Temp Barista


We need speedy workers and fast learners to help us further the station's caffeine addiction. Visit the Café for more details.

Start: Side Jobs, Nouveau Limoges


You have a job: Temp Barista, accepted at Nouveau Limoges in the Sol system.

Talk to Elisa in the Café on Nouveau Limoges.

Next NPC: Elisa, Inn, Nouveau Limoges

  • Ask Elisa about the Temp Barista job.

A long line of customers is queuing up in the Café, wrapping around the service counter. The air is filled with java scents and soft jazz. You walk up to the counter and hail the supervisor.

Elisa says: You're cutting through my line. That means you're either rude or here to work. I'll assume it's the latter.

She pulls you behind the counter.

Elisa says: Some of the drinks are a bit complicated, but I wouldn't worry too much. We have a 'learn as you go' philosophy. And our customers totally don't mind waiting.

Prepare 5 coffee orders in the Café.

  • Prepare an order.

(Agility check)

A customer steps forward and rattles off a long, complex drink order before you can say a word. Elisa writes it down and passes it to you. You start working on the drink, doing your best to follow each step while the customer sighs loudly. Finally finished, you set the drink down on the counter and they try a sip. Grumbling one last time, they walk away and leave. You receive another order almost immediately.

Prepare 4 coffee orders in the Café.

  • Prepare the next order.

(Agility check)

You work quickly and precisely, assembling the next customer's drink in moments. One part caffeine concentrate, a dash of aroma enhancer and a quick spurt of colorant, all mixed into 200 ml of H2O at 63 degrees Celsius. By the time it's ready, it almost looks and smells vaguely fit for human consumption. The customer thanks you. Next order?

Prepare 3 coffee orders in the Café.

  • Continue your work.

(Agility check)

This order is tricky. A grouchy curator from the station's museum is impatiently demanding her pre-shift coffee.

She quips: Make it snappy please, barista! I got lots to do today. Artifacts to classify, scholars to meet, visitors' questions to answer… And I need coffee to do it!

With impressive dexterity you prepare the beverage, while still maintaining friendly eye contact with the customer. She takes it gratefully and trots off towards the museum. You catch your breath and beckon the next customer forward.

Prepare 2 coffee orders in the Café.

  • Prepare the next order.

(Agility check)

You make the drink, and hand it over to a fidgety student on her way to the University.

She says: Make it strong, Ser. I gotta a real study sesh planned today. No sleep for me, haha… My Space Navigation course is super tough. But the teachers say I'm getting better all the time!

After she leaves, you even have time to wipe down the counter before the next order comes up.

Prepare 1 coffee order in the Café.

  • Prepare the final order.

(Agility check)

You look up to see a Consortium Embassy official, who's ordered a "Moissan Shake". According to the menu, it's a coffee with added fungal extract, imported from Moissan station in Alpha Centauri. The customer notices you grimacing as you prepare it.

She says: Ha, don't make such a face. It actually has a very agreeable flavor. Once you get used to it. I worked on Moissan for a few cycles when I was younger. Acquired the taste for it. The fungal extract is 100% natural. Non-lab cultivated. They harvest it from the station's service tunnels… Yum.

You finish preparing the foul-smelling drink and hand it to her. After she leaves, the line has finally cleared.

Report to Elisa in the Café to get paid.

  • Tell Elisa that you've finished all the orders.

Elisa gives you a warm smile.

Elisa says: Great work! You're a natural barista.

She hands you a wad of credchips that smell vaguely of coffee.


You have completed the 'Temp Barista' job.

You have received 25.00 credits.

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