Every five player levels is grouped into a Tier. At present there are ten tiers, representing a possible 50 levels.


Levels Tier
1-5 1
6-10 2
11-15 3
16-20 4
21-25 5
26-30 6
31-35 7
36-40 8
41-45 9
46-50 10

Mathematical formula1

Tier = CEILING( Level / 5 )


The effectiveness of rations depends on your current tier. Rations of a tier equal to yours will have full effect; lower-tier rations will regenerate only a portion of your stats, and will grant the "Well Fed" buff for a shorter time. The effectiveness of medical stims similarly decreases, and toxicity increases, when you are a higher tier.

Weapons and armor are similarly grouped into Tiers. The worst equipment from any tier will generally be better than the best equipment from a lower tier. This includes even Epic equipment, which is generally the best for its tier but still inferior to higher-tier equipment.

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