Ubina One-Life Trades
Item Type Rarity Price
Battery-Rigged Short Plank Hand-to-Hand Club Common 161.27 cr
Biohazard Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Rare 577.61 cr
Boomer Ranged Handgun Common 169.50 cr
Bowie knife Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 171.14 cr
Carbon Club Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 314.31 cr
Carbon Mace Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 324.18 cr
Cargo Crank Hand-to-Hand Club Common 176.08 cr
Charge Cable Hand-to-Hand Club Common 157.98 cr
Charged-Tip Copper Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Common 156.33 cr
Crude Manriki Hand-to-Hand Club Common 159.62 cr
Frayed Lead Sap Gloves Hand-to-Hand Club Common 176.08 cr
G-007E Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Uncommon 312.66 cr
G-009 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 164.56 cr
Grooved Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 587.48 cr
Industrial Grade Soldering Iron Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 585.83 cr
Interconnected Steel Rings Hand-to-Hand Club Common 181.02 cr
Ka-Bar Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 179.37 cr
Metal Shank Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 181.02 cr
New Nottingham Tipstaff Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 322.54 cr
Nickel Tekko Hand-to-Hand Club Epic 710 Bonds
Pipe Hand-to-Hand Blade(?) Common 166.21 cr
Primitive Tonfa Hand-to-Hand Club Common 161.27 cr
Ragtag Handgun Ranged Handgun Common 139.88 cr
Rudimentary Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 580.90 cr
Ship Breaker's Multitool Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 311.02 cr
Slug Rifle Ranged Rifle Uncommon 306.08 cr
Soldering Wand Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 575.96 cr
Spark-Style Igniter Hand-to-Hand Club Common 149.75 cr
Starfish Kris Hand-to-Hand Blade Rare 577.61 cr
Suppression Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 582.54 cr
The Legion’s Horn Ranged Handgun Uncommon 312.66 cr
Vera Ranged Rifle Uncommon 311.02 cr
Weird, Broken Handle Hand-to-Hand Club Common 181.02 cr
Worn Carbon Nunchaku Hand-to-Hand Club Common 179.37 cr
Alamin Kinetic Vest Impact Armor Common 144.81 cr
Anti-Energy Coat Energy Armor Uncommon 311.02 cr
Anti-Energy Jump Suit Energy Armor Uncommon 309.37 cr
Anti-Energy Suit Energy Armor Rare 579.25 cr
Anti-Energy Vest Energy Armor Common 157.98 cr
Composite Armor Impact Armor Epic 740 Bonds
Corroded Combat Vest Piercing Armor Common 146.46 cr
Cracked Bodysuit Impact Armor Common 148.10 cr
Disco Catsuit Energy Armor Uncommon 319.25 cr
Flak jacket Impact Armor Common 134.94 cr
LCVG-X10 Energy Armor Rare 579.25 cr
Leather Armor Impact Armor Uncommon 319.25 cr
LE-Suit 78 Energy Armor Common 172.79 cr
Light Plate Armor Piercing Armor Uncommon 317.60 cr
Light Scale Mail Piercing Armor Rare 582.54 cr
Musty Leather Robes Impact Armor Common 162.91 cr
Padded PVC Catsuit Impact Armor Rare 580.90 cr
Patchwork Combat Vest Piercing Armor Common 141.52 cr
Patchwork Thermoplastic Suit Impact Armor Common 181.02 cr
Plastic Jumpsuit Energy Armor Uncommon 320.89 cr
Putrid Plate Mail Impact Armor Common 159.62 cr
Reinforced Jumpsuit Impact Armor Common 144.81 cr
Ribbed Trench Impact Armor Common 169.50 cr
Ringed Poly-vinyl Jacket Energy Armor Rare 587.48 cr
Ruined Robe Impact Armor Common 166.21 cr
Rusted Ring Tunic Impact Armor Uncommon 317.60 cr
Rusted Scale Mail Piercing Armor Common 162.91 cr
Tattered Trench Coat Impact Armor Common 148.10 cr
The Shirt of Broken Rings Piercing Armor Common 146.46 cr
Wire Mesh Piercing Armor Common 164.56 cr
Voit-Kamp Relay Trade Good Common 1.85 cr

Located on Daedalus

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