Win Myo's shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Bowie knife Hand-to-Hand Knife Common 445.12 cr
G-220 Ranged Handgun Uncommon 830.32 cr
OfficerC2 Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Common 440.84 cr
Pipe with Grip Hand-to-Hand Club Common 470.80 cr
Pulse Rifle Ranged Rifle Uncommon 796.08 cr
Small Pylon Brace Hand-to-Hand Club Common 410.88 cr
Lightly Padded Coat Impact Armor Uncommon 800.36 cr
Padded PVC Catsuit Impact Armor Rare 1510.84 cr
Ribbed Trench Impact Armor Common 440.84 cr
Strong Stamina Stim, v1.3.004 Medical Rare 42.20 cr
Capacitor Trade Good Common 3.85 cr

Located on Taungoo Station

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