Ubina One-Life Trades
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
Bowie knife Weapon Common 1
Broken Slate Weapon Common 1
Burnished Scale Mail Armor Uncommon 1
Crate Hammer Weapon Common 1
Dulled Bolt Cutters Weapon Common 1
F-S Fighting Knife Weapon Common 1
Flak jacket Armor Common 1
Harold's Jacket Armor Common 1
Killjoy Weapon Epic 1 Bonds 722
Mil T01-V029-3.93x4-0.03 Medical Epic 1 Bonds 13
Mil T01-V031-3.10-2.90x3-2.70-0.035 Medical Epic 1 Bonds 12
Patchwork Combat Vest Armor Common 1
Reinforced Jumpsuit Armor Common 1
Reinforced Vest Armor Common 1
Shabby Uniform Armor Common 1
Ship Breaker's Multitool Weapon Uncommon 1
Strange Rod Weapon Common 1
Stun Stick Weapon Common 1
Tattered Trench Coat Armor Common 1
Thin Steel Pole Weapon Common 1

Located on Daedalus

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