Waste Not Want Not

Level: 4
Start: Brother Alpheus, Government Center, Daedalus


Brother Alpheus is a soft featured, kindly looking man who holds his hands clasped calmly at rest atop his Sect robes of brown and green. He, along with a small number of Prometheans of like demeanor and attire, welcomes visitors as they enter The Peerage.

Brother Alpheus says: Blessings of the One Life unto you, traveler. Know welcome in this place of peace and prosperity. Have you heard the Good One Word? May we be part of your life journey at this humble meeting of souls?

You have accepted the "Waste Not, Want Not" mission.

  • Listen to what the man has to say.
  • Decline.

Listen to what the man has to say

Me: Hello, what is this place?

Brother Alpheus says: We are blessed by the sun to speak with you in this moment!

  • Ask for an elaboration.

Ask for an elaboration

Me: Do go on…

Brother Alpheus says: This place is our seat of diplomacy, traveler, The Peerage. From our hard fought and hard won history we were granted our home, Daedalus Station. If the home is a body, then The Peerage is the mind. Know you much of us, traveler? Of the Prometheus Sect?

  • Ask about the Prometheus Sect.
  • Ask about 'Dead Eyes'.
  • Avoid getting involved.
  • Express disinterest.

Ask about the Prometheus Sect

Me: What can you tell me about the Prometheus Sect?

Brother Alpheus says: It is the honored occupation of this one to better acquaint travelers to our ways. The honor would be ours to show you the One Path, in hopes that the feet of the traveler would find some comfort there.

  • Comfort sounds nice…
  • This doesn't interest me.

Comfort sounds nice

Me: Comfort, as rare as it is, is always welcome.

Brother Alpheus says: May we then speak further?

  • Agree to continue the conversation.

Agree to continue the conversation

Me: Do continue. I'm listening.

Brother Alpheus says: Traveler, the name given to this humble servant is Brother Alpheus. We are honored to have you receive the words of the One. These words pass freely from soul to soul and belong to all of us, together. We wish you to think on the grand statistical improbability that my voice should have ever met your ears. From the vastness of space, think on it: how unlikely it is that we should have come into contact with one-another. Yet, perhaps there is no ‘another’, perhaps there is, and always had been, simply One. You were brought here, to this moment, to this encounter. It had always been destined on your path. The One Path.

  • Ponder the scale.
  • It could be random chance…

Ponder the scale

Me: Those statistical odds are pretty overwhelming. Wow…

Brother Alpheus says: Every encounter a life comes across or falls into is a singular piece of a grand puzzle of meaning, traveler. Our One Life is rich with such adventures planned for the nourishment of the One Soul.

  • Discuss the Catastrophe.

Discuss the Catastrophe

Me: In light of all that, how does the Sect explain the Catastrophe?

Brother Alpheus says: The Catastrophe is a lofty event to ponder, traveler. Truly, to find that you consider such things worthy of interest brings hope to our heart. This soul which stands before us to hear our One Word is an open one.

  • Inquire on the Prometheus Sect view of the Catastrophe.

Inquire on the Prometheus Sect view of the Catastrophe

Me: With so many theories, I'd be interested in what the Prometheus Sect has to say about the event.

Brother Alpheus says: Would one of those theories you mention involve the idea the that Sect caused the Catastrophe?

  • Blame the Catastrophe on Sect involvement.
  • Claim to not know.
  • Deny.

Claim to not know

Me: With so many conflicting theories, I don’t really know what to think.

Brother Alpheus says: All walks of life acknowledge the Catastrophe as a defining moment in our humanity. Defining, because of what it did and what it gave unto us. It took many lives, this is so. But gave us a stronger understanding of what life is. The Prometheus Sect is fearful of the event, but know well to learn from it.

  • Using the Catastrophe like this is wrong.
  • Benefiting from the Catastrophe makes good sense.

Benefiting from the Catastrophe makes good sense

Me: I could see where an event like the near extinction of humanity would benefit a movement like the Prometheus Sect.

Brother Alpheus says: Those lost may find their way with us … with their One Life. Here, our brothers and sisters do not go hungry. The children are well loved and fed as part of us. You see? We all know our use, traveler, and we, as a part of the whole, work in harmony to our goal of unity on the One Path. It is as the stars intended.

  • Express economic inconsistencies.

Express economic inconsistencies

Me: What about those that can't afford to get to Daedalus Station, Brother Alpheus?

Brother Alpheus says: All those who do come, are meant to. Fortune favors patience and humility. Eventually, if it is meant to be, then it will be.

  • Ask about the people already on Daedalus Station.

Ask about the people already on Daedalus Station

Me: So, according to what you just said, everyone on Daedalus is meant to be here?

Brother Alpheus says: This is so, yes. Even you, traveler.

  • Ask if everyone on Daedalus is part of the Prometheus Sect.

Ask if everyone on Daedalus is part of the Prometheus Sect

Me: But not everyone on Daedalus Station is part of the Prometheus Sect, right?

Brother Alpheus says: All who are born are born into their One Life, whether they care to acknowledge that path or not. We are One, all of us. Some may resist that unity, but with time, usually find their way back.

  • Inquire if there's anything more.

Inquire if there's anything more

Me: It seems you have answers for everything.

Brother Alpheus says: Let us offer your One Mind more than simple words, traveler. We see great promise in the strength of your character. Come with us on the Walk of P-15. It is our pilgrimage to that place which offers much life and prosperity.

  • Decline the Walk of P-15.
  • Agree to the Walk of P-15.
  • Express that you're unsure.

Agree to the Walk of P-15

Me: Sure. That sounds interesting.

Brother Alpheus says: The Walk of P-15 is the first step on the pilgrimage of understanding the meaning of our words. All of the Prometheus Sect not born into this faith take these steps before accepting the One Life, while others who have been in the Sect for decades stroll the path to regain clarity and peace. The fee for the tour is 50 credit paid to The Peerage but once paid, we can continue this fascinating examination of words and ideas, together.

  • Clarify what agreeing to the Walk of P-15 means.

Clarify what agreeing to the Walk of P-15 means

Me: Will I have to join the Prometheus Sect if I agree to go with you?

Brother Alpheus says:…’have to’ is such an abstract concept to us, traveler. You will not feel force in any form, we assure this. Yet, do not be alarmed if your One Soul begs a direction on this forked path. It has been known to happen – you may never wish to leave us. We are you, after all. You are already us.

  • Ask about where this takes place.

Ask about where this takes place

Me: Where does this Walk of P-15 lead? Where would we be going?

Brother Alpheus says: P-15 is our sacred core of Daedalus; the One Heart of the body; the Phosphorus Plant, from which much life is granted. Our honored and cherished symbol of life as a functional, fruitful giver of plenty.

  • Ask to just keep talking.
  • Agree to the Walk of P-15 but haggle the fee.
  • Decline the invitation.

Ask to just keep talking

Me: I don’t want to take the pilgrimage, but would like to continue our conversation, Brother Alpheus

Brother Alpheus says: Apologies, traveler. Further conversation with us would be along The Walk of P-15. Our words are best received with sights seen.

  • Decline the invitation.
  • Agree to the Walk of P-15 but haggle the fee.

Agree to the Walk of P-15 but haggle the fee

Me: This seems like an educational use of time. Is the cost really 50 Credits?

Brother Alpheus smooths a hand down his long beard in contemplation. With a slight smile and wink, he agrees to the lower fee.

Brother Alpheus says: To P-15 we go for a deeper understanding of the value of One. We shall see you at P-15.

You have given 25.00 credits.

New goals: Travel to the Daedalus Station Phosphorous Plant, P-15 to meet up with Brother Alpheus.

Go to the Decommissioned Area and talk to Brother Alpheus at P-15

Next NPC: Brother Alpheus, Decommissioned Area, Daedalus

  • Seek out Brother Alpheus

Seek out Brother Alpheus

The once great phosphorus processing plant seems to have known better days. Under the management of The Prometheus Sect, the plant is functional and productive, yet seems to have been patched with whatever scrap was convenient for the job at the time. It is a hulking structure, with massive ductwork and pipes running into it from most all directions. The security force is plentiful and clearly part of the Sect, themselves. Brother Alpheus offers a smile while purposely ignoring the bad timing of screams from a young woman who is being violently detained by security.

Me: Brother Alpheus, what is going on, here?

Brother Alpheus says: This is P-15, traveler. The heart of all Daedalus. The source of life.

Making a point of attempting to downplay the scene, Brother Alpheus motions with a sweeping of his hand.

  • Ask about the woman.

Ask about the woman

Me: Surely you see that woman, there?

Brother Alpheus says: If not seen, then certainly heard!

Brother Alpheus’ words are offered disgustedly. He shakes his head to regain his warm composure while guiding the tour along.

Brother Alpheus says: …When the cease-fire treaty was signed, and Consortium agreed to allowing us our home of Daedalus…

  • Inquire about the woman resisting.
  • Ask if she is being harmed and why.
  • Express that it is difficult to hear over the woman's cries.

Inquire about the woman resisting

Me: Why would she resist like that?

The barely restrained woman says: You!! You have to stop them!! Stop what they’re doing! The phosphorus is …

  • Ask about the strangeness of the situation.

Ask about the strangeness of the situation

Me: That was….what happened? Why was she screaming and being detained?

Brother Alpheus says: The Resistance. Rabble from the Ruins. You ask if all here are followers of the One Life? Some would prefer the life be given to them rather than earned through experience.

  • Ask Brother Alpheus to clarify what he means.

Ask Brother Alpheus to clarify what he means

Me: She was…angry. Worried. You’re suggesting that laziness results in worry like that?

Brother Alpheus says: Most in the Ruins fail to contribute to the One Life in any meaningful way. We work to better us all as a whole. That’s part of why we cherish this plant and commit to the Walk of P-15 —- Those below resent that which we strive to achieve.

  • Ask about the phosphorus.

Ask about the phosphorus

Me: She said …the phosphorus is…something. That it needs to be stopped?

Brother Alpheus says: Perhaps she is not from the ruins and is instead a spy for Gaule? Who says such things? We are guilty of nothing but productivity. We give to the plant, the plant gives to us…this is a functional cycle of prosperity. May we carry on, or would you like to end our tour?

  • Continue with the pilgrimage.
  • End involvement.

Continue with the pilgrimage

Me: I’d like to see more and learn about the Sect.

Brother Alpheus says: Many places are adrift among the countless stars. Many stations filled with many people. People, those who have not doomed their path with cloning, are already on the One Path…In their One Life… The thing that makes this place, our home Daedalus different from all those other places… is that this place gives life to those other places.

  • Inquire about the phrase 'gives life.'
  • Ask if there is something wrong with clones and cloning.

Inquire about the phrase 'gives life.’

Me: The phosphorus you mean? Gives life? Creates life?

Brother Alpheus says: It does yes. The One Life… Fertilizer for food, for existence. The One calls me away, traveler. Do return to the Peerage after some time so that we may properly conclude what has been a wonderful talk.

  • Offer gratitude.
  • Complain about the credits.

Offer gratitude

Me: Thank you for the education, Brother Alpheus.

Brother Alpheus says: If ever you see your way into our One Life, I will be found at the Peerage with open arms, traveler.

New goals: Return to The Peerage for a follow-up with Brother Alpheus, or travel to the Ruins. If that young woman was from there, maybe someone is looking for her and worried?

Go to the Ruins and talk to Linus

Next NPC: Linus, Ruins, Daedalus

  • Ask for assistance.

Ask for assistance

A network of dilapidated shacks, the Ruins are host to many people, filthy and underfed. They watch your approach with interest, trepidation, and a measure of fear. They appear to be existing through hiding. A man of similar age to the young woman apprehended from P15 is brave in his worry. From out of the shadows of an alley he springs to encounter you. He is thin, worn and clearly distressed.

Me: …Ser..

Linus says: Where have you come from… why are you here?

  • explain that you are a traveler.

explain that you are a traveler

Me: I come from all over.

Linus says: You say ‘I’? You are not them?

  • Express no interest in joining the Prometheus Sect.
  • Admit a wish to be part of the Promethean Sect.

Express no interest in joining the Prometheus Sect

Me: The Sect? No, I’m not one of them.

Linus says: What do you want with the Ruins, traveler? There’s no more here for you than there is for any of us.

  • Describe the woman and the scene.
  • Back out of speaking to the man about the woman of P-15.

Describe the woman and the scene

Me: I took The Walk of P15. There was a woman… Brother Alpheus from The Peerage mentioned that she might be from down here…I wanted to tell whoever would be looking for her…she’s been arrested, I think.

Linus says: Philomena. She said she would do something today. Every day she says today, something must be done… Today was that day.

  • It was quite violent.

It was quite violent

Me: They hit her very hard. She shouted to me that they had to be stopped, …something about the Phosphorus …then they struck her in the head.

Linus says: …We were in love. She is gone now.

  • Gone?


Me: Maybe she's just in the Brig? What do you mean by 'gone'?

Linus says: People like us don’t just go to the brig on Daedalus. No. For the Resistance, it is death if caught out-of-line.

  • Death?!


Me: That's a bit extreme. The Peerage sends Resistance Fighters to their death?

Linus says: Yes, death. I am Linus, traveler. Philomena was my love… she went to P-15 to warn anyone there who was not a Dead Eye… Something is happening. We think the Dead Eyes are abducting clones for the phosphorus production. We don’t have evidence, but something is very wrong with the way The Peerage makes the creds that they do.

  • A siren sounds.

A siren sounds

Me: What's that noise?!

Linus says: Leave, traveler. Quickly. Go the way you came in and if fast, you’ll get out before they arrive!

  • Ask who is coming.

Ask who is coming

Me: Who?!

Linus says: The Dead Eye Peers are coming! Leave this place! Take this.

You have received 1 'Antique Tantō'.

You have completed the "Waste Not, Want Not" mission.

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