The White Lady

During a visit to the White Lady, you see an older man take the stage. He carries an electrolute and takes a seat at the empty mic.

Level: 11
Start: Hugh, Bar, Hopkins' Legacy


You find a seat at a small table for two as the gentleman on the stage sets up and plucks a few notes to check his tune.

  • Stay and listen.
  • "I don't have time for stories today."

Don't have time:

You leave, the sounds of cheers behind you as you walk away.

You have failed the "The White Lady" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


A serving bot comes by and takes your order while the performer taps a few panels on the lute's neck, which glows with multicolored lights as he works.

You have accepted the "The White Lady" mission.

  • Order a water.
  • Don’t order anything.
  • Order a scotch.
  • Order a beer.


The serving bot produces a tray with your drink on it, and you exchange credits for the glass. A voice comes over the speakers, soft and melodic.

It says: Honored guests of the White Lady, please put your hands together for Hugh, storyweaver extraordinaire!

Enthusiastic applause ripples around you, and Hugh nods his thanks and begins to sing.

  • Listen to Hugh.
  • "Actually, I'll come back another day."

Don't order:

Me: Nothing for me, thanks.

The bot rolls away, heading to take another customer’s order.

  • Listen to Hugh.
  • "Actually, I'll come back another day."

Another day:

Me: Actually, I'll come back another day.

You stand up and leave, downing your drink and leaving the sounds of cheers behind you.

You have failed the "The White Lady" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Hugh strums the electrolute, which lights up as he moves his deft fingers. He tells a tale of a mysterious figure. A woman, who is seen walking atop the walls of the castle. In the tale, two lovers quarreled, and one of them, distraught, threw herself from the top of the castle walls.

A voice says: This seat taken?

You look up and see a woman gesturing to the extra seat at your table.

  • "Help yourself."
  • "I'm waiting for someone."

Help yourself:

Me: Help yourself.

She says: Thanks!

She pulls the chair out and flops into it unceremoniously, kicking a booted foot up onto your small table and leaning precipitously back on the chairs two hind legs.

  • Go back to listening.

Hugh is singing about the heartbreak of the lover left behind now, who died of a heart attack when she heard the news of her lover's death. Now, the heartbroken ghost walks the high walls of the castle, white gown rippling as she moves, trying to find and stop her love from hurling herself over the wall. Eternally searching and weeping as she walks.

The crowd is captivated, and here and there, a hand strays to wipe a tear. Nearby, an enormous Mall sniffles, then glares when they see that you’ve noticed. There's one who isn't moved by the tale, however. Next to you, the woman who joined you sighs heavily. Once the applause dies down she rolls her eyes.

She says: Play us a drinking song, Hugh! Enough of these tall tales! There is no bloody ghost.

  • Say nothing.
  • "Ah, let him speak!"
  • "Aye, let's drink!"

Let him speak:

Me: Ah, let him speak! He's on the stage for a reason.

The woman rolls her eyes at you.

Hugh says: No worries! A drinking song it is, Hazel!

Hugh forces a smile and launches into a more upbeat song. Soon, the entire place is clapping along and joining in on the choruses. Hugh plays for a while longer, then exits the stage to tumultuous applause. He pulls off the hat he's wearing, tips it upside down, taps a button on its rim and then lets it go. It hovers in the air momentarily, wobbling slightly, then the drone built into the top of it stabilizes its balance and starts flying the hat around the room, collecting tips from the crowd.

Hugh makes his way to the bar. On the way there, he stops and talks with Hazel, though his words are too low for you to hear. She is rolling her eyes again and he is shaking his head as he walks away.

  • Talk to Hazel.
  • Go talk to Hugh.
  • "I've seen enough for today."
  • Toss a 30 credit tip into the hat.


You toss 30 credits into the hat, which causes a light to run around the brim and a pleased sounding trill to play. Across the room, Hugh sees what you’ve done and raises his glass to you with a wide smile.

  • "I've seen enough for today."
  • Go talk to Hugh.
  • Talk to Hazel.


Hugh is perched in a stool at the bar, attending to a large mug of beer. He sees you approaching and kicks out the stool next to him.

He says: Pull up a seat, friend! Welcome to Hopkins' Legacy! You're new around these parts, aren't you. And thanks for the creds, too, by the way! Always happy to drink with a patron of the arts!

  • “Seems like not everyone believes in the ghost.”
  • “Do you really think there's a ghost?”

Not everyone believes:

Me: Seems like not everyone believes in the ghost.

Hugh starts to say something, then glances in the direction of the woman. He smiles slightly and shrugs.

  • Act offended on his behalf.
  • Convince him to talk to you.

(Social check)

Me: Maybe she hasn't seen the ghost herself?

Hugh laughs and nods.

Hugh says: Aye, Hazel hasn't seen her yet, but I'm not the only one who has! There are countless numbers of us. Why, you could go around this room and probably every other person or more has seen her! Honestly, Hazel hasn't gone to where you can see the ghost from. I wonder why that is …

He smirks at you and winks.

  • “Do you really think there's a ghost?”

Me: Do you really think there's a ghost?

Hugh grins at you then takes a long pull on his mug, wiping droplets of beer from his long, gray mustache and beard with his sleeve.

He says: Oh, aye. That I do! I've seen her myself! She walks slowly at the top of the ramparts, a tattered dress of white fluttering behind her as she goes!

He waggles his fingers, imitating the dress.

  • A voice says, "Did I hear my name?"

A voice from behind Hugh makes him turn away from you. Hazel has come up to the bar with a smirk on her face.

Hazel says: Is my name being dropped over here? I think I felt my ears burning.

Hugh smiles and tilts his head slightly, taking in the smirking woman.

Hugh says: How about a wager.

  • “What wager?”

Me: What wager might that be?

Hugh looks between you and Hazel and grins.

He says: I'll bet that neither of you can make it to the top of the ramparts and prove that the ghost isn't real. You think there's an explanation for the White Lady? I'll bet you can't find one! Prove me wrong, and I'll pay up. But if I'm right, you owe me!

Hazel's eyes narrow, and she looks back and forth between the two of you.

Hazel says: No one has ever made it to that part of the battlements.

  • “What are you, chicken?”
  • “Why hasn't anyone been able to make it up there?”


Me: Why hasn't anyone been able to make it up there?

Hazel says: That part of the wall is dangerous! I mean, the stairs that lead up to it were caved in before I was even born. People have tried, but no one's been able to scale the wall or make it over the broken parts.

Hugh says: So what do you say? You game?

Hazel smirks and grabs Hugh’s proffered hand, pumping it once up then down in a rough shake.

She says: You're on, old man. What about you? You coming?

  • “I ain't afraid of no ghost.”
  • “No way. This is a waste of time.”

Not afraid:

Me: I ain't afraid of no ghost.

Hazel stands up next to you, claps you on the shoulder, and grins at Hugh.

She says: Alright! We take your bet, Hugh! Better be prepared to pay up!

She looks at you and winks.

She says: I'll meet you at the wall, new comer.

Meet Hazel at the Inn.

Next area: Inn, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Meet Hazel at the wall.

The wall surrounding the castle is massive, and you don't see Hazel right away. Here and there, people wander, exploring the grounds and looking up at the high wall. A small booth with a merchant selling White Lady themed items draws a few visitors, and a small child walks away from it with one hand clutching his mothers' and the other grasping a small white doll.

Hazel is nowhere to be seen.

  • Ask if anyone has seen Hazel.
  • Search for Hazel.

(Intelligence check)

You search the grounds, and finally manage to find Hazel in the courtyard inside the walls. She's looking up at the crumbled wall when you approach.

Next NPC: Hazel, Inn, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Hazel.

Hazel beams when she sees you.

She says: We're going to show him, aren't we … uh, right. We haven't actually met, I guess. I'm Hazel.

  • “I know. The name's <name>.”
  • “<name>. Nice to meetcha.”
  • “I'm <name>.”

Nice to meet:

Me: <name>. Nice to meetcha.

She says: Back atcha. Okay, so. Up there is where the “ghost” is supposed to do her little walkabout.

She points up at the ramparts. The wall here is heavily damaged. Part of the top of it has crumbled inwards, and huge blocks now rest in the inner courtyard where you're standing.

Hazel says: Now we just need to find a way up.

  • Search for a way up.
  • Ask around to see if anyone knows a way up.

(Intelligence check)

Me: Okay, I see two possible routes.

You explain them to Hazel, pointing out the paths.

She says: limb straight up that unbroken part of the wall or try to navigate along the top of this wobbly debris. Are you feeling strong or spry today?

  • Try to climb the wall.
  • Try to make your way over the debris.

(Strength check)

You find it challenging, but entirely possible to scale the wall. The large blocks of regocrete that make up the walls provide convenient handholds, and soon you are nearly halfway up the wall! Hazel climbs beside you, and she manages not only to keep up, but to draw ahead of you from time to time.

Suddenly, she stops, frozen, her eyes on the top of the wall. When you glance up, you see the slightest glimpse of something white between the crenellations. It's there, then gone before you can make it out. Next to you, Hazel has gone pale.

Hazel says: It's not a ghost. It's NOT a ghost.

With a grimace and a deep breath, she focuses back on the wall and starts to climb again.

She says: Come on! We're almost there.

  • Keep going.

You continue up the wall, navigating cracks and passing over more damaged areas. Finally, the two of you are pulling yourselves onto the walkway on the top of the wall. The battlements come to about your shoulder, with gaps in between. You're right about where you saw the white thing, but for now, there's nothing to be seen. Behind you, the wall is destroyed. Ahead, the walkway is damaged, but passable. It leads to one of the towers, and the door to the tower stands slightly ajar.

Next to you, Hazel is looking at the door with wide eyes. She's biting her bottom lip and glances at the route down.

  • “Do you want to wait here?”
  • “Looks like the tower is where we're headed.”

Want to wait:

Me: Do you want to wait here?

She looks up at you, startled.

She says: What? Wait? Why? No, no. I'm fine. I'm totally fine. There is a reasonable explanation for all of this, and we're going to find it.

She strides forward, though her earlier bravado seems a bit dampened. The two of you cross the battlements, which are wide enough for you to walk two abreast. Ahead, the metal door swings slightly, and you realize there's an odd breeze way up here. Hazel notices it too, as she pushes a long strand of hair off her face

She says: The station's air filtration fans must be nearby.

You both look up, but all you see is darkness.

  • Call out to anyone who might be inside.
  • Enter the tower.

Call out:

Me: Hello? Anyone in there?

The only thing you hear is the creaking of the door as it swings gently.

  • Enter the tower.

Me: In we go.

You approach the door and pull it toward yourself. It creaks as you open it, the metal hinges rusted and cracked with age. The door opens onto a landing, with stairs spiraling up and down the tower inside. The way down is blocked, rubble from a hole in the tower above having fallen and blocked it.

Hazel says: Up we go!

  • Ascend the tower.

(Stamina check)

Up and up and up you climb. Some stairs are missing or crumbled, and the railing that once ran up the inner wall of the tower has fallen down in some places, making it a hindrance instead of a help.

Finally, you reach the top of the tower! A door stands before you. Hazel reaches out and tries the handle.

She breathes: It's unlocked! Here's the moment of truth!

  • Enter the room.

You and Hazel peer into the darkened room. In the center of the room, a figure stands, dressed all in white. You can barely make her out in the darkness, but this is certainly the White Lady! Beside you, Hazel gasps.

She says: Uh, I … uh …

She's gone completely white now herself. She stands, rooted to the spot in shock.

  • Convince her to come along.
  • Act protective.

(Strength check)

Me: Hazel, it's going to be okay. I'll protect you from whatever … that is.

She narrows her brow, and then shakes herself slightly.

She says: Protect … me? Uh, No thanks. No, I'm good. There's no such … thing as a ghost. Let's go.

  • Approach the white figure.

The two of you enter the room, blinking slightly as your eyes adjust to the lesser light. Were it not for holes in the walls, the room would be entirely dark. You walk slowly towards the figure in white. As you approach, it turns slowly. You hear Hazel draw a shaky breath.

The figure says: Artie? Is that you? I found Richie's bear, but I seem to be stuck.

As you draw closer, the woman holds an arm out towards you. She seems to be holding a stuffed bear, but only part of the bear remains: the arm she holds, part of the torso and a leg, and part of the head. Dingy gray stuffing hangs down from the filthy brown partial-bear.

  • Examine the figure.
  • "It IS a ghost! RUN!"


Hazel follows as you move slightly closer, pulling a light out of her vest and shining it on the figure. Like the bear, the woman in white is filthy and covered in dust. The white dress she wears is in tatters, with a black scorch mark near her left shoulder. The scorch mark travels up her body, leaving half of her head without hair, and a deep gouge in her temple. She blinks, her white eyes scanning the room for you.

She says again: Artie? Is that you? I found Richie's bear. Artie?

Hazel lets out a breath next to you and you see her relax, her shoulders finally coming away from where they'd crept up.

Hazel says: She's an android! Let's figure out what she's doing up here.

  • “Who are you?”
  • “Who is Artie?”
  • “What are you doing up here?”

Who are you:

Me: Who are you?

The android pauses, her mouth moving, as though she is about to speak, but no sound comes out.

She says: I … do not know. My memory seems to be spotty.

She looks down at herself.

She says: I seem to be injured.

  • “Who is Artie?”
  • “What are you doing up here?”

What are you doing:

Me: What are you doing up here?

The android says: We spent the day at the castle, Artie, Richie, and me. We were about to head back home when Richie said he'd forgotten his bear. I came up here to retrieve it, but … There was an explosion. Yes, an explosion and then …

  • “Who is Artie?”

Me: Who is Artie?

The android tilts her head at your words. Slowly, she lets her arm fall back to her side, the worn bear flopping back and forth slightly.

She says: Artie … Arthur Brown. Do you know him? I am stuck here and I've been trying to get back to him.

You glance over at Hazel, but she shakes her head.

Hazel says: Never heard of him. I can check the station's logs, but … they only go back a few cycles and they only include Lionhearts and some known others.

  • "I don't have anymore questions."

Me: I don't have anymore questions for her.

The android tilts her head again, but this time the movement isn't smooth, and she jerks slightly.

She says: Artie? Is that you? I found Richie's bear, but I seem to be stuck. Hello? Is there someone there? Oh, hello. Have you seen Artie?

Hazel says: I checked the local citizen lists. There's no named Arthur or Richard Brown on them. What should we do with her? We can't just leave her up here.

Me: I think I know someone who can help her.

Hazel says: Who?

  • “A bot merchant and repairman on Tau Station, named Norbert.”
  • “Jon – uh, a hacker named Bitstrider.”
  • “Fellie Norbush, an employee of Benevolent Dynamics.”


Me: A bot merchant and repairman on Tau Station, named Norbert.


Me: Jon- uh, a hacker named Bitstrider.

You step away from the android, who has already forgotten who you are and who is asking about Artie again. Using your CORETECHS, you send a request to <your contact>. A few moments pass, as the signal travels through the jump gates. Finally, you see a small image of <your contact> in the lower corner of your screen.

If you chose Norbert:

  • Talk to Norbert.

Norbert says: Why <name>! It's been awhile! What treasure do you have for me today?

You explain the situation to him, and his face grows sad.

He says: Oh that poor, poor, dear. From the sounds of it, she's been up there since the Catastrophe! And it sounds like she's had her memory banks damaged. Let's see if we can take a look. Can you get to her?

Me: Yeah, she's right here.

Norbert says: Okay, tell her, “Diagnostic check. Please present access panel.”

If you chose Jonas:

  • Talk to Jonas.

Jonas says: You again. What do you want this time? And I'm only talking to you because you sort of helped me get cleared for the gate.

You explain the situation to him, and he frowns.

He says: You found a broken android? And from the sounds of it, she's been up there since the Catastrophe. Well, bad news is it sounds like her memory banks are fried. I guess we could check her out and see what's going on. Can you get to her?

Me: Yeah, she's right here.

Jonas says: Right, good. Tell her, “Diagnostic check. Present access panel.”

  • Run the diagnostic check.

You walk over to the android, who asks if you're Artie again. When you tell her what <your contact> said to ask, she nods and smiles, then turns away from you, pulling her half head of hair away from her back. At the top of her dress you see the edge of a panel that's at the nape of her neck. Gently, you lower her zipper enough to expose the panel between her shoulder blades.

If you contacted Norbert:

Norbert, who asked you to share your view, walks you through opening the panel. You press two corners, and it pops open, sticking slightly.

Norbert says: Okay, you need to navigate to her memory menus. Unfortunately, I've never seen this model, so I'm not sure how to help you with this.

If you contacted Jonas:

Jonas, who told you to share you view with him, begrudgingly walks you through opening the panel. You press two corners, and it pops open, sticking slightly.

Jonas says: You need to navigate to her memory menus. I could probably figure it out if I was on site there with you, but you're too slow for me to try to backseat drive with. Let me know when you've gotten to the menus.

  • Navigate to the android's memory menu.

(Intelligence check)

If you contacted Norbert:

You navigate through screen after screen, while Norbert scoffs at the bad interface design. Finally, though the screen flickers and the menus are confusing, you're able to find her memory menu.

Norbert says: Ah, there we go! That's what we're looking for. Select the second one down.

If you contacted Jonas:

You navigate through screen after screen, while Jonas laughs at the bad interface design. Finally, though the screen flickers and the menus are confusing, you're able to find her memory menu.

Jonas says: Right there. Select the second one down.

  • “Why? What does it do?”
  • Tap the second option.

What does it do:

Me: Why? What does it do?

If you contacted Norbert:

Norbert says: It’ll give us a diagnostic of her memory core. I think she was damaged in the blast. She seems to remember some things from Before, but she’s also stuck in some sort of weird loop. This might tell us why.

If you contacted Jonas:

Jonas says: Why why why. It'll give us a diagnostic of her memory core, okay? She got all jacked up in the blast. She seems to remember some things from Before, but she's also stuck in some sort of weird loop. This should tell us why.

  • Tap the second option.

If you contacted Norbert:

You tap the second option. Norbert sighs heavily when the screen displays the words, “Fatal Error.”

Norbert says: Oh. Well that's not good at all. She’s been heavily damaged. Her current memory core won’t allow for any new information to be stored.

If you contacted Jonas:

You tap the second option. The screen displays the words, "Fatal Error".

Jonas says: Right. Let's see … yup. Like I thought. She's been heavily damaged. Her current memory core won't allow for any new information to be stored.

He says: So, there's an option to reset her, but it will completely wipe her memory. Like, she goes back to factory basics. She won't remember this Artie or his son. And she won't have any memory of why she's up there. It will also set her personality to … well, a sort of blank slate. But we can give her a new memory core afterward. There’s no way to repair the one she has now.

Hazel says: It's not like she's a person. She's a machine. Who's … that's in a broken loop. I think it's an unkindness to leave her like this. Plus, she's pretty valuable.

If you contacted Norbert:

Norbert says: Perhaps. But who she is now will essentially … die. Or cease to exist, if you prefer. Hey, actually, tap the link that says, "Emergency Memory Activate." This will give her a bit of a longer time in between memory resets. Right now, she's stuck in the moment where she was injured. This should give you a small window where you can talk to her.

If you contacted Jonas:

Jonas says: True. But who she is now will essentially … die. I mean, as much as machines can die. Actually, select the link that says, "Emergency Memory Activate." We can give her a bit of longer time in between memory resets. Right now, she's stuck in the moment where she was injured. This will give us a small window where you can talk to her.

  • Press the link.

You press the link, and the android stands up a bit taller. She looks over her shoulder at you and says, “You are not Artie.”

You explain to her what's happened, and her face grows troubled. When you tell her about how people think she's a ghost, she smiles a little.

She says: Richie is afraid of ghosts. I tell him stories at night until he falls asleep. My owner and his son, you found no record of them? Perhaps they died in this Catastrophe you speak of. This is most distressing.

She looks down at the stuffed toy and then gently lays it down on a pile of rubble nearby.

She says: No time has passed for me, and yet … my dress is ruined. Artie is … probably dead. I am damaged. My … hair …

She reaches up a hand to touch the scorched side of her head.

Me: We can repair your memory, but it would bring you back to factory basics.

She says: I wonder if it is like dying. Will I forget Artie and Richie forever? Is it better that I do? I'm not sure I want that. Maybe I could stay up here? Play the part of the ghost, but have the memory of them. Or … I could be reset and … possibly be erased myself. I do not know what to choose. What do you think?

  • “You should do the memory wipe.”
  • “You should not do the memory wipe.”

You should not do the memory wipe:

Me: You shouldn't do the memory wipe.

Hazel shakes her head.

She says: She's worth a ton, <name>, are you sure about this?

  • “She has the right to stay here if she wants to.”
  • “Actually, let's do the memory wipe.”

She has the right:

Me: She has the right to stay here if she wants to.

Hazel frowns, then shrugs, rolling her eyes. You turn back to the android.

Me: Your personality is who you are. You don't need to do the memory wipe if you don't want to.

The android nods and picks up the bear, pressing it to her chest.

I think Richie would have found it amusing that people think I'm a ghost. I'll stay here, then. Thank you for waking me up. I … Artie? Is that you?

She tilts her head, then starts to walk slowly out of the room.

Hazel says: Not so fast!

She reaches into her pocket and then tosses a small circular object into the air. It bounces, suspended in the air for a moment, then spins to face her. Hazel pulls you close to the android and a quick flash of light tells you that the mini drone just took your picture.

Hazel says: Good luck, android! See you at the bar, <name>.

Hazel turns to leave the way you came in.

  • Leave with Hazel.
  • Watch the android do her loop.


You follow the android as she makes her slow way down the stairs to the landing. She opens the door then makes her slow way along the ramparts. When she reaches the debris, she turns around, and heads back to the door to the tower. As she reaches you, she asks about Artie. When you say you don't know him, she opens the door and passes inside, the white fabric of her gown trailing behind her.

You should do the memory wipe:

Me: You should do the memory wipe.

The White Lady nods, then takes a long look around the room. She picks up the bear and gently touches the stuffing that's dangling from it. She presses the ruined stuffed animal to her chest and holds it there. With a soft smile, she turns away from you again, moving the remains of her hair away from her screen on the back of her neck.

<Your contact> talks you through the process, and finally you come to a screen that asks you to confirm your choice. You tap the button, and the android slumps. The screen goes blank for a moment, and there's an instance where you wonder if you've broken something. Then the screen lights up again and you see it rebooting. After a few moments, the android straightens. The bear falls from her hand, its landing on the floor causing a small puff of dust to rise.

The android says: Nannybot 64tX3a online. Awaiting personality programming.

If you contacted Jonas:

Jonas says: Right. So, what do you say you guys let me take her off your hands. I've got a line on a few personality chips that I think will suit her. I can clean her up and give her a new … life. If you can get her down from there, bring her to my friend Simone in the market. She'll make sure the droid gets to me. K? Bye.

New goals: Bring the android to the Market.

  • Talk to the android.
  • Climb back down.

Talk to the android:

Me: Do you remember anything about how you got up here?

The android says: Current memory banks only contain data from the last few units.

Hazel says: You don't remember Artie? Richie?

The android says: Those names are not present in my databanks.

Climb down:

You search the tower and eventually come to the stairs that lead downwards. Hazel and the android have accompanied you this far, the android standing silently but remaining close by.

Me: Android, can you help move these stones?

She nods curtly and goes to work. Though she has a small frame, her bones are reinforced and she's much stronger than a human. She's able to clear out the way down for you all.

Hazel says: That's scary impressive. I'm glad she's on our side.

As the android works, you get a message on your CORETECHS.

  • Accept the message.

You swipe through the air, accepting the message.

If you contacted Jonas:

Jonas says: Okay <name>, I just finished talking to Simone. She's waiting for you and the droid in the market.

Me: Got it.

Working with the android, the three of you manage to clear the stairs. At the bottom of the tower, Hazel pauses.

Hazel says: We did it! There is no ghost. But … well, I don't think we should parade her through the station.

Hazel removes her jacket and helps the android put it on, pulling the hood up over her scorched head. The tattered remains of her white dress just peek out the bottom.

Hazel says: Okay. You can bring her to the shuttles now. No, wait!

Hazel reaches into her pocket and then tosses a small circular object into the air. It bounces, suspended in the air for a moment, then spins to face her. Hazel pulls you close to the android and a quick flash of light tells you that the mini drone just took your picture.

Hazel says: Good luck, android! See you at the bar, <name>.

Bring the droid to Simone in the Market.

Next NPC: Simone, Market, Hopkins' Legacy

Simone is bent over a table in the back of her shop, using a small pointed object to weld something. As you approach she looks up, eyes widening on seeing the android.

She says: Special delivery, eh? Thanks <name>. I'll take it from here.

Simone motions with her hand and the android walks to her, taking a spot next to the welding table. Simone nods you a farewell.

Meet Hazel at the bar.

Next NPC: Hazel, Bar, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Hazel.

Hazel smiles when she sees you and motions for you to hurry with her. Together, you cross the bar to where Hugh is sitting.

Hugh says: And that's when she said, "No thanks, I'm good. I have an arc spanner!"

The people at the table with him burst out laughing, slapping their knees and wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.

Hugh's eyebrows raise when he sees you. He excuses himself from the table with a slight bow, hat in hand pressed to his heart and his other hand dramatically high out at his side. He comes over to you with a twinkle in his eye.

  • Talk to Hugh.

Hugh says: Well?

You explain what happened, while Hazel tosses her drone up into the air. It hovers and then projects a small of the image of you, Hazel, and the android. Hugh reaches out, touching the image and then using his fingers to zoom in. He swears gently under his breath.

He says: Well I'll be! I guess science really did win this time. Okay, I made a promise and I'm a man of my word.

Hazel beams at him as he hands her a fist full of cred chips. Then she tosses you a wide smile as well.

Hazel says: Thanks, <name>. That was fun! We should debunk some other myths together some day. Right then, I'm off to spend my riches. Ta ta!

Hugh hands you your prize money, shaking his head.

He says: An android! And no mention of a lady love. I'll be.

If you chose not to do the memory wipe:

You have received 150.00 credits.

If you chose the memory wipe:

He claps you on the back and returns to his drink. A message flashes on your CORETECHS that you have an incoming connection.

  • Accept the connection.

You tap the air, accepting the connection from Jonas.

Jonas says: Well, <name>, this is the first time that you've dragged me into something that's actually be truly profitable for me. Simone told me that she took possession of the android. We'll fix her up and she should fetch us a pretty penny. I'm sending along a finder's fee.

You have received 250.00 credits.

Jonas says: Don't call again. That is, unless there's more truly profitable things to be had. But maybe don't call me unless you know for sure nothing's about to blow up. See you never!

You have completed the "The White Lady" mission.

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