Warrior Monk's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Boomer Ranged Handgun Common 601.52 cr
Deep Burn Ranged Shotgun Common 4146.40 cr
G-007E Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Uncommon 1190.60 cr
Mama's Pride Ranged Shotgun Uncommon 1127.12 cr
Pole Pike Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 648.24 cr
Student's Scalpel Hand-to-Hand Blade Rare 2073.20 cr
Light P3 Impact Suit Impact Armor Common 4455.92 cr
Padded Combat Suit Impact Armor Common 496.40 cr
Spidersilk Concealable Vest Impact Armor Common 4672.00 cr
Thick Leather Armor Impact Armor Common 4012.08 cr
Minor Social Stim, v2.1.008 Medical Common 181.04 cr

Located on Moissan Station

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