Weapons, although vast in their differences, have two main things in common: They all have damage type and durability. Damage types includes impact, piercing, and energy. Durability relates to whether or not you need to repair that weapon for reliable use.

Weapon Types

Hand-to-Hand Weapons

  • Blade: Often sharp and used to pierce.
  • Club: Blunt weapon used to bludgeon.

Short-Range Weapons

  • Grenade: Thrown to go boom or zap from a distance.
  • Handgun: Standard gun used as a sidearm.
  • Short-Barrel Rifle: Usually offers a high rate of fire.

Long-Range Weapons

  • Rifle: Better accuracy than the shotgun, not as accurate as a sniper rifle.
  • Shotgun: Big boom, bigger spray.
  • Sniper Rifle: For those keen to hit precision shots.

Weapon Manufacturers

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