Wreck it Iwo


Station Administration is hiring workers to supplement their professional Wreck Runner crew in the wreckage. You will be assisting an ongoing salvage operation. Report to Iwo in the Port to sign up for shifts.

Start: Side Jobs, København


You have a job: Wreck it Iwo, accepted at København in the Sol system.

Talk to Iwo in the Port on København.

Next NPC: Iwo, Port, København

  • Ask Iwo about the Ship Salvage job.

Iwo says: Before the Catastrophe, some genius thought it’d be a smart idea to build an internal shipyard above a residential sector. Of course, when everything went to dreck, the nets they put up to catch falling debris weren’t enough to stop the starships from crashing into the buildings below. Such a stupid way for all those people to die.

He shrugs.

He says: But what’s the point of crying over spilled hydro-rations? Those crashed ships still have valuable components. There’s some we’re picking over right now. If you can bring back some useful pieces, I’ll pay you.

Salvage 5 Ship Parts from the derelict ship in the Wreckage.

Next area: Ruins, København

  • Search a derelict ship for salvage.

(Intelligence check)

You find the derelict ship in the wreckage, its rusting hull resting in the middle of rubble that looks like the remains of an old hab complex. Even from a distance it’s clear the ship has already been picked over by scavengers. You climb inside the wasted hulk and find that the walls have been stripped of their paneling. The ship's wires and components are laid bare like the innards of a disemboweled corpse. It takes nearly a segment but you finally find a useful part to salvage.

You have received 1 'Ship Part'.

New goals: Salvage 4 Ship Parts from the derelict ship in the Wreckage.

  • Search another derelict ship for more salvage.

(Intelligence check)

You kneel down on the old command deck of the ship, carefully looking through old cabling in the control desks. After some painstaking work, you recover a sizable length of cable which seems undamaged.

You have received 1 'Ship Part'.

Salvage 3 Ship Parts from the derelict ship in the Wreckage.

  • Keep searching the derelict ship for salvage.

As you step into the aft section of what appears to be an old patrol cruiser, a broken klaxon begins to howl and reverberate through the ancient vessel! Rusty bulkheads slam shut and a garbled and confused sounding message overhead presumably tries to inform the now long dead crew of a security breach.


You find yourself trapped within the angry sounding vessel as the alarm continues for a moment before the voice quietens down into a far friendlier tone, seemingly addressing you.

Security System: Intruder. Welcome aboard the [ERROR: DESIGNATION VOID]. We thank you for your interest in this vessel and her cargo. Unfortunately, your presence contravenes galactic regulation [ERROR 40004: REGULATORY NETWORK NOT FOUND]. Security countermeasures have now been initiated. We thank you for your visit and hope you will enjoy your last 6.7 remaining minutes of life.

Find a way off the vessel!

  • Crawl through a ventilation duct.
  • Call Iwo on your CORETECHS.
  • Hack the security system.

Call Iwo:

Not wanting to waste any time, you hurriedly call Iwo on your CORETECHS. A small eternity seems to pass before he answers and you have to shout over the klaxon to describe your situation. You can barely hear his response but it seems as if he is calling someone else and alerting them to your predicament. You can't be sure, but it also seems like he is complaining about management opening up salvage jobs to unqualified…and though you can't quite make out the rest, a part of you has a hunch that is probably for the best.

You can't help but feel the 6.7 minutes running out and when you seem to be down to your best approximation of around 20 seconds left, the klaxon stops and the bulkhead doors open. A grinning Wreck Runner leans against the bulkhead and taps her forehead in greeting. Your CORETECHS identifies her as Milica Myrosav

Milica: Howdy! Iwo done summoned me on account of your teensy predicament there. Ha! Ah don't you worry sweetheart, happened to me more than I care to remember! Now don't you dare let him forget about your hazard pay.

Milica winks and nods towards a pile of metal debris in the room she is currently standing in.

Milica: Now I don't mean to tell you how to do yer job, but if it were me, well I reckon I'd grab that spare nacelle plasma conduit right there, buried in that heap. Reckon it would make the trip worthwhile at least!

(Intelligence check)

You finally find a panel that seems to contain the remnants of an active connection into the system. You feverishly tug at the cables and rewire them to allow you digital access. After some agonizing moments manipulating code streaming past your CORETECHS interface, you finally find the root of the irate security system and shut it down. The klaxon sputters and dies down as another garbled message attempts to play out over the ships intercom but ends in a series of sparks as the system gives way for good.

You reach in and tear out a pile of what appears to be serviceable cabling and stalk out of the tempestuous vessel before it has the chance to throw another potentially deadly, albeit creepily polite, security tantrum.

(Agility check)

You hurriedly tear off the rusted grating of what you really hope is an old ventilation shaft. The klaxon continues to howl in a muted wail behind you as you force yourself to squeeze through the narrow duct and pull yourself along the dusty metal surface. You pull yourself along the metal tube as it starts to decline in an awkward angle as you fervently hope against the ignominious death that may await you if you should get stuck in here.

After what seems like an eternity, but is presumably less than 6.7 minutes, you find an exit panel that seems to lead to the hangar bay you entered from. Finding it rusted shut, you kick it open and emerge before making a mad dash to the exit and as far away from the vessel as possible! You did manage to grab something that looked like a replacement ventilation valve while you were crawling and you reflect on the hazardous life of Wreck Runners as you hear the dull thud of an explosion in the distance behind you.

In all cases:

You have received 1 'Ship Part'.

Collect one final piece of salvage in the ruins of København. before returning to Iwo.

  • Search a safer looking derelict ship for salvage .

(Intelligence check)

As you make your way out of the area, you keep your eye open for any vessels that might be less dangerous than the one you previously encountered. You finally spot one that seems to have been split into at least three separate sections with no enclosed spaces visible.

You search the ship from proverbial head to proverbial toe, opening panels and cracking open rusting machinery in search of something valuable. It’s slow going but eventually you find another useful component for Iwo. It looks like a remote auto-closer for a deck door, to be used in case of fire or hull breach. You pack it away, satisfied with the results of your scrap hunt.

You have received 1 'Ship Part'.

Deliver the scavenged Ship Parts to Iwo in the Port.

Next NPC: Iwo, Port, København

  • Deliver the scavenged Ship Parts.

Iwo looks over the parts you've brought back. Puffing out his lip as he examines them, he gives you an affirmative nod.

Iwo says: This is good stuff. A little rusty maybe, but we can't complain considering where it came from. Especially since you almost got yourself melted in the process eh? Here's a little extra friend, call it hazard pay. But maybe you could let the folks upstairs know that this ain't no job for non-qualified personnel eh?

He waggles his eyebrows and pulls some credits from a safe that emerges from the wall behind him. He pushes them across his desk before returning to his work supervising Wreck Running crews, seemingly already having forgotten about your presence.

You no longer have 4 'Ship Part'.


You have completed the 'Wreck it Iwo' job.

You have received 27.50 credits.

<— Return to København

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