine rubble by a series of explosions. Skeletal forms, twisted and distorted are sprawled under wreckage, along stairs, and even atop buildings. Bullet holes pock the stone. Something horrific transpired. It is viewed as a cursed place, and few go wandering for fear of the local legends of monsters.


The Wrecks

Walking through the Wrecks is a chilling sight. With the aid of your light, dead faces of petrified former human-beings grimace in the dark, forever preserved in the dust like victims of Pompeii. Sometimes among the petrified corpses, are items of interest.

As you dig through the belongings of the dead, remember you are not alone. The half-crazed folk who make their home in the Wilds often come to the Wrecks to scavenge for supplies or tech and they will not take kindly to you if you happen to arrive at said supplies first.

The Wilds

The defining factor of the Wilds of Taungoo is their suffocating darkness. Once you leave the lights of the Syndicate District and the inhabited zones, you plummet into darkness on all sides. If you forget a light-aid, death will spring upon you shockingly fast.

Lurking in the Wilds are the impoverished people of Taungoo. Some have been relegated to the dark for so many generations that their eyes have permanently adapted to the dimness and they are able to traverse without the help of lights. These people wage Guerilla warfare upon the Syndicates who seek to expand their districts into the Wilds.

Security (Consortium Security of Taungoo Station)

The Consortium diligently manage this efficient and orderly security office, and the private bodyguard services they share the building with are expected to uphold the same standard.

The Consortium emblem flickers in illumination outside of the office of Consortium Security of Taungoo Station. Well-armed uniformed officers share a chat outside the entrance; they seemed relaxed and at ease. More ominous looking bodyguards weave in and out of the building. The bodyguards here see a lot more action than the typical security force, as the gangs of Taungoo have been known to quietly request their services on a regular basis.


Sick Bay (Moemedi Clinic of Taungoo)

The Moemedi clinic of Taungoo Station is the one-stop shop for remedy of accidents or sickness.

With an excellent reputation of patient survival, Moemedi Clinic of Taungoo claims one of the lowest fatality rates in the system. Whether or not those claims are accurate is anyone’s guess. The sick bay is awash in activity with the medical staff as constantly calm, regardless of demands or volume.


TauLife Holozene text

TauLife Holozene Issue 190 – First broadcast 210.79

Greetings Consortium Citizens! TauLife Holozene is back on the air! Thank you for joining us on another titillating broadcast, we provide the most exciting “info-tainment” from the Sol system and beyond!

Today we’re chatting with Kirsi, one of the cloning technicians on Taungoo Station, the headquarters of the famed Anima Foundation.

Hi there Kirsi, welcome to the show. Please, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi Rick and the listeners! I’m a big fan, thank you for having me on today. I was born right here on Taungoo, and I’m part of the lab crew at the Cloning Facility. It is my job to help customers with the various cloning services we offer. I love my work, because I get to assist people with one of the most important decisions they will ever make!

Ok, an enthusiastic employee I see! How did you start working with The Anima Foundation?

Well, I was part of a local sponsorship program that selected me based on evaluations and examinations. I received a scholarship to study at University. Once I completed my studies on Tau Station, I came back here to work and haven’t been happier! The Anima Foundation is always looking for the highly-skilled to join and participate towards the goal of ending all conflict, as our unofficial slogan states, “Curing Conflict, Clone by Clone”.

What do you mean, “curing conflict”? Surely that’s not possible?

Why not?! After all, what use is violence and strife when everyone is functionally unkillable? Conflict, as we know it today, will end. It will be replaced with negotiation, mediation, and dialogue, the only means to deal with human disagreements, as we all learn to put aside our differences and ascend into peace once again.

Other people might not agree. We did a broadcast with Sister Nyx several cycles ago. I’m sure you know that the Prometheans believe in the “One Life” and how cloning is abhorrent?

Yes Rick, I know the Prometheans well -trust me. Their understanding of the world is limited by faith, while the underpinning of ours is rooted in truth and science. They give themselves over to chance or luck. Why should an accidental, even purposeful death, lead to a tragic end of one’s life? The Anima Foundation is, and always will be, a pioneer for human salvation and prosperity. The Prometheans, and the like-minded represent barriers to progress -obstacles that, trust me Rick, we will overcome for a better tomorrow.

Wow, I see, that’s an interesting take on the world. Well, I admire your confidence and keep up the good work. Being a clone-user myself, I’m more than happy that you and Anima are around to help us out. As we’re wrapping up, any last words for the audience Kirsi?

Oh, I would just like to add that one can find Anima powered cloning services in several star systems, not just Sol. We offer all types, 3D printed, Vat Grown and Premium selections, available to everyone and anyone, as long as you can afford it!

That’s all the time we have today, a big thank you to Kirsi for meeting with us. Stayed tuned and informed dear listener -if you’re ever in Taungoo and need a clone, check out the state-of-the-art Anima Foundation facilities and services.

Now a quick word from today’s sponsors.

If you’re bleeding, and you’re reading this, you’re still alive! Keep it that way with Moemedi Medical Supplies. WE keep you alive. Everyone out there has a good gun, and that’s why YOU need US!

Moemedi Medical Supplies – “When you don’t have time to bleed.”

Well, that’s all from us today. This is Rick Sontaro, straight from the source, wishing all you Consortium Citizens a great tenspan!

Additional information from the storyline

It was first mentioned to me by Maximillion the existence of the Kyarr in this Station (A Rude Awakening).

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