The University offers nanite injections to acquire and improve various skills. If you meet the conditions, you can enroll in a course. You can only take one course at a time, and some classes are only available on select stations. Learning takes a while: if you prefer to progress faster, enlist in accelerated courses. Everything comes with a price, and knowledge is not an exception. Early courses are cheap and quick to complete, allowing everyone to learn the basics of every subject. But as you become more and more specialized, courses will become more expensive and will take a longer period of time to be completed.

Once a course is completed, you will permanently have access to all the benefits it gives you, and it will allow you to access more advanced classes. Advanced classes have prerequisites, hence, you have to plan what you want to learn accordingly. If you want to become a superb fighter for example, you will have to take the basic courses first, make enough money to complete all of them, be the correct level, travel to the right University, take the intermediate courses, then enroll in the advanced ones, and so on.



System Station
Sol Tau Station
Sol Nouveau Limoges
Alpha Centauri Moissan Station
Alpha Centauri Spirit of Botswana
Sirius Heinlein Stronghold
Ross 154 The House of Syria
YZ Ceti Cape Verde Stronghold
Wolf 359 Dhaka Wolf 359
Wolf 359 Nouveau Besançon


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The nanite injection for the <course> course went smoothly, ser <name>.



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