The Wilds

Syndicates can create "Syndicate Storage" on their home station. It is essentially a communal version of regular player Storage.


The Wilds is a sub-area of the Ruins. This is the most dangerous part of the Ruins, where Ruins Rats run wild and often conflict with Syndicate members in intense skirmishes. Sometimes the Syndicates use the Wilds as storage for their newly discovered goods from the Wrecks, but beware. the Wilds are subject to looting and not everything stored here is safe.

Here in the Wilds, the Syndicates fight NPCs (soon) and make use of the space as "insecure storage". Once the Syndicate District is available, your team should speed up to build and use safe storage.


  • Small Storage: 50 slots, ??? Bonds
  • Medium Storage: 150 slots, 484 Bonds
  • Large Storage: 500 slots, 1209 Bonds


  • Default description:

The Wilds are a desperate warren of blind alleys and deadly corners. With unreliable lifeline systems, the area has become the domain of those to whom danger is mother’s milk. Feral tribes, solitary scavengers, and well-armed Syndicates roam these blood-soaked walkways, unhinged in equal parts by primal terror and the promise of bounties lurking in the rubble.

Syndicates use these bullet-riddled spaces for insecure storage, and many a bandit has been cut down attempting a bold raid on someone else’s well-guarded cache. Once a benign web of service tunnels; every inch of The Wilds now serves treachery and murder. Deep in the festering darkness, heartless animals track their prey guided by primordial instinct. Only fools come here without first securing a serious weapon and a clone back-up.

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