The Silent One


Hearing safe with subsonic ammunition, this weapon is silently deadly


Ranged Weapon (Handgun)
Tier: 3
Rarity: Rare


  • Piercing Damage: 0
  • Impact Damage: 0
  • Energy Damage: 10.08


Accuracy: 0.234
Weight: 1.19 Kg
Value: 2069 cr


  • Originally called "Handgun Reclaim"
  • Original description: "An antique, this handgun may well be from the Pre-Catastrophe era. It doesn’t appear similar in style, or technology, to any modern make. Handgun Reclaim is always cold to the touch."
  • Drops from Discreet Work on Hopkins' Legacy
  • Drops from Discreet Work on Yards of Gadani
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