Totally Legit Wares
Item Type Rarity Price
Aged Navigator’s Tsurugi Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 445.42 cr
Auto Slicer Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 250.55 cr
Basic Club Hand-to-Hand Club Common 252.87 cr
Bone Shiv Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 443.10 cr
Charged-Tip Copper Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Common 220.39 cr
Crude Charge Maul Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 821.24 cr
Dulled Bolt Cutters Hand-to-Hand Club Common 236.63 cr
Frayed Lead Sap Gloves Hand-to-Hand Club Common 248.23 cr
Furnace Pistol Ranged Handgun Common 234.31 cr
Grooved Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 828.20 cr
Homemade Taser Hand-to-Hand Club Common 201.83 cr
Kukri Hand-to-Hand Blade Rare 825.88 cr
Metal Shank Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 255.19 cr
Moldy Steel Sap Gloves Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 440.78 cr
OfficerC2 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 238.95 cr
Officer's Spark Nightstick Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 811.97 cr
Pipe with Grip Hand-to-Hand Club Common 255.19 cr
Pulse Rifle Ranged Rifle Uncommon 431.50 cr
PVP Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Common 218.07 cr
Ragtag Handgun Ranged Handgun Common 197.19 cr
Rusty Steel Pole Hand-to-Hand Club Common 252.87 cr
Shank Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 234.31 cr
Ship Captain’s Cutlass Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 457.02 cr
Slicer Pistol Ranged Handgun Common 257.51 cr
Slug Rifle Ranged Rifle Uncommon 431.50 cr
Small Pylon Brace Hand-to-Hand Club Common 222.71 cr
Student's Scalpel Hand-to-Hand Blade Rare 823.56 cr
The Legion’s Horn Ranged Handgun Uncommon 440.78 cr
Worn Carbon Nunchaku Hand-to-Hand Club Common 252.87 cr
Alamin Kinetic Vest Impact Armor Common 204.15 cr
Anti-Energy Coat Energy Armor Uncommon 438.36 cr
Anti-Energy Jump Suit Energy Armor Uncommon 436.14 cr
Anti-Energy Suit Energy Armor Rare 816.60 cr
Anti-Energy Vest Energy Armor Common 222.71 cr
Burnished Scale Mail Piercing Armor Uncommon 436.14 cr
Dented Composite Armor Impact Armor Rare 811.97 cr
Dilapidated Leather Dress Impact Armor Common 234.31 cr
Enhanced Trench Impact Armor Rare 823.56 cr
Harold's Jacket Impact Armor Common 238.95 cr
Leather Trench Coat Impact Armor Uncommon 457.02 cr
Lightly Padded Coat Impact Armor Uncommon 433.82 cr
Mildewed Leather Duster Impact Armor Common 236.63 cr
Misshapen Combat Vest Impact Armor Common 225.03 cr
Padded Overalls Energy Armor Rare 828.20 cr
Patchwork Combat Vest Piercing Armor Common 199.51 cr
Plastic Jumpsuit Energy Armor Uncommon 452.38 cr
Poly-vinyl Coveralls Energy Armor Common 211.11 cr
Ragged Bomber Jacket Impact Armor Common 201.83 cr
Reflective Catsuit Impact Armor Epic 730 Bonds
Reflective Suit Energy Armor Rare 816.60 cr
Ringed Poly-vinyl Jacket Energy Armor Rare 828.20 cr
Ripped Electrician's Overalls Energy Armor Common 218.07 cr
Ruined Robe Impact Armor Common 234.31 cr
Rusted Cuirass Piercing Armor Common 211.11 cr
Storm Armor Impact Armor Common 197.19 cr
Tarnished Combat Armor Piercing Armor Common 218.07 cr
Tattered Trench Coat Impact Armor Common 208.79 cr
The Shirt of Broken Rings Piercing Armor Common 206.47 cr
Wire Mesh Piercing Armor Common 231.99 cr

Located on Taungoo Station

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