Test Subject


Have a healthy body? Lend it to us for a little while and help us test new drugs for the consumer market.

Start: Side Jobs, Daedalus


You have a job: Test Subject, accepted at Daedalus in the Sol system.

Speak to Howard in the Market on Daedalus.

Next NPC: Howard, Market, Daedalus

  • Ask Howard about the Test Subject job.

Howard greets you with a smile.

Howard says: Come in! Come in! So you're interested in being a test subject. Ambigo Laboratories can certainly use you. Our experimentals division is always looking for healthy people to help us test our newest drugs.

He passes you a slate with a lot of tiny text on it.

Howard says: Once you sign a few waivers we can get started. It's such a simple process. We only have one rule. If you vomit and waste our materials, you don't get paid.

  • Refuse to sign the waiver.
  • Sign the waiver.


Howard shakes his head.

Howard says: Then we can't proceed. Come back if your mood changes.

You have failed the "Test Subject" job. You can retake this job and try again.


You're brought to a room and given a slate with a warning file opened. You sign your name at the bottom and then are left alone. Half a segment later, Howard returns with a tray and a smile. There's a glass of water on the tray along with four smaller cups filled with pills.

Howard says: Take each cup one at a time and wait briefly between each. We have cameras and sensors in the walls to monitor your responses.

Test 4 experimental drugs in the Market.

Next area: Market, Daedalus

  • Test an experimental drug.

(Stamina check)

You toss the pills to the back of your throat. They're small and bitter, and start to dissolve almost immediately. Lifting the water to your lips, you wash them down. After a few units your skin starts to tingle and your stomach turns. You feel violently ill and it takes all of your will to keep the pills down.

Test 3 experimental drugs in the Market.

  • Test the next experimental drug.

(Stamina check)

You gobble the next batch of pills and wash them down before your gag reflex can protest. You develop a terrible sweat, but it passes soon enough. Once again, you overcome the drug's side effects. This is grueling work but you're making good progress.

Test 2 experimental drugs in the Market.

  • Test the next drug.

(Stamina check)

Shivering and trembling, you carry on. The next batch of pills taste worse than the air in an interstellar shuttle crapper. Somehow you keep them down, listening to the motorized swivel of the room's cameras as they track every detail of your gut-wrenching ordeal. You console yourself with the knowledge there's only one more cup of pills to take.

Test 1 experimental drug in the Market.

  • Swallow the final batch of pills.

(Stamina check)

With the next mouthful of pills, your flesh goes tingly and numb, while your heart races as if it means to leap from your chest. Once it subsides, Howard returns, still smiling, and offers you a cup of fizzing liquid.

Howard says: Take this. It should negate any lingering side effects.

You down the drink and, as promised, you quickly feel better. Howard looks at you with a strange twinkle in his eye.

He says: Very impressive. You're a fine specimen. You know… I'd love to do one more test, if you'd agree. It's a rather er— experimental drug cocktail but I'm sure you can take it. Probably. I mean, the side effects aren't super serious. Ahem. Non-fatal. Certainly. Of course, you'd get a chunky bonus! What do you say?

  • "No thanks. I'll just take the regular payment."
  • "Yes please. Count me in."


Me: Yes please. Count me in.

Howard beams: Oh- fantastic! I wasn't expecting- I mean, most people turn it down, heh. You're committed to science. We need folks like you!

As he talks, Howard excitedly prepares some sort of concoction in a cup at a table behind. Finally, he turns and hands it to you.

He says: Here we are. Yum yum. Drink up.

  • Drink the liquid.

(Stamina check)

You gulp down the weird foamy sludge, draining the cup entirely. For a moment you feel entirely normal, before a series of strange hallucinations start. Your body sways, palms clammy with sweat, as strange images glide across your vision - giant suns explode into millions of trippy faces, each one an odd variant of Howard's own face…

Me: I- I feel strange…

Howard reassures you: You're doing great! Your bio-reads are good. Nearly there!

More strange effects assault your senses. A shuttle engine whooshes behind you but when you turn, there's only a gang of cackling Ruins Rats there, who throb ever bigger as your pulse quickens. You know this isn't real, but it doesn't make it any less unpleasant. Finally, a few units later, the stupor wears off and you again find yourself stood alone in a room with Howard.

Howard says: Quite a trip huh?! We're working on ways to control the side-effects… And when we do… Well, oh boy! The creds will be rolling in. We'll have a working cure for baldness! And you'll have done your bit for progress. You should be proud!

Howard's excitement is palpable as he hands you a cred chit.

He says: Here's your bonus payment. Gimme a moment and I'll go get your regular wage too.

You have received 10.00 credits.


Me: No thanks. I'll just take the regular payment.

Howard nods understandingly.

Howard says: OK. Maybe next time…

Either choice continues:

  • Collect your regular pay.

Howard hands you some credits.

Howard says: Here you go. You did very well. We can always use more data if you want to come back for more testing!


You have completed the 'Test Subject' job.

You have received 17.00 credits.

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