The Lion’s Den

As you are passing by the security offices, a commotion catches your attention. An angry man is arguing with some of the officers outside.

Level: 11
Start: Emmeline, Security, Hopkins' Legacy


As you draw closer, one of the officers asks the irate man to wait a moment and disappears inside the building. He returns shortly, with a woman in tow. She wears the scarlet jacket of the Lionhearts, and speaks lowly to the man, laying a familiar hand on his upper arm.

  • This isn't my business.
  • Get closer so you can hear.

Isn't my business:

You wander off, the angry sounds fading behind you.

You have failed the "The Lion's Den" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

Get closer:

As you draw closer, the man raises his voice.

He says: You're just going to stay here and do nothing? They might have chosen to stay, but they're still our family, our friends!

He clenches his fists, head bowed. The woman starts to say something, but he shakes her arm off angrily and stalks off. The woman sighs, her face troubled as she watches him go. The two guards return to their posts, but the woman remains, looking after the angry man for a long while.

  • "What was all that about?"
  • This isn't my business.

Isn't my business:

You wander off, the angry sounds fading behind you.

You have failed the "The Lion's Den" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

What was that:

Me: What was that all about? Is everything okay?

Your words seem to startle her out of her reverie, and she shakes her head a bit, blinking as though waking.

She says: Ah, no. It was nothing. Just a bit of a … Ah, nothing to worry about.

You have accepted the "The Lion's Den" mission.

  • Act upset at his behavior on her behalf.
  • "Okay, bye."
  • Convince her you might be able to help.

(social check)

Me: Maybe I can help? It sounds like he was really upset.

She looks at you and a small smile plays at the corner of her mouth.

She says: That's kind of you to offer. Robert is upset because his sister, Clorinda, didn't show up for her daily rations today or yesterday. She lives beyond the wall, so he's worried for her. But I can't do much to help.

  • "Why can't you help?"
  • "Why do people live beyond the wall?"
  • "You give rations to people on the other side of the wall?"

Why beyond the wall:

Me: Why do people live beyond the wall?

She sighs and absently touches the Lionhearts patch that's sewn to the chest of her jacket.

She says: There is an ongoing conflict between the Lionhearts and some other factions on the station. Some of them have joined us over the years, but others are so violent that we had no choice but to build the wall. Anyone who wanted to was invited to join us on this side. Many chose to stay over there. Robert's sister is one of those who stayed.

  • "Why can't you help?"
  • "You give rations to people on the other side of the wall?"

Give rations:

You give rations to people on the other side of the wall?

She says: We didn’t use to be able to, but with the Tanegashima here now, we have the resources to feed everyone on the station.

  • "Why can't you help?"

Me: Why can't you help?

She says: My authority and abilities end at the wall. I'm known over there, so I wouldn't be able to do much good. A lot of people over there see me as the enemy.

  • "I don't think I can help."
  • "Is there nothing that can be done to help him?"

Can nothing be done:

Me: Is there nothing that can be done to help him?

She says: What I really need is someone to get in there and be my eyes and ears. Someone who's not known to the Exiles as a Lionheart.

She eyes you up and down, tilting her head to the side as she takes you in.

She says: You certainly look like you're a resourceful person. What do you say about helping me out? I can make it worth your while. I can't promise it's entirely safe, but I could really use the assistance.

  • "Why me?"
  • "No thanks. It sounds too dangerous."
  • "Sure I can help."

Why me:

Me: Why me?

She says: Well, like I said. You look resourceful. Like someone who's seen some action. This station is huge, but the population isn't. We might not all know each other, but if there's someone we don't know, we know someone who does know them and so on. It's a small tangled mess, and there's no way I could go in or send in one of my folk.

She smiles slightly.

She says: You might even just go unnoticed.

  • "No thanks. It sounds too dangerous."
  • "Sure I can help."


Me: Sure I can help.

She says: Thanks, I appreciate it! Oh, I'm Emmeline, by the way.

  • "<name>. Nice to meet you."
  • "I'm <name>."
  • "The name's <name>."

Nice to meet you:

Me: <name>. Nice to meet you.

She says: Nice to meet you. Okay. If you're ready, head over to the wall and speak with Touma. He's running operations over there. I'll let him know you're coming, and why.

Meet Touma in the ruins.

Next NPC: Touma, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Touma.

Touma is overseeing the loading of crates of rations onto a hoversled when you arrive at the wall. Armed guards stand ready, wearing full armor and waiting patiently for the huge gate to be opened. Touma nods as you approach, apparently having been given your description by Emmeline. He breaks away from the person he was talking to and motions for you to follow him a short distance away from the rest of the group.

He says: <name>, right? Emmeline told me you were coming.

You nod and he bows slightly, lowering his voice and glancing back at the hoversled.

He says: Okay, listen up. I'm going to get you through the gate, but you're going to have to find a way to slip off on your own. My supervisor is here today, and there will be hell to pay if she thinks someone from off station slipped off to talk to the Exiles. You got it?

  • "Why does she care if I talk to the Exiles?"
  • "Got it."


Me: Why does she care if I talk to the Exiles?

Touma says: Because someone has been smuggling in arms to them. In the past few days, we've noticed they are better armed and armored all of the sudden. That's why my supervisor is here, so you need to be careful. Emmeline is vouching for you. That's the only reason I'm letting you go in.

  • "Got it."

Me: Got it.

He says: Great. Go help them finish up with those crates. I've told them you're here as a volunteer.

  • Help with the crates.

You go over to where Touma pointed and start helping to load the hoversled. Touma is speaking with a short, middle aged woman wearing Tanegashima colors. Her eyes scan the area, rest momentarily on you, narrow, and then move on. Soon, all the crates are on board and you and the other volunteers start moving toward the gate. On either side of you, heavily armed Tanegashima and Lionheart soldiers take up positions, checking weapons one last time or joking with each other.

Ahead of you, the enormous gate starts to swing open. Lights at the two guard towers that flank the gate start flashing, and the guards in the towers train enormous weapons into the space beyond.

Touma says: Alright! Let's move out!

Slowly, the hoversled begins to float forward. The volunteer next to you looks around nervously, eyes straining to see into the ruins.

  • "Are all these guards really necessary?"
  • Say nothing.


You stay silent as the hoversled moves out. The volunteer next to you seems quite nervous, and looks around at the ruined buildings and streets with wide eyes.

  • Enter the ruins.

The convoy moves slowly past the gate, which closes behind you with a loud thud. As soon as it shuts, people start creeping out from behind the nearby ruined buildings. At Touma's direction, they begin queuing into a line.

He says: Line up, line up. No pushing. There's plenty for all, you just need to wait your turn.

His supervisor stands nearby, eyes alert, watching the line, watching the shadows, watching all of you near the hoversled.

This is the only chance you'll have to slip away!

  • Try to slip away unnoticed.
  • Try to create a distraction.

Slip away:
(Agility check)

The guards wander back and forth, keeping a watchful eye. They're not paying as much attention to the volunteers, however, and soon there's a moment that's simply perfect. You grab a ration pack then slip aside, melting into the hungry crowd.

  • Sneak away to the ruins.

You walk away from the large group of people, casually strolling and holding the pack of rations you nabbed where everyone can see them. No one seems to give you a second thought, and they assume you got your rations and are leaving.

Me: Time to figure out where Clorinda is.

The crowd near the gate is growing, as people come out of the alleys and dilapidated buildings. As they get their rations, they gather together in small groups, chatting and eating.

Search for Clorinda in the ruins.

Next area: Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Find a spot to eavesdrop.
  • Ask around about Clorinda.

(Intelligence check)

You move from group to group, listening. Finally, you hear Clorinda's name being spoken. You join the group next to them, making small talk while you keep your ears open. Nearby, a man is speaking with two women.

He says: Did you hear? Clorinda and a few others, they got grabbed.

The women make sounds of dismay.

One of them says: You know, I went over by Pickering earlier today. Janice and I thought we might look for some leaking water pipes. Anyhow, this huge Mall steps out of the shadows – near scares us half to death! She's all waving this fancy gun at us and telling us to scram.

The man says: Pickering?

She says: Yeah, you know, over that way.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see her point. Deeper into the ruins, and further from the gate.

  • Head over to Pickering.

You make your way in the direction that this Pickering is supposed to be in. Finally, you come to an intersection. Street names were painted on the walls of the buildings here long ago, and you can just make out one that does indeed say “Pickering.” But which way to go?

  • Turn right on Pickering.
  • Turn left on Pickering.


You wander for a ways up Pickering, past destroyed buildings and signs of old battles. After a while, you come to a place where the road ends in a T-intersection. You haven't seen any sign of people for some time.

  • Head the other way down Pickering.

You turn around and backtrack your steps. You haven't gone far in the other direction when you see movement.

  • Stand your ground.
  • Try to hide and observe.

(Agility check)

You slip gracefully between two huge slabs of fallen walls. Crouching low, you melt into the shadows just as a heavily armored person patrols by. You wait until they've passed, then creep back out onto the street. At the end of Pickering, stands a large warehouse.

  • Continue toward the warehouse.

You move down the street, eyes scanning the area. The guard behind seems to be the only one in this area, though you see another in the distance where a side street leads to the warehouse.

The front door of the warehouse is slightly ajar, so you sneak up, listening for any sound, then peek inside. Nothing in this first room.

  • Push open the door.

You push the door open a little more then slip in. You move as silently as possible, until you hear voices. You've come to a catwalk, below which is a large room. Two guards sit playing holopoker, their movements prompting the hologram cube in the center to project tumbling chips onto the table. Nearby, five people sit tied to chairs, dirty rags in their mouths. One of them sees you, and her eyes widen. This must be Clorinda!

She glances at the two guards, then at you, then pointedly looks up. Following her gaze, you see a large metal hook that sits suspended from the ceiling. It's set directly above the table!

  • Try to release the hook on the guards.
  • Try to leap from the catwalk and take out the guards yourself.

(Intelligence check)

Moving slowly, you unhook a chain, untangle a complicated knot of metal links, and then untwine the chain from around the fence that borders the catwalk.

You take a breath, then release the chain. The hook goes plummeting downwards! It CRASHES! into the table, then tips over on the two guards, pinning them.

You wait a moment, to see if anyone has been summoned by the loud crash, but no one comes, and the guards lay still.

Next NPC: Clorinda, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Release the prisoners

You rush over to the prisoners, releasing them from their gags and then untying them. Clorinda coughs, spitting out the fabric.

She says: I can't believe that actually worked! Thank you! Who are you?

You explain and she smiles as she rubs the raw marks on her wrists.

She says: Trust Robert to always be looking out for me. We were captured by men of Gilbert's band. He's not here, but I heard them say he was on his way. We should get out of here.

  • “Why were you captured?”
  • “Let's get out of here.”
  • “Who's Gilbert?”
  • Search the guards.


Me: Who's Gilbert?

Clorinda says: He's the leader of the Exiles. Nasty piece of work, but also dumb as bricks. No clue why he's in charge.

  • “Let's get out of here.”
  • “Why were you captured?”
  • Search the guards.

Why captured:

Me: Why were you captured?

She says: That idiot Gilbert knows that my brother is on the other side of the wall. Even though I told the guards my brother is a nobody over there, they thought they could use me as leverage.

  • “Leverage for what?”
  • “Let's get out of here.”


Me: Leverage for what?

She scowls, saying: That's the stupid part. He was convinced that he could try to trade me for them taking the wall down. Like, why? I'm no one!

One of the other prisoners comes up behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

He says: She's not no one. She's the daughter of one of the Lionheart generals. She's also a doctor.

Clorinda says: My father hates me, Haami, there's no reason he'd bargain for me back.

She pushes the hand off her shoulder and goes to check on the other prisoners. Haami watches her go, shaking his head.

Me: Clorinda and her father don't get along?

Haami says: Ah … I … maybe we should look into getting out of here.

Next NPC: Haami, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Convince Haami to talk to you.
  • Make him tell you.

(Social check)

Me: It's okay, I just want to help. It will help those on the other side of the wall understand what's going on over here too.

Haami sighs, nodding.

Well, if it'll help. Her father was upset when Clorinda wouldn't come join him when the wall was being built. He was very angry, and he said that she was dead to him. I don't believe it was true. I think he was mostly scared for her.

  • “Why stay on this side of the wall?”

Me: Why stay on this side of the wall?

Haami says: We're not all members of the Exiles over here. Some people don't want to join the Lionhearts or their new masters, the Tanegashima. Others are set in their ways. They fought for the part of the station they have and they don't want to give it up. And not everyone is part of a violent militia like the Exiles.

He looks towards Clorinda again. She's kneeling before an older woman, wrapping strips of cloth she tore from her own shirt around the woman's wrists.

Haami says: Clorinda stays for them. She's one of the only doctors on this portion of the station. She doesn't take sides. She treats everyone. She's even treated some of the Exiles, and this is how they repay her.

Clorinda comes back and joins you.

She says: Ready to go?

Next NPC: Clorinda, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • “Let's get out of here.”
  • Search the guards.

(Intelligence check)

You pat the guards down, discarding the fingerprint recognition rifles, and tying up the guards with the ropes they had used on their captives. Eventually, you reach into one of their vests and pull out a rolled up scroll.

Clorinda comes over as you unroll it and nods in recognition.

She says: That's the 3rd district. Over on Elm and High Street. I've suspected that Gilbert had a hideout there. Now we know for sure!

  • “Let's get out of here.”

Me: Time to go. Everyone okay to walk?

Clorinda says: We are, but we're not coming with you. I have to stay. I'm the only doctor these people have. Come on, Haami.

She and Haami gather up the weapons from the guards.

She says: I know someone who can hack these. We'll be better armed from now on, and more aware. Gilbert's men won't get the jump on us again.

She walks up to you and offers her hand.

She says: Thanks for your help. Please, tell my brother I love him. I will be more careful, and I'll be back for rations tomorrow.

She turns to help the other woman, and Haami nods at you as they pass.

Next Area: Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Return to the gate.

You make your way back to the gate, avoiding the guards on the outside of the building. When you get back to the wall, you blend in with the crowd, then slip back into your place near the back of the hoversled. You get there just in time to help hand out the last packet of rations to the rest of the people in line.

Touma makes his way over to you.

He says: Saw you sneak back in. You get what you needed to done?

Next NPC: Touma, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • “Yes, and I found something that you'll be interested in.”

Me: Yes, and I found something that you'll be interested in.

You hand him the scroll and he unrolls it.

Me: According to Clorinda, this location is Gilbert's hideout. And this is where the captives were. They said Gilbert was heading there soon.

Touma's eye widen, and he looks at you with surprise.

He says: If you're right, we need to move on these locations right away. Excuse me. Oh, and, good work.

He walks off, motioning for one of his soldiers to accompany him as he goes to talk with his supervisor. The hoversled starts up, a soft whir of its engines coming online, and you move out with the convoy. The gate swings shut behind you.

Talk to Emmeline in Security.

Next NPC: Emmeline, Security, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Emmeline.

Emmeline is speaking with a short man in a Lionhearts military uniform when you arrive.

She says: Kyle, calm down. I got word from Touma that she's fine. Ah, see? Here's my operative now.

She motions for you to approach.

She says: <name>, this is Kyle Williams, Clorinda's father.

You tell him the story, and his face grows grave when he hears about her staying behind.

He says: But she's alive. She's safe and she's armed now.

He starts pacing the room.

  • “About my reward …”
  • “She's one of the only doctors they have over there.”

Only doctors:

Me: She's one of the only doctors they have over there.

Kyle pauses his stride, looking at you with wide eyes.

He says: She … she is?

Emmeline says: I tried to tell you that, Kyle. She feels very strongly about helping those who've been shut out on the other side.

Kyle lowers his head, his face troubled.

He says: I … I think I … should make sure she has the supplies and equipment she needs to help those people. Excuse me, I have some people to talk to.

He rushes out the door, Emmeline smiling after him.

  • Get your compensation.

Emmeline says: Wow, <name>. You're really a person of many talents, aren't you? And speaking of, I heard you did a great job.

She accesses her CORETECHS, tapping at the air and then swiping aside the display that only she can see.

She says: I've sent along your compensation. Thanks again for your help over there! Touma and his people raided both locations. Gilbert didn't show at the warehouse, but Touma's forces took over a small base that the Exiles were using and recovered a cache of weapons. Still no clue who's supplying those. You did good today, friend.

You have received 175.00 credits.

You have completed the "The Lion's Den" mission.

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