Buy and sell goods, looking for profit whereever you can.


Primary: social
Secondary: stamina


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Stock Person 12.50 0
2 Hawker 46.00 0
3 Vendor 100.50 10
4 Apprentice Shopkeeper 174.00 10
5 Shopkeeper 267.50 20
6 Interstation Trader 379.50 20
7 Intrasystem Merchant 511.00 30
8 Intersystem Distributor 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.
The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Rank Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure Risk
Charm a customer 1 9.00 social Market The customer was happy with your service and gave you a generous tip. The customer storms off in a huff.
Restock the store 1 9.00 stamina Market You rearranged the products into neat lines, making sure every shelf was full. Sales increased and your boss was pleased. Your shelving skills left something to be desired. The store looked like a sight from the Ruins.
Attract more customers 1 24.00 social Market Politely addressing people with "Ser" went a long way. Your smile and charisma drew customers in like a magnet. People actively look away when you wave at them. Have you bathed recently?
Set up a kiosk 1 24.00 stamina Market You set up a temporary kiosk to help a shopkeeper sell their goods. In the middle, a rotating platform showed off the star product. You have trouble assembling the kiosk, and it falls over when you're done.
Vandalize a rival's stall 1 9.00 strength Market With a strong kick to the supporting leg, you sent a rival's market stall clattering to the floor. It took them segments to resume normal trading. (Illegal)
Work in sales 15 social Market Customers are apprehensive at first, but you talk them into spending. The customers seem to like keeping their credits more than they like you.
Hawk a stolen fuel cell 1 27.00 social Ruins A small-time fence hooked you up a stolen fuel cell. With honeyed words, you sold it to a gullible shuttle Captain for double the money. There were too many guards around to close the deal.
Study Consortium and Gaule business regulations 1,2 39.00 intelligence Anywhere You completed a short course about legal regulations. It's important to know where the line is, even if you might sometimes ignore it. You spent segments reading the same text over and over, but none of it went in.
Run a demo to boost rifle sales 1,2 43.00 social Market Customers were apprehensive at first, but your enthusiastic demo of the weapon convinced them to spend. You nearly shot yourself trying to demo the weapon. The customers kept hold of their credits after your ramshackle pitch. Your demo was a dangerous debacle, earning you a grazing wound from a stray bullet, no new sales, and a trip to Sick Bay. Sick Bay
Supervise a lazy apprentice 1,2 54.00 social Market You managed things well, keeping an eye on the young apprentice while dealing with customers. You were distracted by the apprentice's antics and the store fell into disarray.
Steal from the safe 1,2 63.00 agility Bank You were able to sneak a credit chit into your pocket while the boss was distracted. The boss caught you trying to steal credits and tossed you from her store. The safe was alarmed and the boss caught you easily. Security arrived within units to arrest you. Brig
Sell a batch of illegal stims 1,2 45.00 social Ruins You were able to covertly sell the stims for a local dealer, earning a hefty cut of the profit. Something in your demeanor scares the buyers off. Brig
Run the store for the day 1,2 54.00 stamina Market From open to close, you operate the store on your own. Your boss is pleased with the sales. Convinced that the day would never end, you try to close early. Your boss finds out and is not pleased.
Record a holo-vid commercial 1,2 54.00 social Market “Our prices will make your nebula swirl!” you chirped into the camera. The ad was a hit and drew in lots of new customers. Your attempts at humor in the commercial fell flat, offending people of various affiliations, genotypes and professions. Shoppers stayed away.
Supervise staff 15 social Market You manage things well, directing the staff and dealing with customers. You're overwhelmed by your duties and the store falls into disarray.
Negotiate a supply deal with a Ruins rat 2,3 69.00 social Port You got a great deal on scavenged batteries from a local Ruins rat. The Ruins rat swindled you with bad terms.
Manage the store during end-of-cycle sales 2,3 69.00 stamina Market The crowds come in waves, giving you very little breathing room. But you never fail to help everyone and keep the shelves stocked. Overwhelmed by the crowds, you bumbled your way through the day and the entire store suffered for it.
Cook the books 2,3 81.00 intelligence Anywhere The shop's numbers looked better after a little bit of creative accounting. You failed to make sense of the book-keeping program on the computer terminal. Your creative bookkeeping entries were too extravagant, arousing suspicion Brig
Order goods from a neighboring station 2,3 84.00 social Port There was a lot of detail, but you managed to get your store a great price on imported goods. You made a mistake and your order was sent to the wrong station, two interstellar jumps away. Oops.
Receive a freight delivery 2,3 84.00 social Port You greeted the ship's captain and signed for the delivery before it left the port. The ship's distrusting captain looked you over and rolled her eyes. "No way you're my contact." Your boss had to come sign for it instead.
Shortchange a freight ship captain 2,3 99.00 social Port The captain wasn't happy, but you convinced him to take a smaller payment than was agreed upon, pocketing the difference for yourself. The captain claimed you were violating the contract and stood firm for the full amount. The captain claimed you were violating the contract and called a guard. Brig
Create a system-wide trade body 3,4 114.00 stamina Anywhere You met with colleagues from other stations. It was long and arduous, but together you drew up a plan for a new trade body. The discussions were tetchy and you couldn't find a compromise that worked for everyone.
Attend a meeting of Consortium merchants 3,4 99.00 stamina Market The meeting lasted forever, but you made new contacts and picked up a few tips about trade tariffs. You said the wrong thing to the wrong person and got ejected from the meeting.
Invest in a risky venture 3,4 114.00 intelligence Market You invested in an experimental space-mining venture and it paid off. Dividends flowed back your way. You picked the wrong venture and the investment flopped.
Buy a shipment of Freebooter contraband 3,4 117.00 social Ruins You met with a shady contact to broker the deal, then hid the 'booter contraband in a safe spot. Station security caught wind of the deal. You laid low for a while after. Your 'booter contact was intercepted and security caught wind of the deal. They came for you shortly after. Brig
Create an intersystem distribution plan 270 stamina Anywhere The details are too complex and you can't find a compromise that works for the other distributors.
Negotiate a trade agreement 320 social Market The negotiations devolve into arguments and you don't reach an agreement.
Hire a sales team 4,5 129 stamina Market After rigorous interviews, you recruited an energetic new sales team. Profits increased. Despite a lengthy search, none of the candidates satisfied your requirements.
Rebrand your business 4,5 129 social Anywhere You designed a new logo inspired by a well-known nearby nebula. It got a lot of attention from customers. Your new logo design was a flop, confusing customers. You should've hired a professional.
Attend a trade expo 4,5 144 social Market You schmoozed with powerful business leaders over copious complementary synthehol, exchanging contact details. Your networking skills were terrible. You bumbled through the foyer, alienating everyone you spoke to.
Improve employee discipline 4,5 144 stamina Market You outlined harsh new fines for slacking staff. Productivity jumped. Employees didn't take your empty threats seriously. Productivity remained low.
Sell products to other systems 5-6 159 intelligence Anywhere Your ambitious expansion paid off. You're now selling to stations beyond the Jump Gate. You over-reached the business and the expansion was a failure.
Renegotiate wholesale contracts 5-6 174 stamina Anywhere You wielded considerable clout with suppliers, reducing wholesale prices after a long negotiation. Your suppliers were unamused by the effort to renegotiate contracts. They held firm.
Run a staff team-building event 5-6 174 social Anywhere You took the staff on a shuttle tour of a nearby nebula. Morale soared after. You took staff for a quick stim at the Bar. The measly offer disappointed them, hurting morale.
Swindle your taxes 5-6 189 intelligence Anywhere With some dodgy book-keeping you managed to evade half of this cycle's tax bill. Your dodgy book-keeping attempt failed at the first hurdle. You couldn't even work the software. Your dodgy book-keeping was found out. You pleaded with authorities, claiming an honest mistake, but they didn't believe you. Brig
Improve conditions for staff 6,7 189 stamina Market You installed artificial sunlight lamps in all employee areas. Job satisfaction soared. You bought a new hydroponic ivy for the staff kitchen. Hardly anyone even noticed it.
Sign a government contract 6,7 204 stamina Anywhere
Smear a rival retailer 6,7 249 social Anywhere You spread a false rumor about a rival merchant, hurting their sales and profiting from the fall out. Your attempt to smear a rival business backfired. Somehow the publicity actually boosted their sales. Your attempt to smear a rival backfired. In a quiet corridor, they ambushed you with sharpened shiv, exacting their revenge. You woke in Sick Bay, heavily bandaged. Sick Bay (Illegal) Your attempt to smear a rival business backfired. They reported you to the authorities. Brig
Design a new ad campaign 6,7 204 intelligence Lounge You hired a famous VR director and launched a jazzy new ad on the mesh. Your business is playing in the big leagues now. Customers reacted badly to your ad, calling your brand "as fun as breathing vacuum". You learned a tough marketing lesson.
Fire staff to cut costs 7 219 stamina Anywhere
Sell stocks on the system-wide exchange 7 219 stamina Government Center
Attract investment from the station governor 7 239 social Anywhere Your 3D holo-slides crashed halfway and the governor was turned off by your clunky pitch.
Cover up a junior colleague's malpractice 7 279 stamina Anywhere


  • Major revamp on 2019-Jun-15, which changed payment and added many new tasks

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