Highly prized, packages of "Vaccaro-Ibrahim Particles" provide huge boosts to your body's repair mechanisms. The origin of the name unknown, but refers to nanite particles of varying half-lives which, when injected into the body, stimulate neural and physical repair.

Security systems recognize people with VIP and generally provide superior services to these people on the grounds that those who can use VIP particles are, in fact, Very Important Persons.

VIP particles can be acquired in the shop, but there are rumors that they've been found while scavenging in ruins.


  • Experience gain is 50% greater
  • Stat regeneration is faster
  • Toxin levels lower 50% faster
  • Focus is raised to 150%
  • Up to 30 days rations saved for you in the Government Center
  • You can always buy/renew a Gaule Visa in a Government Center's VIP Lounge without flying to another station for a Gaule Embassy
  • VIPs can always buy a shuttle ticket, even if it's full
  • Bank withdrawal fees are lower


  • As of June 6, 2018, VIP packs could not be sold to other players.
  • As of June 20, 2018, VIP packs could be sold again.
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