VIP Pack - 30 days


A humble gift of communal resilience. During a time when humanity must come together while facing isolation from each other, this pack aims to offer some small measure of ease


Type: VIP
Tier: 1
Rarity: Epic


Mass: 0.03
Value: 0 cr
Genetically Bound


  • Distributed to all players in March of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the following email:

Subject (Current Message): We are not many, we are one! A gift for you
From: Tau Station
To: <player>

Dear <player>,

The situation around coronavirus (COVID-19) has been changing the daily lives of many people all over the world. You, our beloved Tau Station Community, and our team, are living in many different countries. We hope everyone will stay healthy or will get better very soon. We wish all the best to everyone of you, your family and friends.

These months, our planet has grown much smaller. Through these difficult times, while we are far apart, we are nevertheless brought closer together by a common challenge. We have a special responsibility and need to take care of each other. We know this is a trying time for many of you, and we are glad if our game can play even a small part in bringing you some small virtual comfort, distraction, and togetherness now.

Therefore, we sent a special gift to all Citizens! Please check your inventory and enjoy this special 30 day VIP package.

Your Tau Station Team

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